Review: A Merry Christmas with Judy by K. Webster

a merry christmas with judyTitle: A Merry Christmas with Judy

Author: K. Webster

Year of publication: 2018

The heroine: Teacher Judy Hollister

The hero: Teacher Kent Kaufman

The blurb: Baby Jesus is missing! Miss Holland is certain the surly, mean-spirited Mr. Kaufman has stolen him. So, she sets off on a snowy night to take back the most crucial piece of the school play she’s in charge of.

But when the weather takes a nasty turn, she finds herself stranded with the wicked, yet handsome man. He’s every bit the grouch she’s used to seeing each day at school.

Until he smiles.
Until he laughs.
Until he slowly lets her chip away at the icy pieces of his heart.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Teacher Judy Hollister is leading the school Christmas play, but when she can’t find the plastic baby Jesus for the manger, she’s on a mission to find it. Told by her fellow teachers that Kent Kaufman, the history teacher who never smiles or interacts with his colleagues, has stolen it, she decides to drive to his home that very night and retrieve it.

She’s lucky to make it there in the snow, and when she gets stuck in the snow outside Kent’s house, he comes out to rescue her. He’s not happy with her showing up uninvited; he’s locked himself away from the world since losing his wife and child five years previously. But the beautiful Miss Hollister is making him feel things he hasn’t felt in a long time, and when she’s forced to remain at his home because of the snowstorm that hits, he has no choice but to interact with her. Will Judy finally melt the ice that’s encased his heart for so long?

A sweet Christmas story set in 1967, this novella is perfect if you want something holiday themed that won’t take long to read.

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