Review: Baby Bootcamp by Mallory Kane

baby bootcampTitle: Baby Bootcamp

Author: Mallory Kane

Mills & Boon imprint: Intrigue

Year of publication: 2011

The heroine: Café owner Faith Scott

The hero: Security specialist/war veteran Matteo Soarez

The blurb: War veteran Matteo Soarez’s assignment was simple – just watch and listen. Sitting in a Texas café waiting for information is a piece of cake. Especially when Faith Scott – the young café owner and mother-to-be – could light up a room with her smile.

But Matt’s job involves saving the Governor’s life, and protecting vulnerable single mothers isn’t his priority. Yet when Faith’s café becomes the centre of danger, Matt knows he cannot let Faith and her baby become collateral damage. Even if it means compromising the mission….

Standalone or series: The second in the Daddy Corps series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: Oh boy. I don’t think I’ve ever met a hero who blushes as much as Matteo Soarez! This character was so easily embarrassed. If he blushed once, he blushed twenty times in this book. You could almost have had a drinking game based on the number of times Matt blushed.

It’s only as I sit down to write this review that I realise how this romance read to me – like two teenagers falling in love for the first time. Matt felt like two separate characters – the hardened war veteran who could defend himself easily and take orders from superiors, and the bashful man who wanted to romance Faith. Their relationship seemed to oscillate a lot; one minute, Faith wanted Matt to stay near her and protect her, the next she was shooing him out the door.

Faith is eight months pregnant when the book starts (thirty two weeks, which is technically correct since a pregnancy is ten months, not nine) and running a very busy café with long hours six days a week. I have to wonder if she could physically have kept up the hours she was doing at her advanced stage, but Faith seemed to manage it okay. The baby’s father is a Loser with a capital L and only used her for money.

Matt is undercover as a construction worker, trying to find out who is making threats against the Governor. The intrigue part of this book wasn’t very intriguing, I’m sorry to say. I really wanted to feel more of Matt and Faith’s romance. Don’t tell me he’s falling in love with her – show me. Apart from a few kisses, there really wasn’t much to it. Faith goes into labour at thirty five weeks, so they’ve really only known each other for four weeks when the books ends and Matt proposes. I was like, how did we get to marriage so quickly? Faith never really showed Matt any inclination she was interested in a serious relationship; there was a lot of assumption on his part. I think if there’d been more time, I could have bought the romance more, but it all happened so fast. It’s not as though I’m against love at first sight, but the whole thing felt rushed to me.

Did I like it? Sure. Did I love it? No. Would I read it again? Probably not.