Review: Screwged by Madison Faye

screwgedTitle: Screwged

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Accounting department employee Noelle Healy

The heroes: Brock Pierce and Seamus Horn

The blurb: They call us ruthless, and cruel. Filthy rich beyond belief, dominant beyond compare, and we run our company with iron fists.

It’s the night before Christmas, but all is not calm. And all sure as hell ain’t right or bright. See, someone’s been skimming from the company piggy-bank, and selling secrets to our rivals.

Not just anyone though. Her.

Noelle Healy. The new hire. The innocently tempting, forbidden little tease who’s been driving us insane in our need to have her… and we will have her.

Dark hair, wild, fierce eyes, and just enough sass in those pouty lips and curvy hips to drive a man wild. Or two of them.

But someone’s been a bad, bad girl this year, and she’s about to find her stocking stuffed with two somethings much harder than coal. We’ve got some heavy bells for her to jingle, and enough mistletoe to last all night.

Christmas might come but once a year, but the two of us are far more frequent than that. And Noelle’s about to unwrap a bah-humbugging she’ll never forget.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: If you want a menage novella that’s fun and incredibly sexy with a twist, then you can’t go wrong with Madison Faye. Set on Christmas Eve, best friends Brock and Seamus are the feared CEOs of their tech and finance analysis firm. They came from nothing and worked hard to make it the success it is, so when they realise someone is committing corporate espionage and stealing from the company, they’re determined to find the culprit and punish them.

Noelle has worked for the company for a couple of weeks, and after interrogating several staff members Brock and Seamus set their sights on her. She’s not only suspicious, but incredibly attractive, and they decide to use a different interrogation method than they did on the others. It turns out that Noelle is only too happy to capitulate to their demands, and what follows is deliciously hot sex in their office. The culprit is eventually revealed, but will Brock and Seamus get their happy ending with the woman of their dreams, or will they have to put her behind bars? You’ll just have to read to find out!

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