Review: Sir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale

sir loin of beefTitle: Sir Loin of Beef

Author: Vanessa Vale

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Librarian Kaitlyn Leary

The heroes: Ex-professional rodeo riders Landon Duke (construction company owner) and Jed Cassidy (bar owner)

The blurb: They might call me Sir Loin of Beef, but when I see Kaitlyn for the first time, stick a fork in me, I’m done.

But I won’t claim her alone. Jed Cassidy and I share everything, and that includes her. If the sweet little librarian isn’t ready to be wrangled by two rodeo champs, we’ll just have to break her in nice and slow. She’s ours. We will win her over—body and soul—and when we do? Well, let’s just say we’ll give her a hard ride…and it’ll last a hell of a lot longer than eight seconds.

Kaitlyn Leary takes one look at the sexy cowboys and can’t remember the last time she was so eager for a double helping of… big beef. But giving in to desire might ruin everything. Because the truth is that this small town librarian isn’t all she seems. Landon Duke and Jed might be talking about a future of picket fences and making babies, but the past could destroy it all. Still…two cowboys?

Who could resist?

Standalone or series: Book one in the Grade-A Beefcake series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: It was the title of this book that drew me in, that and the fact it was a ménage book (which is one of my guilty pleasures right now). Landon Duke (known as Duke) and Jed Cassidy have been best friends since childhood. Both of them were professional rodeo riders, but retired due to age and injury. They’ve always shared everything, and this includes women – they both know they won’t settle down with any woman unless she’s willing to accept them both.

Enter Kaitlyn Leary, with her glasses and gorgeous figure. She’s tagged along with a friend to see a male revue at Jed’s bar, and once Duke and Jed lay eyes on her, they know she’s the one. She’s instantly attracted to both of them, and when she’s pulled up on stage for a lap dance by the current stripper, Duke and Jed take over and pull her into a private back room, where they proceed to show her how much they’re attracted to her.

Kaitlyn doesn’t even know their names, but something primal in her loves the attention and she lets them make her feel good. However, the spell is broken when she finds out who Duke is; his family and her father have a past, and not a good one. She knows once he finds out who she is, he’ll hate her. So she flees the bar without explanation.

When the company she called to repair her roof shows up the next morning, she’s shocked to find it’s none other than Duke. He realises who she is, tells her everything she was afraid he would, and storms out. She spends a miserable day at work and when Jed and Duke’s family find out what he said to Kaitlyn, they all put him rightfully in his place. Duke realises he was wrong to blame Kaitlyn for the actions of her father, especially when she was just a child when it happened.

Throw in Duke’s entire family getting involved, a would-be stalker for Kaitlyn, and a serious case of instalove and you have this book. It only takes twenty-four hours before Kaitlyn has moved in with the boys and the ménage happens, so it’s quick. But this is one of the better menage books I’ve read and it’s a fun read, so it’s worth picking up.



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