Review: All The Lies by Peggy Webb

all the liesTitle: All The Lies

Author: Peggy Webb

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The blurb: Julia Ford was once famous globally for investigative journalism until the story she was covering went so wrong and an unthinkable act put her on the run. She sought refuge in idyllic Shutter Lake, took a job as lifestyle reporter for the local paper and remained hidden in plan sight for five years…until murder snuffed out Sylvia Cole, the young woman who knew too much.With Sylvia’s killer still on the loose, another girl missing and Julia’s past showing up in the form of FBI Special Agent Richards, Julia begins a search that uncovers an evil spreading throughout Shutter Lake. Her last encounter with evil ripped her life apart. But this one could destroy some of the town’s most prominent citizens and tear down Shutter Lake’s very foundation.How far will she go to expose the deadly secrets in a once-perfect town built on lies?

Standalone or series: This is the third book in a four book mini-series, each one written by a different author. You will need to read all four in order, as together they form one big book.

The review: The story continues in this, the third book in the series. The idyllic town of Shutter Lake is now one fraught with suspicion and secrecy, and those secrets continue to unravel as our heroine for this book, investigative reporter Julia Ford, digs deeper into the murder of Sylvia Cole.

Julia came to Shutter Lake from Chicago after she was abducted by a serial killer known as the Jack ‘O Lantern killer. She only escaped him by killing him, but what exactly happened to her during the time he held her prisoner remains a mystery. While there are references sprinkled to her ordeal throughout the book, it never delves too deeply into what happened to her.

She agrees to contact a ‘friend’ in the FBI after Dana asks her to, but what she doesn’t tell her friends is that her contact is her ex-lover, Special Agent Patrick Richardson. Before she can call him, though, he turns up on her doorstep because his partner has gone missing and his last known location was none other than… Shutter Lake. After asking around, it seems he was looking into the disappearance of a young woman, Josie, who worked for Sylvia Cole and vanished several months ago.

Julia and Rick pick up the investigation, which not only leads them to uncovering more secrets of the town’s residents but a tragic situation which only deepens the mystery afoot. Another great installment that will keep you hanging for the last book, in which we get all the answers (hopefully!).