Review: Sweet Seduction by Daire St. Denis

sweet seductionTitle: Sweet Seduction

Author: Daire St. Denis

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2016

The heroine: Baker Daisy Sinclair

The hero: Lawyer Jamie Forsyth

The blurb: Daisy Sinclair knows how to make a guy moan with pleasure – she’s the owner of the best bakery in Chicago! But standing in front of the city’s biggest – and sexiest – food critic in her underwear isn’t the most professional first impression. Especially when he has a wicked glint in his eye…

Jamie Forsythe isn’t a food critic; his twin brother is. One look at Daisy’s delicious curves, and Jamie knows only that he wants to have his cake and Daisy, too. Attraction mixed with deception is a hot and naughty recipe for disaster. And there’s no way Jamie can resist being sent to bed…with Daisy as dessert!

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Daisy Sinclair inherited Nana Sin’s bakery from her grandmother, and she lives in the tiny unit above the bakery. Her baked goods are well known amongst the locals and regular patrons of the store, but she has a chance to boost her profile when Colin Forsyth, a well known food critic, drops by unexpectedly to try her goods.

Except it’s not Colin, it’s his twin brother, Jamie. Jamie’s doing the review as a favour to his brother, and the two men couldn’t be more different. When the review comes out and it’s full of praise, Daisy’s bakery is suddenly Chicago’s hot spot. When she encounters the real Colin at a restaurant, she’s floored at the difference in the man… and also notices subtle differences in his appearance. Attending a charity dinner, she finally sees both brothers and realises she’s been duped. Jamie explains he’s actually a lawyer who was helping Colin out, and Daisy forgives him enough to invite him up when he drops her home.

Daisy has other things on her mind: she’s divorcing her cheating ex, and he wants $750,000 as his share of the bakery. Daisy doesn’t have that kind of money and she’s buried her head in the sand about it. She turns up to the lawyer’s office to have another meeting about the divorce… and is stunned to find that her ex’s lawyer’s partner, who is temporarily handling things, is none other than Jamie.

When her best friend finds out how dire the situation is – Daisy will have to sell the bakery and the building it’s in to pay the ex – she organises a fundraiser. It’s a success, but Daisy doesn’t raise enough money and she loses the bakery. What she doesn’t know is that Jamie helped make the fundraiser the success it was. She’s ended the relationship before it ever really got anywhere, and losing everything devastates her.

But she refuses to give up, and after an unexpected boost from her distant mother and the mother’s fiancé, Daisy is back on her feet. But what she really misses is Jamie, and in the end, she decides to go get him. There’s the usual angst and turmoil about whether they can make a relationship work long term, but you know they can. And they do 🙂 I also adore the cover! It’s so cute.

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