Review: Do-Or-Die Bridesmaid by Julie Miller

do or die bridesmaidTitle: Do-Or-Die Bridesmaid

Author: Julie Miller

Mills & Boon imprint: Intrigue

Year of publication: 2019

The heroine: Laura Karr

The hero: Detective Conor Wildman

The blurb: Always the bridesmaid, never a killer’s target…until now.Back in his hometown for a wedding, Detective Conor Wildman reunites with his ex-girlfriend’s sister, Laura Karr, once the tomboy next door. Now Laura is a beautiful woman…and someone wants her dead. Conor is the man to protect her and catch the killer, but will one heated kiss jeopardize their precious friendship? Or will it prove that he can trust her with his wounded heart?

Standalone or series: Standalone, but set in the same universe as several other books about the Kansas City Police Department.

The review: This book has been in my TBR pile since it came out and I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read it, because it was fabulous.

Detective Conor Wildman proposed to his girlfriend, Lisa, but she turned him down and ended up with his best friend. When they invite him back to Arlington for their wedding and beg him to come, he decides to go to appease them and prove he’s gotten over being dumped by Lisa. At the wedding he sees Lisa’s youngest sister, Laura, whom he affectionately calls Squirt… but Laura is no longer a child. She’s grown up, with beauty and curves and a smile that makes his heart beat faster.

When Laura gets a call from her friend and neighbour, she fears the worst – and when she goes to Chloe’s apartment with Conor and they find her dead, Laura is determined to find out who killed Chloe and why. Conor won’t let Laura do it alone, and they soon find themselves drawn into a mystery that could get them both killed. Along the way, Conor realises that maybe he was with the wrong sister after all… maybe he was just waiting for Laura to grow up. Laura’s quicker on the draw – she’s loved Conor for years, but Conor doesn’t believe himself worthy of a forever love. Can Laura convince him to change his mind, or will time run out for both of them before they can explore the bond between them?

With a hero you can’t help but adore, a wonderful heroine who is smart and determined to get her man and get justice for her friend, and a race against time to bring the perpetrators to justice before they pay for it with their lives, this book is everything you want in a romantic suspense story.

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