Review: Too Wilde To Tame by Tonya Burrows

too wilde to tameTitle: Too Wilde To Tame

Author: Tonya Burrows

Year of publication: 2017

The heroine: Ballet dancer/teacher/radio DJ Natalie Taggart

The hero: Ex-Army Ranger/Wilde Security owner Greer Wilde

The blurb: For three years, ballet teacher Natalie Taggart has lived across the hall from grumpy, reclusive, sexy Greer Wilde. Save for a handful of hellos and the occasional heated glance, they never spoke to each other.

Until the morning Greer lands on her doorstep, bleeding, beaten, and bullet-riddled.

Greer doesn’t need or want her help. He has only one goal: revenge. And nobody—not his brothers, and certainly not his too-hot-for-his-sanity next-door neighbor—is going to get in his way.

Standalone or series: This is the fifth and final book in the Wilde Security Series, but can be read as a standalone. Do read the whole series, though!

The review: I didn’t want to read this book because I knew it meant my journey with the adorable Wilde brothers would be over! Greer is the oldest Wilde, the one who, at the age of fifteen, successfully sought emancipation when his parents were murdered so he could look after his four younger brothers. He joined the Army as soon as he could to support them and he’s done his best to ensure they’ve grown up with everything he could give them.

But he’s been hiding a secret from them for years, one he can never tell them. He’s also come to the realisation that the murder of his parents was no random act of violence; someone wanted them dead, he knows who’s behind it, and he’s going to get revenge. He won’t breathe a word of it to his brothers because he doesn’t want them involved; he’s still trying to protect them, even though they’re all adults.

When he’s brutally attacked while following his suspect, he manages to make it back to his apartment block but collapses on the doorstop of his beautiful neighbour, Natalie. They’ve never really spoken, but there’s something about her he’s attracted to. She patches him up, with the help of Jesse Warren from the HORNET series (I love all the crossovers in these books and am hoping for some Wilde appearances when I start HORNET!), and finds herself involved in whatever Greer’s dealing with when her nephew goes missing.

Greer’s quest for revenge won’t be sated until he makes the person responsible pay, but Natalie keeps getting in his way. She finally persuades Greer to tell his brothers what’s going on, and they pull together as a family. Greer and Natalie’s lives are entangled in ways they couldn’t have imagined, and since she’s been half in love with him since she first saw him three years previously, it doesn’t take much for her to fall completely. Will her love be enough in the end to stop Greer seeking revenge? Will his brothers be a help or a hindrance? All is eventually revealed, and the last chapter was very satisfying. I have adored this series and only wish there was more to read 🙂

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