Review: Rules in Rescue by Nichole Severn

rules in rescueTitle: Rules in Rescue

Author: Nichole Severn

Mills & Boon imprint: Intrigue

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Military police officer Glennon Chase

The hero: Ex-Army Ranger/Blackhawk Security weapons expert Anthony Harris

The blurb: Blackhawk Security weapons expert Anthony Harris has trained for any contingency… except the return of his ex-fiancée. Glennon Chase walked out on the former ranger five years ago. And now the CID special agent needs Anthony’s help with a deadly investigation into her partner’s disappearance. Dodging bullets he can handle, but pairing up with his ex is flat-out dangerous. Especially when Anthony discovers that the secret Glennon is keeping could get them both killed.

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Blackhawk Security series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: I loved the first book in the Blackhawk Security series and it was one of my top twenty-five reads last year. I knew the moment I finished book two that I already have a book for this year’s list! This book ticked every single one of my boxes: a hero I can fall in love with; a heroine who can stand her own; enough action to keep you guessing at every turn; and two people who find their way (back) to each other.

Anthony Harris was once engaged to Glennon Chase, but she walked out on him five years previously while he was away on a mission. He’s devoted himself to his job, but the failure of his relationship has always stayed with him. When Glennon calls him in the dead of night and says she needs his help, he should just hang up on her… but he doesn’t. Glennon is in the military police and her partner has gone missing, and she’s sure it’s to do with the case they were working on.

When a sniper tries to take Glennon out right in front of Anthony, he knows he can’t turn away from her. And so begins a thrilling game of cat and mouse, as they dig deeper to find out what her partner, Bennett Spencer, found out that put him in danger. Their investigation sees them with each other 24/7, and all the feelings they have buried deep down come crashing back up to the surface… but will they live long enough to take a chance on each other again? What they uncover in their investigation puts them both – and Glennon’s young son – in mortal danger. Can Anthony keep the woman he still loves safe? Does Glennon still love him enough to take another chance on him? Make sure you don’t miss this book because you’ll want to find out! This book is a five star read and one of the best Intrigues I’ve ever read, full stop.

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