One Hot Weekend by Katherine Garbera

one hot weekendTitle: One Hot Weekend

Author: Katherine Garbera

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2004

The heroine: Assistant District Attorney Sophia Deltonio

The hero: Lawyer Mitch Holloran

The blurb: Assistant District Attorney Sophia Deltonio is squaring up against hotshot lawyer and ex-lover Mitch Holloran. Their scandalous court case is the talk of steamy Florida. But it’s the explosive heat the two of them generate outside the courtroom that really rattles Sophia.

She proposes a little fun bet: if Mitch wins the case, she’ll be his love slave for the weekend, ready to participate in all his deep dark sexual fantasies about her. If she wins—he’ll leave town pronto. So why is Sophia hoping that for once her winning streak—in court—is over?

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: If I had to pick one word for this book, it would be “confusing”. The blurb is wrong – Sophia and Mitch do agree to a bet, but if she wins he doesn’t have to leave town. Regardless of who wins, they agree to spend a weekend together; the winner will be the master and the loser the slave.

Sophia and Mitch were college sweethearts when they both attended Harvard. For reasons that are never really made clear, Sophia sends Mitch on some sort of false trail (for what? who knows) and somehow makes him seem incompetent to a law firm where they’re both pursuing an internship. Because apparently, there was only one law firm offering an internship at that time.

Mitch was planning to ask Sophia to marry him, but then he found out about her betrayal and she got the internship. He moved to California, she ended up in Florida. They end up taking opposite sides of the same case, and Mitch decides to use this case as an excuse to get revenge on Sophia for breaking his heart.

They’re instantly still attracted to each other, and while Mitch keeps going on and on about getting his revenge – his plan is apparently to have sex with her and then walk away, like she did to him ten years previously – he suddenly decides half way through the book that he doesn’t want revenge anymore. But then a few chapters later, he’s back on the revenge train. I found the back and forth very confusing. Sophia’s behaviour in college made no sense. It turns out that she was afraid of choosing him over her career, but why? They could have made their relationship work if they’d really wanted to. This is the first book I’ve read where I honestly felt like the hero and heroine were probably better off without each other.

It also made me wince in a few places, because there are three words I never want to read when it comes to a woman and sex: “moist”, “creamy” and “humid”. These words should never be used to describe a woman’s vagina. This book had two of ’em. That took me right out the scenes I was reading. Alas, earwax.