Review: Build by Gillian Archer

buildTitle: Build

Author: Gillian Archer

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Cleaner Rachel Tannenbaum

The hero: Custom motorcycle builder Austin Burns

The blurb: Austin Burns – I thought she wasn’t real the first time I saw her. To be fair I was a hungover mess when I woke up and looked into her gorgeous eyes. After getting the second worst news of my life — that my father would be paroled soon — I’d escaped to my buddy’s posh cabin near Lake Tahoe. Now the maid with the gorgeous eyes is snowed in with me, and I wonder if she might be a better distraction than the mountain of booze I’d planned on drinking. She’s curvy in all the right places, and the snow is falling faster.

Rachel Tannenbaum – As a single mom, I don’t have time for men, especially irresponsible tattooed bad boys like my ex. But Austin is hot. And sexy. And stuck here in the cabin with me. I can’t say no to a fling with this bad boy, especially since Austin is so gorgeous and awkwardly sweet.

One night becomes two, and I don’t know if I can risk my heart — and my little boy’s — if Austin wants it to become more when we get through the snow and back to reality.

Standalone or series: Book one in the Burns Brothers series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: This book was a mixed bag for me. There was a lot I liked about it, and a lot that didn’t work for me. Rachel Tannenbaum is a single mother with two jobs; she’s caring for her young son and her disabled mother. One of her jobs is cleaning houses, so she turns up one night at a gig to find the house is occupied by Austin Burns. He and his brothers are well known for their motorcycle business and have featured in several magazines and shows.

When a snowstorm hits, Rachel is forced to stay at the house for a few nights because her car is underneath the snow and needs to be plowed out. She and Austin are attracted to each other, but they bounce back and forth between being hostile and being all over each other. They have sex the first night, and then the next morning Austin is, for lack of a better word, a douchebag. He runs so hot and cold it’s a wonder Rachel didn’t bolt out of there asap. In the second half of the book, though, his character settles down and when he realises how he feels about Rachel, but then she goes and blows a really small incident into a national crisis and completely cuts Austin out of her life. Did he do the wrong thing? Sure. Was it worth not speaking to him again? Absolutely not.

I also didn’t like the constant fighting amongst Austin and his three brothers. Sure, sibling argue all the time, but their fights got physical and nasty. There was a sub-plot about Austin’s parents that was quite deep and could have been explored a bit more.

I did like Austin’s dog, Blue. He lightened the scenes he was in and was a great bonding tool with Rachel’s son. Rachel’s mother was also great, as was Austin’s aunt. I enjoyed the scenes in which Austin and Rachel were together and I do wish their relationship and behaviour hadn’t been so hot and cold throughout the book, but they got there in the end.