Review: Forever Mine by Kennedy Fox

forever mineTitle: Forever Mine

Author: Kennedy Fox

Year of publication: 2019. The authors kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Theatre actress Savannah Burns

The hero: College football recruiter Hayden Manning

The blurb: Seeing the woman who broke my heart a decade ago is something I’m not prepared for. Though I’ve forgiven Savannah, I’ve never forgotten what she did.

Now it’s time to confront the secret she’s kept from me. Though it won’t be easy, I’m determined to make things right between us.

One night together is all it takes for our feelings to come rushing back. As memories of us flood in, truths are finally revealed. When the present collides with our past, I’ll do anything to win her back, even when Savannah tries to run again.

This time, I’ll stop at nothing for a second chance.

Standalone or series: This novella is an introduction to the forthcoming Roommate Duet series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: When Savannah returns to her hometown for the wedding of a high school friend, she knows there’s a possibility she’ll run into him – Hayden, the sweetheart she left behind ten years ago. Hayden is indeed at the wedding, and he knows as soon as she enters the room that Savannah is there.

As soon as he sees her, Hayden knows his heart still belongs to the woman who left him behind to pursue her dream career. What he still doesn’t know is why, and when she eventually admits it, Hayden is determined not to waste anymore time without Savannah. For her part, Savannah realises she did the wrong thing by Hayden and is determined to make it up to him – and more importantly, not to do it again.

This was a sweet novella that didn’t drag out the rekindling of the romance, as some second chance stories tend to do. I found myself laughing and cheering along, and glad Hayden was willing to open his heart again to the woman who had always loved it. A wonderfully written story worth a read. That cover is hot!

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