Review: Her Rock Hard Mountain Man by Parker Grey

her rock hard mountain manTitle: Her Rock Hard Mountain Man

Author: Parker Grey

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: College student Mia

The hero: Ex-Marine/Bar owner Elias Grant

The blurb: They think they own her. But she’s mine. And I’ll fight all of them to prove it.

When I got out of the Marines, I just wanted a simple life. Own a bar. Live in solitude. No complications, and that means no women.

Then I’m in my buddy’s wedding. I’m best man. She’s maid of honor. From the second I see her, I’m smitten. Eyes like sapphires. Lips like rosy pillows. Her body, pure temptation at its worst. She’s sweet. She’s innocent.

And that night, I find out she’s untouched.

There’s only one problem: her father’s an outlaw, the president of the dreaded Iron Diablos Motorcycle Club, and he’s got his own ideas about what his daughter is good for.

When I look at Mia, I see the woman I want to marry. He sees a bargaining chip. And I’m not about to let him get his way.

Standalone or series: Standalone, but part of the same universe as Her Obsessed Mountain Man.

The review: Mia is maid of honour at her friend Ruby’s wedding, and the best man is Elias, the groom’s best friend. She’s instantly smitten with him, but the ex-Marine is older and much more experienced than her, so Mia doesn’t think she has a chance with him. When she injures herself while trying to get back to her cabin, Elias is there to pick her up and it turns out her attraction is not one-sided.

Elias now owns the bar where he and Jax work, and the Iron Diablos MC members are frequent patrons. When Elias finds out that Mia is none other than the club president’s daughter, he’s worried for her safety. They meet in secret and embark on a hot, passionate affair, but when Dad finds out about it, suffice it to say he’s not happy.

Will Elias be able to rescue the woman he loves from the man who sired her without causing a war? Will Mia get her happily ever after? This is a hot, sexy novella that’s perfect for when you want something good to read but don’t have the time to commit to a novel. Another winning read from this author!

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