Review: Hyde’s Return by Bebe Marks

hyde's returnTitle: Hyde’s Return

Author: Bebe Marks

Year of publication: 2018, The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Salon owner Everly Glenn

The hero: Professional hockey player Hyde Polanski

The blurb: From the time I was a kid, I’ve wanted one thing: To play in the NHL.

And then Everly Glenn moved in next door. From that day on, I was torn between my dreams of being the best defenseman in the league and staying with her. I couldn’t have both. Not when her dream was for a small-town life in Sinclair Valley—the town I’ve always wanted to escape. Not when I had nothing to offer her.

Not when I had something to prove.

I had to choose. I chose the NHL. Now all my dreams have come true. All except one…


I’ve been in love with Hyde Polanski since I was ten-years-old

When Hyde returns to Sinclair Valley for his mother’s wedding, all I want is to show him what he’s been missing all these years.

We agree to be together for one week. No strings, expectations, or emotions attached. It’s not about our past, has nothing to do with our future. It’s about finally giving into the attraction between us that’s stronger than ever. It’s about pleasure.

It’s about closure.

Except nothing between us has ever been simple. And closure is the last thing on my mind when one week with Hyde has me once again wishing for forever with him. Except nothing’s changed. Not his reasons for leaving Sinclair Valley. Not my reasons for staying.

But Hyde doesn’t see it that way. Now the NHL’s hottest defenseman has a new goal: To finally win the heart of the girl next door.

Standalone or series: Book one in the Once Tempted series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Every now and then, a book comes along that leaves you begging for more. Leaves you not wanting to finish it, wishing you could go back to the start and read it again for the first time. Hyde’s Return is such a book.

Hyde Polanski and Everly Glenn have been best friends since they were children; Everly was dumped on her beloved grandmother when her professor parents decided they’d rather study dead poets overseas than raise their only child. Living next door was Hyde and his mother; his father is absent, given he has half a dozen kids to different women. Hyde has never had much of a relationship with his father and doesn’t know his half siblings, so it’s just him and Everly against the world.

When Everly loses her grandmother at eighteen, she finally makes her feelings for Hyde clear… and he leaves her heartbroken. He’s off to make his mark in the world of professional hockey and he can only do that if he leaves Sinclair Valley – and Everly – behind.

Eight years later he’s back for his mother’s wedding, and things have changed. Everly has changed. Hyde’s half sister, Agatha, is a happy ray of sunshine who refuses to let Hyde’s rejection of her stop her from seeing him. His half brother, Kingston, is only weeks older than him and the two men don’t play well together. When Hyde finds out King and Everly know each other, he’s left reeling. He knows he made a terrible mistake leaving the only woman he’s ever loved behind – will she give him another chance?

Everly, for her part, is determined to get over Hyde once and for all. She’s loved him for nearly all of her life, but she can’t keep pining over him. So she makes a proposal: they’ll give in to the red-hot chemistry between them for the week Hyde’s in town, and then they’ll say goodbye for good…

… but can they? This book was delicious. It was a slow burning, super hot, exquisitely written romance. There were times where I wanted to grab Hyde and Everly’s heads and conk them together like coconuts because they were being so damn stubborn, but their sex scenes left me needed a fan to cool down! You won’t regret reading this book, so grab it right now and enjoy 🙂