Review: What She Knew by Regan Black

what she knewTitle: What She Knew

Author: Regan Black

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The blurb: Dr. Luciana Perez thought she hit the jackpot when she landed the position at the Shutter Lake Medical Clinic. Until her friend Sylvia Cole is murdered and the authorities come calling, certain that Luciana has more information about the crime.

But Luciana only knows Sylvia had secrets she wasn’t inclined to share. Secrets that had Sylvia seriously worried. Secrets someone was willing to kill to keep buried. Every day that the killer isn’t found, Luciana’s fear tightens like a noose around her neck: fear of her own secrets being exposed, fear of becoming the next victim, and fear that the murderer will irrevocably shatter the idyllic peace and security of their beautiful town.

Standalone or series: This is the fourth and final book in this mini-series, each one written by a different author. You will need to read all four in order, as together they form one big book.

The review: What She Knew is the fourth and final instalment in the Breakdown suspense mini-series, and we finally get answers to all the questions built up over the other three books – who killed Sylvia Cole and why? What happened to the missing girl and FBI Agent investigating her disappearance?

It turns out that I had correctly guessed the identity of Sylvia’s killer, although I hadn’t worked out the motive. For a picturesque town like Shutter Lake, a great number of its residents were hiding some pretty dark secrets. Our heroine for this book is Dr Luciana Perez, known as Ana. She hides the darkest secret of them all, and in the course of helping uncover the identity of Sylvia’s killer – she and Sylvia were close friends and Sylvia had confided in her about what she’d been investigating in the lead up to her death – Ana’s own painful secret about her past comes out. She’s ready to flee, but Deputy Laney Holt convinces her not to.

It’s with Ana’s determination and smarts that the killer is uncovered, but not before she is harmed in the process. However, the truth is uncovered in the end, and while everyone’s secrets have come out, it’s not to the whole town but to a chosen few.

While there were a few small things that didn’t gel for me in this book – there was a hint of a romantic attachment for Ana to a man featured heavily in the previous books that I didn’t see coming and didn’t care for at all, and once again some of the interactions between the female leads felt more like strangers than close friends – all up, I really enjoyed this series. If you like mysteries, you should enjoy this series.

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