The Billionaire’s Colton Threat by Geri Krotow

the billionaire's colton threatTitle: The Billionaire’s Colton Threat

Author: Geri Krotow

Mills & Boon imprint: Romantic Suspense

Year of publication: 2017

The heroine: CPA/Rancher Halle Ford

The hero: Whiskey tycoon Alastair Buchanan

The blurb: Single, pregnant and nearly bankrupt, Halle Ford makes a deal with a sexy Scottish devil. She’ll marry billionaire Alastair Buchanan for the sake of their baby—conceived after one night of passion—and to save her beloved Bluewood Ranch. They plan to divorce after one year, but their blossoming love might just surprise them!

But no sooner do they say “I do” than their very livelihoods are threatened. Someone begins sabotaging Halle’s ranch, while Alastair’s family whiskey empire comes under siege. Drawn together by passion and danger, can the newlyweds protect the family they’ve both come to cherish?

Standalone or series: Part of the Coltons of Shadow Creek series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I’m finding it hard to know what to say about this book. Halle Ford is one of the most dislikeable protagonists I’ve read in a long time. I found absolutely nothing redeemable about her whatsoever. Halle’s father was killed in a car accident six months before the book opens and the other driver was infamous Livia Colton, the Colton matriarch turned criminal whose family have turned their backs on her. She’s presumed dead after the car accident (but it crops up in one of the many, many other books in this series that she’s still alive) and Halle gives up her corporate job in Austin to take over her family ranch, Bluewood.

She’d planned to do so anyway, but not for many years. It’s been six months and she’s gone through all the money she has; the ranch is just not making money. So she is doing camping tours on the property to make money, and her friend and neighbour, Jeremy (his story is in another book), asks her to do a private tour for his Scottish billionaire friend, Alastair.

Halle and Alastair hit the trail and their attraction is instant and mutual. By the third night, they’re using the condoms Halle packed in the first aid kit. Despite the protection, she finds out she’s pregnant.

So here’s where it all went wrong for me: Halle and Alastair’s interaction was so hot and cold I got a headache. One minute, Halle’s being nice as pie, the next, she’s just plain rude to him. I honestly couldn’t understand why he didn’t just cut the tour short and head back to Glasgow. Her snarky, contrary comments and behaviour just made her seem like a huge bitch. Apparently Alastair didn’t agree with me, and he spent months after leaving Texas trying to contact Halle, but she blew him off. Until she found out she was pregnant, and then she made the effort to pick up her phone and call him. Not that she breaks the news to him easily, oh no. I’m pregnant. It’s yours. Deal with it.

Alastair hops back on a plane to Texas and offers to marry her, for the sake of their child and so he can share his wealth with her to restore Bluewood and stop it from going under. Not that she appreciates it, if her behaviour is anything to go by. So they marry, and find out someone is trying to not only sabotage the ranch but do a hostile takeover of Alastair’s family business.

Long story short, Livia’s behind it all (although I really don’t get why – why would she really give a shit about Halle and Alastair, the latter of whom she doesn’t know and has never met? In all the other books, it’s been more about getting revenge on the children who abandoned her) and gets stopped. They admit they love each other and won’t end the marriage after the agreed one year.

I found a line in the book which I think sums Halle up: “She knew she shouldn’t trust a man who, despite billions of dollars, impregnated her the very first time they were together.” Excuse moi, but WTF? It takes two people to make a baby and she was a very willing participant. Alastair didn’t knock her up out of spite or on purpose – they used protection which failed. Jesus. What is wrong with this woman? Alastair tried to do the right thing by Halle over and over, and she just kept flinging it into his face and treating him like shit.

Some of Alastair’s language was very American, too – I don’t know any Scottish people who would say ‘gal’ or ‘ass’. There was a ‘lass’ and an ‘aye’, but there was no consistency. I also found the various descriptions of Alastair’s eye colour to be odd, too – sometimes he had ‘North Sea blue’ eyes and sometimes they were ‘stormy grey’. The characters, especially the hero and heroine, said each other’s names far too much in conversation – so much it was annoying.

It pains me to say it, but I would give this book a miss if I were you.