Review: The Deputy’s Baby by Tyler Anne Snell

the deputy's babTitle: The Deputy’s Baby

Author: Tyler Anne Snell

Mills & Boon imprint: Intrigue

Year of publication: 2018. The author kindly provided me with a copy to read and review

The heroine: Police dispatcher Cassie Gates

The hero: Deputy Henry Ward

The blurb: As the newest deputy in town, Henry Ward is hoping to escape painful memories. Then a rain of bullets brings his history rising up again, throwing Cassie Gates directly into his path. He hasn’t forgotten their night together, seven months ago. And now that he’s seen her–pregnant with his child–Henry knows he’s fighting more than his past. He’s fighting for his future.

Standalone or series: Book five of the Protectors of Riker County series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: There have been some incredibly good books coming out in the Intrigue line as of late, and this is one of them. In the prologue, Henry Ward is at a bar the night before a job interview when he helps Cassie Gates out of an awkward situation. Their attraction is instant and white-hot, and they end up spending the night together, not something either of them would usually do.

Seven months later, Henry has taken up a new job as a deputy. Life has been hard as of late; he lost his partner and the man he considered his best friend and brother in an undercover operation a year ago. He’s moved interstate to start anew, and the beautiful blonde he spent the best night of his life with is never far from his thoughts. She gave him her number, but due to circumstances he never got around to calling her, even thought he desperately wanted to.

He’s settling in to the new job when he meets the police dispatcher who’s been on leave… and it’s none other than the woman who has been haunting him for the last seven months. As if being face to face with Cassie again isn’t surprising enough, it’s not long before he realises she’s pregnant. With his son.

Before Henry and Cassie can even begin to bridge the gap the last seven months has put between them, the entire police department is put under siege. Someone has a vendetta not only against Henry, but the entire department. Every time Henry and Cassie try to take a moment to talk, something else happens! The action doesn’t let up in this book for a moment, and it will keep you awake long into the night because you’ll have to keep turning the pages.

What made this book such a delicious read was the rich layers the author created. I wanted to know about the magical night Henry and Cassie spent together when their son was conceived. I wanted to know how the major twist played out and why the villain was doing it. I wanted to know more about Henry, such a charming and likeable hero. I wanted to know more about Cassie, a gutsy heroine who didn’t back down from a fight and was prepared to give as good as she got to protect her loved ones, especially her child and his father. I wanted to know more about the supporting characters, especially the sheriff and his chief deputy (Billy, whose book is Small-Town Face-Off and Suzy, whose book is Loving Baby – both of which I have, but haven’t read yet). In between the non-stop action was a beautifully nuanced romance, so nicely done and so wonderfully textured. You could feel the magnetic pull between Henry and Cassie as though you were actually watching it play out in front of your eyes, and that’s something that doesn’t often happen.

This is definitely one of the best romance books I have read, period. Don’t miss it. And let’s take a moment to stare at that gorgeous cover, shall we? One of the best Intrigues, hands down 😀

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