Review: Seven Nights of Sin by Kendall Ryan

seven nights of sinTitle: Seven Nights of Sin

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Presley Harper

The hero: Dominic Aspen

The blurb: He’s the powerful CEO. I’m the know-it-all intern.

Things went further than they should have, but I don’t have any regrets. Well, maybe just one…

I went and did the one thing he told me not to – fall in love with him.

Now I have seven days to prove my trust and devotion. Turns out money is a powerful drug, but love is even more addictive.

Standalone or series: This is book two of The Penthouse Affair duet, so you need to have read book one.

The review: This book picks up directly where book one left off, with Dominic and Presley not in a good place in their relationship. Dominic is not a man who trusts easily and he believes Presley has betrayed him. His brain is telling him to cut her loose, but his body – and his heart – disagree.

He has a major deal on the line and he needs Presley, so he persuades her to continue the charade of being his girlfriend. Presley needs the money to support herself and her brother, so she can’t refuse. Eventually, Dominic comes to realise that maybe Presley was telling the truth, and his feelings for her aren’t fleeting. His twin girls adore her, and so does he.

You know when you read one of Kendall’s books that you’ll get a few laughs, great sex scenes, and a happily ever after, and she never disappoints. Looking forward to her next book!




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