Review: Suspicious Activities by Tyler Anne Snell

suspicious activitiesTitle: Suspicious Activities

Author: Tyler Anne Snell

Mills & Boon imprint: 2016

Year of publication: Intrigue

The heroine: Security firm owner Nikki Waters

The hero: Security expert/bodyguard Jackson Fields

The blurb: As the newest member of Orion Security, Jackson Fields had a lot to prove. But he never expected his first assignment would force him to break every rule in the employee handbook. Nikki Waters has always put her clients’ protection first…until a nightmare from her past resurfaces. Now Jackson must protect his boss to keep her life’s work from crumbling. She’d headhunted Jackson for his raw talent, and is counting on his determination to make sure she lives another day. He has every intention of keeping her safe—especially when his protective detail turns from professional to personal in the blink of an eye.

Standalone or series: The fourth in the Orion Security series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I enjoyed this book. Of the two Orion Security books I’ve read, I think I liked this one more because I adored Jackson. He was a really interesting character. He’s been shunned by the world at large because his father was a cop killer and very few people are willing to give him a chance. He’s used to being abused by cops over what his father did.

Nikki is willing to give him a chance when Jonathan, one of the three men loyal to Nikki, recommends him for a job at Orion Security. Jackson has to hit the ground running when Nikki’s life is threatened by her former boss, Andrew. Nikki, Oliver Quinn (book one), Mark Tranton (book two) and Jonathan Carmichael (book three) all worked for another security firm that only took on rich clients. One day, a scientist named Morgan Avery came in and begged for a bodyguard because she felt her life was in danger; she had won a prestigious job in London and a lot of other scientists were angry. Nikki, Jonathan, Oliver and Mark all wanted to help (Nikki was Andrew’s secretary) but Andrew refused because Morgan had no money. When Morgan was murdered, Nikki let slip to a reporter what Andrew had said and when it came out in the media, Andrew was fired and his reputation was in tatters. Nikki left the company and decided to form her own security firm, which wouldn’t discriminate against any client because of their financial situation, and Jonathan, Oliver and Mark followed her.

It’s been five years, but Andrew has not forgotten about Nikki and blames her for ‘stealing’ the three security experts from him, as well as the loss of his job and reputation. So he’s going to make her pay with her life. He hires a group of men to murder her, and when everyone realises what is happening Jackson is tasked with protecting Nikki until they can catch Andrew.

What follows is a whirlwind of cat and mouse as Nikki and Jackson do their best to avoid the hitmen and stay alive. They’re attracted to each other, but given they are boss and employee neither of them wants to take it further. When Nikki punches a cop who is abusing Jackson for his father’s actions, he can’t help but kiss her. In between all the craziness, they manage to find time to make out a couple of times, although, like the previous book in the series I read, the hero and heroine do nothing more than kiss. I really loved Jackson; he had a quiet strength to him that was incredibly appealing. Worth a read.




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