Review: Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan

baby daddyTitle: Baby Daddy

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: 2018

The heroine: Bookstore owner Jenna Porter

The hero: CEO Emmett Smith

The blurb: We met in a trapped elevator.

Emmett was on his way to work, sophisticated and handsome in his tailored suit and tie.

I was on my way to the sperm bank. Awkward, right?

At thirty-five, my life hadn’t taken the path I thought it would and I was tired of waiting—I wanted a baby. And I was ready to take matters into my own hands to make it happen.

After our ill-fated elevator encounter, Emmett insisted on taking me to dinner—he also insisted on something else—that I ditch my plan involving a turkey baster and let him do the job. He would be my baby daddy. He was a wealthy and powerful CEO with little interest in diapers or playdates. And since he didn’t want kids, I’d be on my own once his bun was in my oven, free to go my own way.

But once his baby was inside me, it was like a switch had been flipped, and I got a whole lot more than I ever bargained for.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: This is the second Kendall Ryan book I’ve read, and just like the first one it was in equal parts hilarious and sweet.

Jenna is thirty-five and has given up on meeting Mr. Right, so she decides to fulfil her desire to be a mother by going to a sperm bank. On her way to the clinic, Emmett Smith steps into the elevator, and it breaks down as they’re on their way up. While stuck, Jenna confides in Emmett – a complete stranger – about why she’s in the building, and by the time they get out of the elevator he’s persuaded her to delay her appointment and have dinner with him.

Emmett thinks his proposal is perfect. At thirty-eight, he doesn’t want a family because he’s married to his job as CEO of the company he inherited from his father. He’s attracted to Jenna, so he proposes that he’ll get her pregnant the old-fashioned way – she gets the baby she wants, he gets to have sex with an attractive woman and everyone is happy.

Jenna eventually agrees, contracts are signed that Emmett will walk away once the baby is conceived and the baby making commences. Somewhere along the way, though, the lines they set up become blurred and both of them come to realise they don’t want to follow the rules of the deal. But when Jenna finds out Emmett is the CEO of the company who’s been trying to buy her bookstore for months, will she ever forgive him?

I really liked both Jenna and Emmett, and found myself really wanting them to fall in love and be together. If you haven’t read any Kendall Ryan books, you should. Start with this one. It’s a great read!




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