Review: Mission: Impossible to Surrender by Jacki Delecki

mission impossible to surrenderTitle: Mission: Impossible to Surrender

Author: Jacki Delecki

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Philanthropist Sophie Dean

The hero: Ex-SEAL/Bodyguard Finn Jenkins

The blurb: Sophie Dean has worked long and hard to shed the rock-n-roll bad girl reputation she earned at college. With her rebellious days behind her, Sophie now uses the prestige of the Dean family name and money to bankroll humanitarian aid. The only part of her past she can’t leave behind is the major crush she has on Finn Jenkins. When danger from an unknown quarter threatens Sophie’s latest undertaking and she needs protection, fate steps in and delivers a second chance with Finn.

When Finn returns home after two tours of duty as a Navy SEAL, it doesn’t take long to realize he still has feelings for Sophie, who is no longer the irresponsible young woman he walked away from all those years ago. An assignment to escort Sophie and an orphaned Pakistani boy to the Pacific Northwest should have been an easy mission—and it’s the perfect opportunity to get re-acquainted with Sophie and finally confess how he feels. But when someone threatens the orphan in their care, Sophie and Finn must set aside their feelings to save the child’s life…and their own.

Standalone or series: Book two in the Impossible Mission series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Best friends to lovers is my all-time favourite trope, so I knew I had to read this book. Finn is an ex-SEAL who now works in security, and he’s tasked with getting his best friend and the woman he has loved for years home safely.

Sophie is the younger daughter of one of the richest men on the planet, but she hates the notoriety her father’s money and fame brings. She wants to use her privilege for good, and has a keen interest in helping other people. But when her mission brings her into a contact with a young, orphaned Pakistani boy, neither she nor Finn realises the chain reaction they’re setting off.

Finn will do whatever he has to in order to keep Sophie and the boy safe, but when bullets start flying, finding out who is the target and why becomes critical. His feelings for her eventually come out, and when she admits they’re reciprocal, they finally give in to the long hidden desire they’ve had for each other.

While I enjoyed the romance, I did feel like it took a backseat to the suspense part of the plot; once Finn and Sophie became a couple, there really wasn’t a lot of scenes with them together because the action took centre stage. I would have loved a few more scenes with the new couple. But this is just a minor thing, and overall I enjoyed the book very much.