Review: Hard by Donna Alam

hardTitle: Hard

Author: Donna Alam

Year of publication: 2018

The heroine: Make up artist Paisley Byrne

The hero: Businessman Keir McLain

The blurb: A man walks into a coffee shop and gets offered a job in porn.
Sounds like the start of a joke, right?

Or every man’s fantasy. Until I remember I’m trying to be a good man. A single father. One who doesn’t do casual relationships, let alone get paid for sex. But for those curves and that mouth? Any man might change his mind.

It was an honest mistake . . . I’m new to the “adult entertainment” business. So when I’m sent to interview for our next production, I assume the hottie with the coffee is him. Lord knows he’s hot enough to take a starring role. Especially in my fantasies. And with that accent, the aural he gives must be ahh-mazing. I thought a hard man might be fun for the night. But a good man? He might be everything.

Standalone or series: Part of the Hot Scots series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: This book was really fun! Paisley is an American living in London after having moved to be with her singer fiancé, Robin. When she finds out he’s been cheating on her, she ends the engagement and moves in with her best friend, Chastity, who runs Fast Girl Media, a company that produces erotica. Paisley also works there, doing make up and whatever else Chastity needs her to do.

When Chastity sends her to interview a potential actor for a role in an upcoming shoot, Paisley mistakes the handsome Keir McLain, a Scottish businessman, for the actor in question. He’s just gone into the coffee shop for a drink, but when attractive Paisley beckons him over, he can’t help but see what she wants. He’s amused to find out she’s mistaken him for a porn star, and he can’t get her out of his mind after he leaves.

Not long after, they’re both at the same wedding, along with Paisley’s ex. When Robin threatens Paisley, Keir steps in and they end up in a room at the hotel. The sex is amazing, so they decide to meet up again. Soon, it’s an every Friday night thing; Keir has a young daughter, Sorcha, and is not looking for a relationship after being screwed over by his ex, Sorcha’s mother. So they both pretend it’s just a casual relationship, but soon enough they realise it’s not.

This book is funny, with great supporting characters, lots of dirty talk, and incredibly hot sex. If you’re a sucker for a Scottish man (like me!) you’ll love Keir. Paisley is a nicely written heroine, and you’ll find yourself cheering for both of them.