Review: Bedfellows by Lola Leighton

bedfellowsTitle: Bedfellows

Author: Lola Leighton

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Hairdresser Adrienne Edmonds

The heroes: Construction company owners Sullivan and Will

The blurb: I wasn’t looking to fall for one man. Let alone two…

Sullivan and Will are as close as two friends can be. Growing up in the system forced them to rely on each other, and they’ve become accustomed to sharing everything—including women.

Now they’re ready for more. To find love. To start a family. To see the dreams they’ve shared since childhood come true. Apparently I tick off every box on their list—brains, beauty, and sass. I never hesitate to put both men in their places—which they find sexy as hell.

One problem, I’m a traditional girl, with traditional values—one man, one woman, till death do us part—kind of values.

They’re willing to work to prove how very right the three of us could be, but what happens next is anyone’s guess…

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: I’ve read a few menage books in my time and they have, pretty consistently, been awful. Not so this one! Finally, a good menage book. Adrienne runs into Sullivan’s truck one day – literally – and he’s instantly smitten. In his thirties, he’s looking for a wife and a family to settle down with. But it’s not as easy as finding someone he’s attracted to, because it’s not just him who has to decide… there’s also his best friend, Will.

Sullivan and Will met in an orphanage when they were younger. They own a construction company together and share a house – and women. They both know they want to find a special woman, one who will accept them both as lovers. No easy order, since most women either hook up with them for the novelty or run screaming for the hills.

Will agrees to go on a few dates with Adrienne because Sullivan is so taken with her, and it doesn’t take long for both men to know she’s the one. Adrienne, however, isn’t so sure. Raised by ultra conservative parents, it’s hard for her to get around the thinking of a traditional relationship.

What follows is three people trying to make things work between them. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts, but the mental and emotional adjustment is hard, not least for Adrienne. Add in her father, who does not take the news well when he finds out, and Adrienne begins to wonder if she’s made a mistake after all.

Sullivan and Will decide to do whatever it takes to get their woman back, and then the three of them must decide if their love is strong enough to weather any storm they may face. The several sex scenes are very well written, so if you like menage or are curious and want to try it, start with this book.