Review: Escorted by Claire Kent

escortedTitle: Escorted

Author: Claire Kent

Year of publication: 2012

The heroine: Romance writer Lori Addison

The hero: Escort Ander Lourdes

The blurb: She hired him to take her virginity…but now she wants even more.

Lori might be a popular romance writer, but she’s never been anything but a flop with sex and love in her personal life. Still a virgin at twenty-six and increasingly frustrated by her inexperience, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She hires a talented, sexy male escort to take care of her inconvenient virginity.

She assumes one time with Ander will be enough, but she never dreams how much pleasure he can make her feel. Once isn’t nearly enough. Twice isn’t enough either. Soon, she becomes one of his regular clients.

Lori knows that nothing would be as foolish as falling in love with her paid escort, but she’s never been wise with her heart. And, despite his professionalism, he doesn’t seem entirely immune either.

Standalone or series: Book one of the Escorted series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: I thought this was a really well done book about an interesting topic. Lori Addison has become a successful romance writer and has hit the big time, but at the age of twenty-six she finds herself still a virgin and wants to have sex, so after her cousin finds out about an escort who works on referrals only, Lori books him for an appointment.

(Alex)Ander Lourdes meets her at a hotel and he’s the perfect choice. He’s almost a decade older, has been escorting for about ten years, and is highly professional. He lets her take the lead for the whole encounter, and brings along an erotic movie for them to watch. When he notices how nervous she is, he does all the right things to relax her. They don’t have full sex the first time, but Lori enjoys the encounter – and Ander – so much she books him for another session.

They spend a couple of months meeting regularly, and as Lori gets to know Ander she finds him intriguing. He’s intelligent, well-read, and charming… but she wants to know all his secrets. When she has to go to Quebec for a writer’s conference, she books him for the weekend and they have a wonderful time away.

Lori starts dating a fellow writer and ends her sessions with Ander to make a go of it, but finds herself missing Ander a lot. When the relationship goes south, she contacts Ander again and they pick up where they left off. They start to open up about their personal lives, and then Lori finds out Ander has worked out who she is (she writes under a pseudonym). He’s already admitted to reading her alter ego’s books, and she’s a bit worried about his reaction – for no reason, as it turns out.

In turn, Lori finds herself unable to resist researching Ander; he’s told her snippets about his personal life, and she finds out his father is known in the community. There’s confrontations as their lives become more intertwined. Lori finds out that Ander has told other clients he’s retired, and eventually learns she’s the only one he has left.

Lori ends their professional relationship for good when she realises she’s fallen for him, and they decide to try and make a friendship work. Over the next couple of months, they do just that, until they admit they want more and their friendship becomes romantic.

This could have been poorly handled in a less capable writer, but this author did a really great job of describing Lori and Ander’s continually evolving relationship. I liked that they didn’t just fall in love straight away, that there were boundaries set and followed. The whole book was from Lori’s point of view, but the glimpses you got of Ander were very nicely done. I believed in their romance and was intrigued enough to keep reading to find out what happened. I also found it very interesting that Ander was completely bald due to a genetic condition; you don’t see that much. There were a few minor quibbles – they used each other’s names far too often, especially Ander, and Lori was a bit snotty in a few scenes – but overall, this book is definitely worth reading. It’s currently free at Amazon, so go grab it now!