Review: My Sexiest Mistake by Kristin Hardy

my sexiest mistakeTitle: My Sexiest Mistake

Author: Kristin Hardy

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2002

The heroine: Trainer/Writer Ryan Donnelly

The hero: Online education start-up founder Cade Douglas

The blurb: A simple mistake… a sexy mistake…

In fact, it would be the most incredibly sexy mistake of their lives. One minute, Cade Douglas, delectable Boston businessman, is signaling for a waitress in the bar of a very fashionable hotel. The next, he’s nearly racing upstairs with a beautiful stranger, who’d answered his summons instead.

Gorgeous Ryan Donnelly can’t believe it’s all happened so smoothly. Before arriving, she had imagined how awkward it would be to meet the gigolo who’d been hired for her. Her gigolo. Her secret lover. The one who would ignite the intense passion she wasn’t sure she’d ever experienced.

She was the one, the one who would fill his senses, save his soul. Cade was certain of it. He was the one, summoning her so casually, so confidently. Ryan was certain of it, of him. If they’d only known.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Ryan Donnelly teaches managers how to handle their employees by day, but by night she writes romance novels. Her agent, Helene, has managed to secure her a four book deal if the publishing company likes the first one she delivers, but Ryan is suffering from writer’s block while writing the sex scenes. Helene’s solution? Hire her a gigolo. It’s been eight years since Ryan had sex, so she agrees to go along with it.

When she turns up at the hotel bar, she thinks Cade Douglas is the gigolo Helene hired for her. He’s there to celebrate his start-up securing a multi-million dollar deal, and his partner, Patrick, told him it was time for him to let loose after the end of his marriage. So when this gorgeous woman comes up to him and invites him to her room, he finds he can’t say no.

Cade realises who Ryan thinks he is after she makes a few strange comments, but he can’t bring himself to tell her because he’s attracted to her. So he doesn’t, and they have oral sex, but decide to wait until the next night to finish the deal. The next morning, when Helene rings to find out why Ryan stood the gigolo up, Ryan realises Cade wasn’t her hook up and she’s fuming. So she sets up the meeting with Cade, ties him up, and then tells him she knows he wasn’t the gigolo and she’s furious he lied to her. Not furious enough not to have sex with him, of course, because she’s hot for him, but furious enough to leave him tied up and his clothes wet in the tub so he can’t chase her.

She thinks that’s the last time she’ll see him, but she finds out she’s wrong when her boss makes a deal with Cade’s business, which means Ryan will be working with Cade. He’s amused to see her again and she’s horrified. She tries to stay away from him, but their attraction is too hot and she eventually caves into seeing him again. Ryan realises she’s in love with Cade when she sees him playing with Patrick’s young children, and she tells him later that night – but he pretends to be asleep. He starts freaking out because his heart was broken by the ex and he thinks he doesn’t want a serious relationship, so he breaks it off, leaving Ryan heartbroken. She gets her book deal, quits her teaching job, and tries to get over Cade… but can’t.

Patrick manages to make Cade see he’s being an idiot and he enlists Helene’s help in setting up a meeting with Ryan, because she won’t return his calls. When Ryan turns up, he tells her he’s an idiot and begs her to forgive him. And of course, she does. Awww.

On a side note, that cover. They look like they’re having a staring contest, not looking dreamily at their sexiest mistake. The female model is clearly blonde, but Ryan is stated several times as being a brunette. It bugs me when the cover is so obviously wrong…