Review: Code of Honor by Tonya Burrows

code of honorTitle: Code of Honor

Author: Tonya Burrows

Year of publication: 2017

The heroine: Sheriff/HORNET team member Lanie Delcambre

The hero: HORNET team member/medic Jesse Warrick

The blurb: Jesse Warrick used to consider himself a kickass medic, but a teammate’s brush with death has him questioning everything. Now he’s been promoted to field commander of HORNET. How can he lead when he can’t get his shit together? And how can he focus when the sexy new recruit makes him want to break the rules?

Lanie Delcambre can’t seem to find solid footing within the elite hostage rescue team. Worse, the man she’s loved for most of her life is now her boss. She’d kill to act on the chemistry between her and Jesse, but she can’t risk ruining her career.

It was only supposed to be a training mission. No live ammo, no hostages, and no real bad guys—only someone didn’t give the bad guys that memo. When their hotel is taken hostage with half of HORNET inside, Jesse and Lanie are the team’s only hope of escaping alive…

Standalone or series: This is book four in the HORNET series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Another excellent installment in the HORNET series. Jesse Warrick is the team’s medic and he’s just been promoted to field commander because Gabe and Quinn can no longer be in the field because of their medical histories. He’s nervous as hell about leading the team, especially now since Lanie Delcambre is on it. Jesse has known Lanie since they were teenagers and has loved her that long, but his previous three marriages have put him off the institution and his sullen teenage son, Connor, is giving him enough of a headache.

Lanie wants to prove herself to be a valuable team member, but it doesn’t help that she’s in love with its leader. Jesse is the man she’s wanted forever, but she knows she can’t cross that line. But when the team are taken hostage while on vacation at one of Tucker Quentin’s hotels after a training mission, it’s up to Jesse and Lanie to get their men out alive. Jean-Luc is badly injured; Connor and the other trainees are stuck on the fourth floor; and Gabe, Quinn and Harvard are in the hands of the kidnappers. Can Jesse, Lanie and the rest of the team get them all out alive? Will Jesse and Lanie be able to cross the line and have their relationship survive? Make sure you read it to find out…




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