Review: Tailor Made by Tasha Lewis

tailor madeTitle: Tailor Made

Author: Tasha Lewis

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Artist/event planner Rayleigh (last name not revealed)

The hero: Escort/financial adviser Mason St. Clair

The blurb: Rayleigh
Dating, who has time for that? Between working and my art, I have room for nothing else. That is until my best friend sets me up on Tailor Made: a website where I can design the perfect guy and my dream date. Crazy? I thought so too. Until he shows up and proves me wrong. It’s supposed to be just one night of fun, but in my life, things rarely go according to plan.

Working at Tailor Made is the perfect arrangement: all the perks of dating without the commitment. Between school, two jobs and raising my sister, I don’t have time for relationships, nor the demands that come with them. Then a client books me for a night out and I know, one night will never be enough. What’s supposed to be a simple date, just a job, flips my world upside down.

Sometimes the perfect fit comes along when you least expect it.

Standalone or series: First in a series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: Tailor Made is a charming, sweet debut from Tasha Lewis. When Rayleigh’s wealthy best friend, Kat, decides to prove to her that not all men are jerks by setting her up with an escort, Rayleigh is reluctant to play along until she sees that Tailor Made is not quite what she expected. The client gets to pick the man, his name, what he will wear and what type of date they’ll have. Their time together will go for a maximum of three hours and there’s no sex allowed.

Rayleigh settles on Mason, whose aunt runs Tailor Made. He’s doing it to save money for his younger sister, who’s still in high school, so she can go to college. They lost their parents some years ago, and Mason put his life on hold to care for Shelby, who is a bookworm after my own heart. Rayleigh decides to call her date Robbie, and wants a candlelit dinner. But when Mason comes to pick her up for their date, he sees some artwork she has done on the walls of her apartment, and on a whim he asks if she’s willing to let him take charge of their night.

Instead of a formal dinner, Mason takes her to an amusement park, where they have an amazing night together. They talk about themselves and really connect. They watch the stars together, eat ice cream, and then Mason kisses her, even though that’s against the rules. It seems clear to both of them that there is a spark between them, but since Mason feels obligated to meet his contract to his aunt, he doesn’t want to date Rayleigh while he has other dates as an escort.

Rayleigh really likes Mason, but she’s juggling a lot on her plate, too. Her father was involved in an accident and is left unable to work, so her mother cares for him and her little brother, Rayleigh helping where she can. She works for the boss from hell, who fires her after Ray organises a successful event, and the loss of her job gives Ray the push she needs to pursue her art full time. She manages to find a gallery who offers her an in-house job and is willing to display her art, and finally she takes the steps needed to make her dreams come true.

But her heart wants Mason, too. And she feels like he’s slipping away because of his job, despite their attraction to each other. Can they work things out so they can move forward with their relationship, or will Rayleigh lose Mason forever? This is a tame romance where the hero and heroine do nothing more than kiss, so if you prefer your romances to be less steamy, you’ll love this one.