Review: Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam

surprise babyTitle: Surprise, Baby!

Authors: Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Public Relations CEO Kendall Greer

The hero: T-shirt company owner Drew Merritt

The blurb: I don’t care that Drew Merritt spent the last year transforming himself from grungy slob to sexy playboy. With messy, dirty blond hair and gorgeous eyes, his looks aren’t the problem.

His mouth is. And the stupid things that come out of it.

But after an emergency strands us together, and he does his damnedest to take care of me… let’s just say there’s one thing we don’t clash on. And it doesn’t involve talking.

I’ve despised Drew since I met him years ago. One weekend can’t change us that much, can it? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t. Except he left me a little keepsake. And in nine months, I’ll have a surprise for Portland’s most notorious player.

Standalone or series: Set in the same universe as All About The D, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This. Book. Is. Amazing! An enemies-to-lovers rom-com that will leave you laughing and swooning at the same time. Kendall Greer and Drew Merritt are part of each other’s lives, whether they like it or not, because their best friends are married. When said best friends Josh and Evie invite them both to their newly built cabin for Thanksgiving, Drew offers to pick Kendall up on the way. When they arrive at the cabin, they find it odd that nobody else is there and there’s no electricity, but then they get snowed in and are forced to get to know each other…

Which leads them to finding out they really like each other. And then they suddenly end up naked together, and before they know it they’ve been holed up for four days having the hottest sex known to man. But their little sojourn is put to an abrupt end and they’re separated, each of them thinking the other has abandoned them and walked away.

Kendall thinks she’ll just leave it there and move on… only to find that idea out the window when she discovers she’s pregnant, and Drew is the father. Kendall isn’t sure she can trust him, even though she saw a wonderful side to him when they were stranded together, because he’s known for his drunken antics and playboy ways. But Drew has changed after a serious health scare, and when he finds out about the baby he’s determined to prove he can be a great father, despite the relationship he has with his own parents.

Will Kendall and Drew realise they’re in love and want to be together, despite the baby? Will Drew step up to the plate and be the partner Kendall needs to get through the pregnancy? Will Kendall let him in? With great supporting characters (Drew’s grandmother, Bee, is a hoot) and a pair of protagonists you’ll love and cheer for, this book has everything you need. Don’t miss it!