Review: Wed to the Warrior by Madison Faye

wed to the warriorTitle: Wed to the Warrior

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Catriona MacDougall

The hero: Lord Callum Bruce

The blurb: Other would-be suitors called me “challenging”. But the most undeniable, sinfully gorgeous Highlander lord around calls me a challenge. Oh and he calls me something else, too: his.

Marriage has never been in the plans for me. Not with my reputation for being “headstrong” and “disobedient”. That is, until Lord Callum Bruce barges into my world and scatters those plans all over the place.

But Lord Bruce is a brute of a man. A battle-hardened soldier and fierce, dominant Highland lord. Well, that and completely beautiful, which is so very, very unfair. When he tells me I’m to be his wife, I flee. But there’s no running from the most dominant, gorgeous, sinfully tempting man I’ve ever met.

Not after I’ve had a teasing taste of those perfect lips. Not when I’ve felt those rough hands on me. Not when deep down, I wanthim to chase me.

…Not when deep down, I want him to take all of me.

The first kiss was a mistake. The second was stolen. But the ones after that, I’ve run out of excuses for. I’ve scared nine would-be-suitors away. But something tells me, number ten isn’t going anywhere.

Standalone or series: This is book three in the Kilts and Kisses series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Catriona MacDougall is not your average bride. She won’t be meek and demure, instead choosing to retain her fiesty and headstrong ways. This means that she’s already sent nine would-be suitors running for the hills. But number ten… well, he’s not wary of her. Quite the opposite.

When Lord Callum Bruce first lays eyes on Catriona, he’s taken with her spirit and her refusal to be someone she’s not. The moment he kisses her at their friends’ wedding, he knows she’s the one for him, despite her many protests. He asks her father for her hand, but if Cat thinks he’s just another potential husband she’ll be able to dismiss, she’ll soon find out how wrong she is… and how much she wants him to stay.

This steamy novella has some of the hottest scenes yet, and that’s saying something as this author always knows how to turn up the heat! Be prepared for your Kindle to melt…

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