Review: Their Boss’s Daughter by Chloe Kent

their boss's daughterTitle: Their Boss’s Daughter

Author: Chloe Kent

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Mining heiress Saylor Fielding

The heroes: Mining executives Finn Portland, Reid Amrose and Jax Young

The blurb: When twenty-one-year-old Saylor Fielding spends a tiny fortune from her new trust fund on something she’s always wanted, she’s not prepared for the consequences that follow.

Her father goes ballistic about her reckless spending and when she refuses to tell him – because she really, really can’t tell him – how she spent the money, he sends her away for two weeks to live with his three favorite engineers, Finn, Reid and Jax in the middle of the desert. She is to clean their house, do their laundry and cook for them.

That something she had always wanted… just happened to be Finn, Reid and Jax. And they have no idea the highest bidder at the charity auction competing to spend a night with them, was their strictly hands-off boss’s daughter in disguise.

All Saylor wants to do is finish her two-week sentence and escape intact, but one accidental look from them at her body and her secret is out. Now she has to face their brand of punishment.

Bound intimately to their examination table, her boundaries left crumbling behind her, they expose her trembling body to shameful desires, and it’s only then that Saylor fully understands what loving these three men actually means.

Standalone or series: Book one of the Auction Nights series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Whether or not you’ll enjoy this book will be based solely on why you’re reading it, in my opinion. If you just want an easy to read, smutty book about a woman hooking up with three hot men, then this is the book for you. If you don’t want a book that has characters with questionable reactions and a plot with holes big enough to drive a truck through, then you’d be best to move along.

Once I set aside any expectations of actually trying to work things out, I didn’t mind the book. Saylor has just turned twenty-one, and what she wants more than anything is to lose her virginity to Finn, Reid and Jax, three men she has loved since she was eight. The trio are foster brothers who have worked for her mining magnate father since she was a child. When they politely but firmly turn down her offer of a night with her at a hotel, Saylor decides to buy a night with them when she finds out they’re up for auction to raise money for a charity.

Her winning bid of five million dollars sees her at a hotel to meet with them for what Saylor anticipates will be a night of hot sex. They apparently don’t recognise her because she’s dyed her hair and is wearing a mask, but they refuse to have sex with her when they realise she’s a virgin. Turns out our intrepid trio of heroes are into BDSM, so they have a little fun with her before sending her on her merry way.

Saylor is crushed, and decides to go ahead with her plan to spend a year in China doing charity work (something which she has not bothered to bring to the attention of her father, for reasons I have yet to fathom). Unfortunately for Saylor, Daddy has found out she’s spent five million of her newly inherited trust fund and wants to know on what. When she won’t tell him, he decides to teach her a lesson and punish her – by sending her to Nevada, to live with the heroes for two weeks as their live-in maid.

Once she’s there, it’s game on. It doesn’t take long before Finn, Reid and Jax decide they’re no longer bothered by the fact that Saylor is their boss’s daughter, and they teach her the ways of sex with three men. There are a few things in this book I wish I’d been warned about, such as a particular scene with an exchange of bodily fluids I could have lived my whole life without reading about, and another which contained preparation for Saylor to indulge in a particular kind of sex. But hey, if BDSM and the reverse harem trope is your thing, you should really enjoy this book.