Review: Reunited with the P.I. by Anna J Stewart

reunited with the p i 2Title: Reunited with the P.I.

Author: Anna J Stewart

Mills & Boon imprint: Romantic Suspense

Year of publication: 2017

The heroine: Assistant District Attorney Simone Armstrong

The hero: Private investigator/ex-marine/bar owner Vince Sutton

The blurb: Exactly why should P.I. Vince Sutton take his ex-wife’s case? Because she, assistant district attorney Simone Armstrong, put his brother in jail? Because the ambitious spitfire still drives him crazy? No, he’ll take it because The Avenging Angel makes him a deal he can’t refuse. Sparks fly when Vince works all-too-closely with Simone to locate her missing key witness…but in the process, they are drawn into a cold case. As much as he tries, Vince can’t deny that he’s never gotten over beautiful Simone, but can he admit his feelings to her–and himself? And can he save her from the danger that’s heading their way?

Standalone or series: Book two in the Honor Bound trilogy, but can be read as a standalone

The review: When I started reading this book, there was a subplot that sounded so familiar. When Simone and her childhood friends Eden and Allie were nine, they witnessed a horrific event that would forever change their lives: during a sleepover they were camping in the backyard with their other friend, Chloe. During the night, she left the tent to use the bathroom and was never seen alive again. Her killer was never caught. Chloe’s murder shaped the women they would become: Simone became an attorney known as The Avenging Angel; Eden became an investigative journalist; and Allie a psychologist. It was only after reading for a little while that I realised why I knew the story about Chloe – I read book three (Allie) in this this trilogy last year! In true goober fashion, I’ve gone backwards.

Simone is attempting to bring a man named Paul Denton to justice. He’s an accountant who’s been charged with a slew of naughty things and it’s believed he’s a middle man for a cartel. Simone has a key witness, Mara, who is instrumental in Simone’s case if she’s to win it. Simone has opposition at the DA’s office, men who want her to offer Denton a plea deal, but she refuses.

When Mara suddenly disappears just before the trial starts, Simone doesn’t know who to trust. So she turns to Vince Sutton, a former PI who also happens to be her ex-husband. Their marriage ended because of a lack of communication and Simone’s determination to put her job first. Vince isn’t sure he wants to help, but when Simone makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he’s drawn in.

While Simone and Vince are trying to locate Mara before the trial starts, she’s also dealing with something painful – Chloe’s killer has been reaching out to the trio of friends and taunting them. With Simone being threatened, time running out and her job on the line, she’s going to have to rely on her ex and her friends to stay alive and stay sane.

I really enjoyed this book. I adored Vince, who clearly was still in love with his ex-wife. Simone was an interesting character with lots of layers; sometimes I wanted to hug her, other times just shake her (as did Vince!). If she had just communicated with Vince more their marriage would never have ended. Will they decide to try the whole marriage thing again? You’ll just have to read and find out. But don’t read them backwards, like I did!

And check out that cover – the model for Vince is fierce! I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley….