Review: Hammered by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

hammeredTitle: Hammered

Authors: Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Olivia Moonbeam

The hero: Bartender Jace O’Dell

The blurb: I didn’t mean to kidnap the groom. It was an accident. Mostly…

At least I didn’t take much time to plan it. It was more of a spur of the moment kidnapping. Does that count?

One minute, the town’s bad boy is standing at the altar about to marry the world’s most evil kindergarten teacher. The next, he’s passed out in my Vespa sidecar with his bride hot on our tail.

But I didn’t have a choice! I couldn’t stand by and watch Jace O’Dell be blackmailed into a loveless marriage. And besides, what’s a little kidnapping between friends? Okay, so maybe we’re not just friends…

And maybe I can’t quit thinking about that night at his bar when he closed up early and had me on the rocks. And maybe this crazy stunt is going to blow up in both of our faces.  If it does, I’m blaming the moonshine.

Even though the only thing I’m hammered on when it comes to Jace is love—straight up, no chaser.

Standalone or series: Book two in the Happy Cat series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Pippa and Lili are an excellent writing team, as book two in this series demonstrates. Jace O’Dell is the town screw up, but he wants to prove all the naysayers wrong. Olivia Moonbeam is the one woman who looks past all the gossip to see the real him, and Jace finds himself falling for her after a steamy encounter behind his bar.

But when his on-off girlfriend, Ginger, tells him she’s pregnant, Jace is determined to do the right thing by his child, regardless of how he feels for their mother. So he reluctantly breaks it off with Olivia and agrees to marry Ginger. The only way he can get through the ceremony is drunk, so he doesn’t so much as murmur a protest when Olivia turns up on her Vespa and whisks him away. What will the townsfolk say? Will Jace go through with doing the right thing, or will he follow his heart? Will Ginger let her man go so easily?

This book is funny, sweet, and easy to read. This is the kind of book that will take your mind off everything and just allow you to enjoy a good story.




Review: America’s Geekheart by Pippa Grant

america's geekheartTitle: America’s Geekheart

Author: Pippa Grant

Year of publication: Officially released today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Environmental engineer/blogger Sarah Dempsey

The hero: Billionaire underwear model/fashion designer/ex-boy band member Beck Ryder

The blurb: Remember that time you accidentally sexted your in-laws?

Yeah. I just did that. Except worse. Now my million social media followers are reading and sharing the rude, smartass message I meant to send privately to my little sister…and I’m officially public enemy number one.

I’m Beck Ryder. Former boy bander. Underwear model. Fashion mogul. And I just buried my entire leg in my mouth—not just my foot—modern internet style, and publicly insulted my sister’s neighbor.

Sarah Dempsey.

Also known as the woman of my dreams, who loves geeky TV shows, baseball, and giraffes, who’s just as turned on by food as I am, and who has a huge secret that I didn’t see coming.

Now it’s time to grovel and apologize publicly on social media and hope that those same followers who helped start the raging shitstorm will help calm the waters.

Because Sarah doesn’t want the spotlight. For very good reasons that I can’t tell you right now and trying to convince her to be my fake girlfriend to fix this mess and make me look like less of a jackass is worse than taking a kick to the nuts by Jackie Chan.

And I thought modeling underwear made me feel naked.

Trying to start a relationship in the era of the twitterazzi isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Bro Code series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I didn’t think I would enjoy a book more than Flirting with the Frenemy, but then I read America’s Geekheart and Pippa Grant proved me wrong.

This book was fabulous in every way that mattered. Beck Ryder, whose sister Ellie and best friend Wyatt are the protagonists of Frenemy, is an ex-boy band member who now runs a multi-billion dollar fashion empire. He does a lot of good and doesn’t flaunt his wealth, and his extended family and friends make sure his ego doesn’t get too big. But Beck makes a big mistake when what he thought was a private tweet to his sister is instead sent to her next door neighbour, Sarah Dempsey, who runs a blog about preserving the earth and all its creatures. Sarah is an environmental engineer who’s been laying low for ten years, hiding a secret she’d rather the world didn’t know.

When she’s thrust into the spotlight, Beck makes her an offer she can’t refuse – she helps him smooth over the mistake that’s made him public enemy number one, and he’ll help her get her causes into the public eye. Sarah tells herself she’s doing it for the good of the animals who depend on her to speak up on their behalf. She’s not falling in love with one of the most famous men in the world, who also happens to be gorgeous, charming and down-to-earth. She’s not.

Beck’s happy to accept whatever help Sarah can give him, because he has a major problem: he’s about a launch a foundation that will benefit thousands of children with a famous sports star, but he needs the public on his side. The more time he spends with Sarah, though, the more he likes her. When he finds out her secret, he takes it in his stride. He’s not falling in love with the quirky, geeky engineer who’s been hiding herself away. He’s not.

This book will make you laugh out loud, cheer, and completely fall for Beck Ryder. One of the best romance books I’ve ever read. You’ll regret it if you don’t read this book. Promise.

Review: Flirting with the Frenemy by Pippa Grant

flirting with the frenemyTitle: Flirting with the Frenemy

Author: Pippa Grant

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Ellie Ryder

The hero: Wyatt Morgan

The blurb: Mission: Survive my best friend’s wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend.

Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet.

Target: Grady Rock. Master Baker. Dimples. Muscles. The unicorn of fake boyfriends.

Complication: Wyatt Morgan. My brother’s best friend. My sworn enemy. Military man. Sexy as hell single dad. The man I let into my panties for one night of hot hate sex after my ex dumped me before my life fell apart.

And the man who just scared off that perfect fake boyfriend. By pretending to be my real boyfriend.

I can roll with this though. What’s the harm in Flirting with the Frenemy if it helps me get the job done?

Complete my mission and move on. Or so I thought. Until Wyatt kisses me again and I start feeling things I shouldn’t. The thing about weddings…nothing ever goes as planned.

Standalone or series: Book one of the Bro Code series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Pippa Grant has fast become one of my favourite rom-com authors, and this book only cements that status for me! This rollicking, hilarious rollercoaster of a tale is about Ellie, Wyatt, his adorable son Tucker and pirates. And boy bands. And Frogger (who doesn’t remember the glorious game that was Frogger???).

Ellie and Wyatt have known each other since they were kids. Ellie’s brother, boy band turned underwear model Beckett, is Wyatt’s best friend. Which means Ellie and Wyatt have been frenemies for a very long time. When Wyatt’s divorce is finalised and Ellie is dumped by her fiance for another at Christmas time, they end up turning to each other, which leads to a disaster.

Six months later, after Ellie has successfully avoided military engineer Wyatt, they’re both staying in one of Beck’s houses. Sparks fly again, even though they don’t want them to, but every time they try to get it on, something bad happens. Ellie becomes convinced that a relationship between them will always be doomed. Can Wyatt convince her otherwise? Will she succumb to the charms of the Morgan males? Throw in a supporting cast of warm and entertaining characters, one very rude parrot, and all the pirate talk you can handle, and you have one hellava good romance. I can’t wait for book two!

Review: Hosed by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

hosedTitle: Hosed

Authors: Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Game developer and coder/Sex factory manager Cassie Sunderland

The hero: Firefighter Ryan O’Dell

The blurb: He’s bossy, arrogant, and so ridiculously hot he should come with a warning label and a pair of flame retardant coveralls.

He’s also the boy who broke my heart when we were in high school.

I want to move in next door to Ryan O’Dell the way I want to be the virgin gamer geek suddenly in charge of running my sister’s sex toy factory. Too bad both are written in my stars.

Yeah, I’m the world’s oldest virgin code-writing nerd. And he’s the world’s hottest firefighter.

And even though he intimidates the heck out of me, I can’t seem to control my libido when he’s around. Where is my dignity? My self-respect? My panties? Seriously…. Have you seen them? Anyone?

Maybe they’re hiding in his bedroom. With my heart.

Yeah, I know. I’m hosed. So hosed.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: This rom-com was utterly delicious and hilariously funny! Cassie Sunderwell is back in her hometown, looking after her child star sister’s sex toy factory, after Savannah finds out her husband has been cheating on her… and not with another human. She’s a games developer who’s shy about sex, so running a sex toy factory isn’t exactly her idea of fun.

Ryan O’Dell is one of the town’s firefighters who happens to live next door with his rather unusual pet: a raccoon (and his name is as funny as the raccoon himself is!). He doesn’t recognise Cassie at first, because it’s been years since he’s seen her, but the more time he spends with her the more he wants her. However, he doesn’t think she’s interested, but it isn’t long before they’re going on dates and being interrupted by the sex toy stealing raccoon.

With a hero and heroine who are both adorable, a small town with supporting characters who are amusing and nosy, a scene stealing raccoon and a romance that will melt your heart, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this book and I look forward to the next collaboration between these two authors.