Review: Indulge Me by Isabel Sharpe

indulge meTitle: Indulge Me

Author: Isabel Sharpe

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2008

The heroine: Darcy Wolf

The hero: University professor/painter Tyler Houston

The blurb: Darcy Wolf has three wild fantasies she’s going to fulfil before she leaves town. But after seducing her hot housepainter Tyler Houston, she might just have to put fantasy #2 and fantasy #3 on hold!

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: When I read romance novels, I’m generally willing to go with the flow, even if I don’t find some premises particularly plausible. That’s why it’s called fiction, after all. But this book? Ugh. Here’s what I did love: Tyler. He was absolutely adorable and I loved that he was willing to take a chance on Darcy, even though he’d had his heart broken by his previous lover.

Here’s what I didn’t love: pretty much everything else. Darcy wasn’t a particularly likeable heroine. She’s spent years caring for both her sick father and her previous boyfriend, so once they’re both out of the picture she seems to think that leaving town for eight years – two years in four different cities – is the answer to everything. Despite the fact she’s leaving all her friends, including her best friend, behind. When she sees Tyler on the crew painting the house her father left her, she decides to seduce him. Which involves her stripping naked in front of him while he’s on a ladder outside her bedroom. Despite the fact they don’t even know each other’s names – they’ve picked a random name out for each other (and no, Tyler. I’m sorry, but Rosemary is not a sexy name. I apologise to all the Rosemarys out there). It turns out they do know each other; Tyler’s cousin is married to Darcy’s best friend and they went to school together.

So they have hot sex, and Tyler feels the connection but Darcy is reluctant to get involved because she’s leaving town. Her best friend, Molly, is convinced that Tyler’s the one for Darcy from the beginning, so she tells Tyler about Darcy’s second fantasy and he intervenes. They have more sex.

Here’s what was ridiculous: Darcy realises she loves Tyler and he proposes just before she’s due to leave town. Instead of being an adult and staying with the man she loves, knowing she’ll be miserable without him…. she goes anyway. She spends a miserable month in the first city before hotfooting it back home. What I didn’t understand was why she was so insistent on leaving. Yes, I understood she felt tied down because of caring for the two men, but they were both gone. There’s no reason she couldn’t have made a life for herself where she was. Her father left her a house and enough money that she never needed to work again. So why flee a place she’s finally happy in? It just made me angry that she broke Tyler’s heart for no good reason.

I also found myself cringing a lot throughout this book because the writing was tacky. The third fantasy was just crass. If I hadn’t adored Tyler so much, I wouldn’t have bothered finishing this book. You know what? He deserved better than Darcy.