Man Undercover by Alana Matthews

man undercoverTitle: Man Undercover

Author: Alana Matthews

Mills & Boon imprint: Intrigue

Year of publication: 2010

The heroine: News segment producer Tara Richmond

The hero: FBI Special Agent Matt Hathaway

The blurb: A cabin in the Colorado mountains promised Tara Richards a break from reporting…until Matt Hathaway sent her life into a tailspin. Deep undercover, Matt had less than a day to stop a bombing, and Tara was his last lifeline. Entrenched in the biggest story of her career, Tara could control her own destiny, but not the man by her side. After all, he promised the most thrilling night of her entire life!

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Tara Richmond turns up at her sister’s cabin, hoping for a relaxing night. Instead, she finds herself with unwanted company – escaped prisoners from a nearby jail. One of them, however, doesn’t seem quite like the others… and when he reveals himself to be an FBI agent undercover, she realises why.

Tara and Matt have one hell of a night. Matt is busted by the gang he’s been undercover with for almost a year and manages to get himself and Tara away from them, but they are in the middle of the forest with nothing for miles around and Matt is injured, so they take shelter in a run down cabin. When the elderly owner of the cabin rocks up, she helps them to safety. Matt realises he has been betrayed by a colleague at the FBI, and they spend a long night trying to figure out who and why, and stop the bombing the gang has set up for 9am the next morning.

They make it back to Tara’s condo, where they end up having sex twice. Matt is amazed at how strong his feelings for Tara are; seven years ago, he lost his wife and young daughter in a robbery gone wrong, and he never thought he’d fall in love again. But he does, and Tara is wary because her father was also a cop who had his own baggage – leaving his wife and teenage daughters for the partner he was secretly having an affair with – and she doesn’t want to be with someone who’s involved in law enforcement. But much like Matt, she finds herself in love. It doesn’t take them long – less than twenty four hours – but given the night they’ve had, and the steamy shower sex, I didn’t mind it. There was also a nice twist with the identity of a character.

Let’s talk about that cover, shall we? My sister and I had the following amusing conversation by text message.

Me: Check out this guy on one of my romance book covers. Is he not the dopiest looking dude around?
Her: Lol that’s some world class derp right there
Me: *laughs*
Her: I’d definitely wait for him to come save me *makes face*
Me: *laughs some more*
Her: I hope you’re going to put these messages on your blog when you review this book

Yep, I am 🙂