Review: Angel by Janie Crouch

angelTitle: Angel

Author: Janie Crouch

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Bakery worker Jordan Reiss

The hero: Former Navy SEAL/CEO Gabriel Collingwood

The blurb: Jordan Reiss is well aware that if she was on fire the entire town of Oak Creek would probably go inside and make a sandwich. She can’t blame them. Her father scammed half the town out of their retirement funds, and then she…

She did so much worse.

She doesn’t expect forgiveness. But she’s back in town with no other options and just wants to be left alone to live on the fierce Wyoming land she’s missed so much during her six years in prison.

Former Navy SEAL Gabriel Collingwood’s callsign may have been Angel, but he’ll be anything but to protect his sister. Especially from a pretty ex-con who has somehow weaseled her way into a job at his sister’s new bakery.

He doesn’t trust Jordan, even with her big gray eyes and quiet smile.

But when someone decides its time for Jordan to leave Oak Creek—preferably in a body bag—Gabe will have to put his distrust aside. Jordan needs her own guardian angel. And he happens to be one.

Standalone or series: This is the fourth book in the Linear Tactical series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This series continues to get better with every book, something I didn’t think possible after the diamond that is Shamrock. Jordan Reiss, the heroine of Angel, is doing it tougher than most. Ostracised by pretty much everyone in town for an innocent mistake she made that shattered people’s lives, and for the actions of her despicable father who stole from most of the townsfolk, she’s also tormented and bullied at every turn.

Gabriel Collingwood, brother of Shamrock’s heroine Violet, doesn’t trust her as blindly as his sister does. He watches her closely, ready to pounce as soon as she makes a mistake… but he comes to realise that Jordan is not the monster everyone makes her out to be. Underneath the quiet, lonely exterior is a young woman who is haunted by her past and desperate to make it right so she can finally move forward with her life again. She’s clever with computers, smart, funny and beautiful. Soon enough, Gabe is more than willing to take on the role of protector.

There’s no smooth sailing in their relationship, though, thanks to others in their lives, and Gabe finds himself wondering if he was wrong to trust Jordan. I myself wanted to smack some sense in to him on a few occasions! Jordan I just wanted to hug. She shows a strength and tenacity few others do, and most in her situation would have given up. A wonderful heroine and a book that will leave you both breathless and smiling for days to come.

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