Review: Justice Inked by Olivia Jaymes

justice inkedTitle: Justice Inked

Author: Olivia Jaymes

Year of publication: 2016

The heroine: Tattoo artist Rayne Dunn

The hero: Sheriff Dare Turner

The blurb: Sheriff Dare Turner is known for his ever-present scowl and general bad mood. Between a teenage sister who thinks she’s all grown up and a killer on the loose he doesn’t have much to smile about these days. He simply doesn’t have time for fun and games.

Rayne Dunn is half free spirit and half workaholic. She doesn’t mind the long hours in her tattoo shop creating works of art on skin but sometimes she’d rather be dancing in the rain with someone special. The trouble is she hasn’t had a date in way too long. She needs to change up a few things or she’s going to work herself into an early grave.

Every time these two find themselves in a room together they end up arguing. Rayne thinks the sheriff has a big stick up his posterior and Dare thinks the sexy little tattoo artist is too loud and mouthy. It’s best if they stay far away from each other.

But when someone breaks into Rayne’s shop and then winds up dead that probably isn’t going to be an option. Whether they like it or not, they’re going to be spending a great deal of time with each other.

And they’re starting to really like it…

Standalone or series: Book seven in the Cowboy Justice series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I really enjoyed this book. Sheriff Dare Turner (Dare is a nickname, but we never find out what his name actually is) is the Victoria Beckham of Montana – nobody has ever seen him smile, but everyone knows he’s good at his job.

Rayne Dunn moved to Montana to be near her married sister, who had a baby, but she’s different. She inks tattoos for a living and has purple streaks in her hair, and the more conservative denizens give her a wide berth. When someone breaks into her tattoo parlour and a dead body is found nearby, it’s clear someone is after Rayne because of something she has or knows.

Dare is not going to let anything happen to the spitfire who drives him crazy at every turn. On top of the problems with Rayne, his much younger sister, Sophie, is determined to drive him even crazier. It’s no wonder he wants to give up on women, or so he tells himself, but there’s something about Rayne he can’t move past. When he kisses her for the first time, it’s all he can think about.

Rayne doesn’t want to be attracted to the surly sheriff – he’s definitely not her type. But the man can kiss, and she finds out later that’s not all he’s good at. While in the middle of solving a murder, Dare and Rayne realise that the other is everything they never knew they wanted. I really liked both characters and enjoyed the mystery they were caught up in. Worth a read.