Off Limits by Clare Connelly

off limitsTitle: Off Limits

Author: Clare Connelly

Mills & Boon imprint: Dare

Year of publication: 2018

The heroine: Lawyer and personal assistant Gemma Picton

The hero: Billionaire Jack Grant

The blurb: Billionaire Jack Grant is totally off-limits to Gemma Picton. He’s wild, deliciously dangerous…and her boss. When working late turns x-rated, it’s better than her wildest imaginings — and Gemma’s imagined a lot! But Jack has major emotional baggage, so when she starts wanting to heal his heart as well as enjoy his body, she knows she’s in big trouble…

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: This is one of the books in the new Dare imprint, and it is smoking hot! I loved it. Gemma has been working closely with Jack Grant for two years, and has watched from a distance as he’s bedded woman after woman. His wife, Lucy, died several years previously from cancer, and Jack is still grieving her loss. So he tries to forget through the rotating door to his bedroom, but it doesn’t help.

Gemma, who happens to be Lady by title (her grandmother is a Duchess), loves her job. She loves working for Jack. She’s seen him naked on a weekly basis, because part of her job is making sure he gets out of bed in the morning and he’s not shy. But she knows there’s a line she can’t cross with Jack, and she knows why. However, after two long years of resisting the sexual tension between them, they cross that line.

Gemma wants Jack to open up to her, to find out more about him as a person. She wants to help him move past the grief he’s mired in. They have lots of hot sex together, and after about a month, Gemma realises she feels more for him than just being his lover. She’s in love with him. When he tells her he can’t commit to being anything more than someone she sleeps with, she tells him she’s in love with him… and then walks away, even though it breaks her heart. She resigns and locks herself away from the world.

I loved that Gemma said, enough. She gave him the space he needed, not pushing him, but in the end she didn’t want to be with him when he kept blowing so hot and cold with her. I loved that she walked away from him, even though it hurt to do so. It makes Jack realise that he misses her and why, and eventually she lets him talk to her and he admits he loves her.

The book is set in London, but they come to Sydney for business. Jack owns a penthouse in Woolloomooloo Wharf that he bought off a Hollywood celebrity, and I was so amused by this because I happen to live in walking distance from the wharf and the penthouse floor was indeed owned by a Hollywood celebrity (Russell Crowe).

The only criticism I have, and it’s a small one, is that some of the language seemed to go from British to American English throughout the book: arse/ass, knickers/panties, that sort of thing. This book is definitely worth reading.