Intimate Knowledge by Julie Miller

intimate knowledgeTitle: Intimate Knowledge

Author: Julie Miller

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2002

The heroine: FBI agent Grace Lockhart

The hero: FBI agent Logan Pierce

The blurb: Grace Lockhart: Behind-the-scenes FBI agent. Shy, naive…and a sex kitten waiting to happen.

Logan Pierce: FBI field agent and the best of the best. Confident, cocky…and incapable of saying no to a beautiful woman.

The case: Agent Grace Lockhart has spent months developing a computer program that will put the city’s biggest crime lord behind bars. And now that it’s ready, all the FBI needs is somebody to smuggle it in to Harrison Mitchell’s estate. Only, because Mitchell is notorious for surrounding himself with a harem of beauties, that somebody has to be a woman….

Grace Lockhart wants to be that woman, but she’s anything but a femme fatale. But not for long. Because she’s heard that her new partner, sexy superagent Logan Pierce, is an expert at “hands-on” training….

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: When I found this Blaze book by Julie Miller, I moved it to the top of my to-read pile… and it didn’t disappoint. Logan Pierce is one of the best FBI field agents out there, so he’s pissed when his boss assigns him a new partner: Grace Lockhart, a computer expert, who’s never been in the field before. Logan is reluctant to partner up with her because the last time he had a field rookie with him, that agent was shot and killed.

Grace needs Logan’s help. She’s written a computer program that will infiltrate the records of Harris Mitchell (not Harrison, as listed in the blurb), wanted by the FBI for a slew of bad things. However, Harris is a known playboy who only surrounds himself with females, so Grace has to go undercover to install her program. Problem is, Grace doesn’t have a lot of experience with men, and she needs Logan – well known for loving the ladies – to help her become a femme fatale that Mitchell will hire.

Logan reluctantly agrees, not wanting to see Grace get hurt. He comes to realise that underneath the drab, baggy clothing, glasses, severe bun and endless note taking, Grace Lockhart has awesome curves and an even better personality. When he moves his lessons into the bedroom, she’s more than willing to learn, and the sex between them is hot. By the end of the assignment, Logan realises he can’t Grace go. Ever.

There’s an amusing sub-plot involving Grace’s mother, the delightfully named Mimsey, who is a b-grade actress in bad sci-fi movies. I’d also like to think that Grace is related to Hope and Harry Lockhart, from Julie’s Intrigue series 🙂

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