Review: Bro Code by Kendall Ryan

bro codeTitle: Bro Code

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: 2018

The heroine: Factory owner Ava Saunders

The hero: Corporate lawyer Barrett Wilson

The blurb: There’s pretty much only one rule when you’re a guy. Don’t be a douche. Turns out, the fastest way to break that rule is to fall for your best friend’s sister.

Ava’s brilliant, sharp-tongued, gorgeous, and five years younger than me. She’s the sexual equivalent of running with scissors. In a word, she’s dangerous. And completely off-limits. Falling for her could ruin everything.

Yet I can’t seem to stop, even when her company is threatened by a lawsuit, and my promotion hinges on representing the opposing client—and winning. I can’t see a way out of this mess that doesn’t end in a broken friendship, a broken heart, or a ruined career.

I may have broken the bro code when I fell for Ava. But do I have the balls to handle what comes next?

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Of all the books I’ve read by Kendall, I think Barrett is my favourite hero. He’s gorgeous. He and Nick Saunders have been best friends since they were kids, and Nick’s family have treated him as one of their own. When Nick’s father died, his mother remarried and had two children, and Barrett feels like an outsider when he’s around them. So he feels much closer to the Saunders family.

He put himself through law school and is on track to make partner at a big law firm in Chicago. He makes time to go back to Indiana, a three hour drive away, to attend a retirement party for Mr Saunders. Dad has had to retire because of a heart attack and is passing the reins of the family factory on to Ava, who has moved back home to run it. The most important thing to Ava is to keep the factory running because the workers there are like family and her father worked hard to keep everyone their jobs.

However, when Ava takes over, she doesn’t realise how badly the company is doing. If she doesn’t turn things around, she’ll have to close the factory and everyone will lose their jobs. They’re depending on her to save them.

When Barrett sees Ava again, the desire for her that he’s felt for years flares up again. When Ava walks in on him coming out of the shower, she can’t keep her eyes off him for one very obvious – and big – reason. Ava wants Barrett. Barrett wants Ava. But there’s the bro code, in which one does not have sex with their best friend’s sister.

Barrett tries to resist her but he can’t, and they have hot sex. When he goes back to Chicago, he invites Ava to join him there one weekend, and she goes. They both know this can’t be a long term thing – work would preclude that – but they can’t stay away from each other.

When one of the workers is involved in a serious accident, Ava and the company are sued. To add to Ava’s misery, some sleazeball named Roland is trying to launch a hostile takeover. He makes her an offer for the factory and claims he’ll guarantee everyone’s jobs but Ava doesn’t trust him. In desperation, she goes to Chicago to ask Barrett for help with the paperwork Roland has issued… only to find out that Barrett wrote it in the first place, as Roland is his client.

Ava flees, telling Barrett she hates him. Barrett realises he has to choose – his job or Ava. He makes his choice, ropes in Nick after confessing all, and helps his girl save her factory so they can have their happy ending. I adored Barrett. He was torn between his job and Ava, and he was so completely likeable that you just wanted to give him a hug. As always, there a few funny scenes where you’ll laugh out loud. I think this is my favourite book by Kendall so far 🙂

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