Review: A Sticky Situation by Missy Johnson

a sticky situationTitle: A Sticky Situation

Author: Missy Johnson

Year of publication: Released last week! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Nurse Hannah Billings

The hero: Mechanic Nate Wilson

The blurb: A sexy rockstar walking into your hotel room sounds like a dream come true.

When you’re in the middle of some serious self-pleasure like I was, it’s a freaking nightmare. It gets worse…. what I thought was my room was actually his.

I’d just given last year’s hottest new talent a performance worthy of my own Grammy. Now everyone is talking about the girl who got her rocks off in Brix Wilson’s hotel room. Nobody knows I’m that girl and it’s going to stay that way.

It’s not like I’m going to run into him again, right? Wrong.

Standalone or series: Book seven in Awkward Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Poor Hannah Billings is frustrated. She can’t pleasure herself in peace at home because of her freeloading sister and niece, so her best friend takes pity on her and books her a hotel room for the night. When Hannah arrives, she checks in and gets comfortable in her room, only to be interrupted at a most inconvenient moment by a man in the room.

He’s not just any man; Brix Wilson is rich and famous, the lead singer of a band. It turns out Hannah was given a key to the wrong room. Soon after, he enters court-appointed rehab, and it just so happens that Hannah works there as a nurse. She is assigned babysitting duties by her boss, and finds herself spending more time than she’d like with Brix, who also happens to have a twin, Nate.

Hannah gets involved in the lives of both men, whether she likes it or not, and she finds herself drawn to Nate. Brix and Nate have a complicated relationship, not only because their careers and lives are totally different, but because Brix is hiding a very big secret from his brother and the world in general.

I enjoyed the romance but feel the blurb is misleading, since the romance is not between Hannah and Brix but Hannah and Nate. The original blurb for this book was also decidedly different; the book I signed up for was not the book I got – in the original blurb, which drew me in, she was busted in a cinema by the actor who was in the movie she was watching, and his name was Kieran West. It appears that the book has been rewritten. Having said that, I did enjoy it and I did like Hannah and Nate. I was also glad that the twins managed to get their relationship sorted out.

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