Review: Her Sexy Marine Valentine by Candace Havens

her sexy marine valentineTitle: Her Sexy Marine Valentine

Author: Candace Havens

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2016

The heroine: Interior designer Marigold McDaniels

The hero: Marine Brody Williams

The blurb: When First Lieutenant Brody Williams rescues Mari McDaniels from an awkward run-in with her ex by pretending to be her boyfriend, Mari knows she’s got it bad for the gorgeous, ripped military man.

They’re friends first, and friends help each other out. Mari needs a hand renovating her old Victorian and Brody needs a girlfriend to secure his promotion. It’s the perfect temporary arrangement – and then there’s the sizzling chemistry. It’s wickedly racy and addictive. But neither of them expects Cupid’s arrow to aim for their hearts!

Standalone or series: Part of the Uniformly Hot! series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I really enjoyed this book. I liked both the leads and I enjoyed their romance. There were a few clichéd subplots happening – she lacks confidence in bed because her douchebag ex said she sucked (and not in a good way), and he’s led to believe he needs a partner to secure a promotion – and I’ve read quite a few books with the same themes. But it didn’t detract from the story.

Brody lives across the road from Mari, and when he rescues her from her ex at the supermarket, she makes him dinner. She then asks him to help her restore the house she bought with her ex, who then dumped her the day she signed the papers and she can’t afford to sell it as is, and Brody finds he can’t say no.

They both agree this is just a temporary fling while they’re restoring the house.  They’re attracted to each other – can’t keep their hands off each other – so they agree to a fling and they both walk away at the end. Brody is not a forever kind of guy, and Mari is happy to having great sex. Her parents’ marriage has been the yardstick with which she bases all relationships, so she’s horrified when they confess to her at an inopportune moment that all is not what it seems. Stunned and angry, she pushes everyone away… including Brody. She tells him she loves him and then shoves him out the door. He’s never said it back, but then she finds a card in which he’s written he loves her.

When the renovated house sells, Mari is distraught because it’s the house she and Brody renovated together. But this wouldn’t be a good romance without the happily ever after, so you know Brody refuses to let her push him away and they get to keep the house after all. Hurrah!