Review: Tombstones by K. C. Enders

tombstonesTitle: Tombstones

Author: K. C. Enders

Year of publication: 2019. The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Kindergarten teacher Kate Beard

The hero: Special Forces Captain Wyatt Jackson

The blurb: No strings. No mess. No complications. It was supposed to be just a month of fun. But two blue lines have them both considering a future that neither of them knew they wanted.

Kindergarten teacher.
Tequila connoisseur.
Expert in finding Mr. WRONG.
Ever since Kate discovered the man she thought she’d marry macking on his boyfriend, she has had nothing but bad luck in love.
What she needs is a fresh start.
When MURPHY and his damn LAW drop the perfect man right in front of her, it’s just her luck that he’s only there temporarily.

Captain, Special Forces.
Confirmed bachelor.
In the running for uncle of the year.
One month stateside to enjoy top-shelf tequila, lose himself in a gorgeous woman, and to try and forget the desert.
What he needed was a reset. What he got, was a sassy southern woman hellbent on bringing him to his knees.

Neither thought they’d find forever between tragedy and tombstones.

Standalone or series: This is book three in the Beekman Hills series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Military men Wyatt Jackson and Dallas Triplett have one month Stateside. Jack’s not looking for Mrs Right – he’s not the marrying kind – but when he meets Tripp’s son Jake’s kindergarten teacher, there isn’t anything he doesn’t like about her. Smart, beautiful, and sassy, Jack wants to lose himself in her curves.

Katelyn Beard’s kissed a lot of frogs, the biggest toad being her ex-fiance. She think Jack’s attractive, but she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But when she hears Jack’s only around for month, she decides it can’t hurt to have a little fun. Jack and Kate get it on in some seriously sexy scenes, and their first encounter ends hilariously when Jack and the protection Kate was carrying don’t end up being a good fit 😉 They enjoy each other’s company and find themselves suddenly wanting more, but Jack is being deployed again for six months.

After Jack’s gone, Kate discovers she’s pregnant. With no way of getting in contact with Jack, she’s resigned to having the baby on her own. When Jack returns, he’s shocked to find Kate very obviously pregnant. It’s only after a tragedy that Jack is made to face what he really wants in life, and that’s Kate – and their family. Will Kate forgive him for leaving her alone to go through the pregnancy alone? Are they ready to spend forever with each other?

This was a well-written love story with a hero and heroine that I just loved. Little Jake was a great character, adored by them both, and the tragic event really made me sad. It was obvious that Jack and Kate belonged together, and it was a pleasure to read their romance.