Anywhere With You by Debbi Rawlins

anywhere with youTitle: Anywhere With You

Author: Debbi Rawlins

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2015

The heroine: Deputy Sheriff Grace Hendrix

The hero: Stuntman Ben Wolf

The blurb: Blackfoot Falls has a new deputy – and she just gave stuntman Ben Wolf a speeding ticket. He is no longer a troublemaker but if the law looks like this… he is tempted to misbehave!

Deputy Grace Hendrix doesn’t want to be sweet-talked by a sexy stranger. To be the next sheriff, she’ll have to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, trouble is over six feet of hard-bodied gorgeousness. Soon this good cop indulges in a little bad-boy diversion…

Standalone or series: This is book ten in the Made in Montana series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I like that this book reversed the typical gender roles and made the heroine the law enforcement officer, because it’s usually the other way around. Ben Wolf has come home for a family wedding and to confront the mother he hasn’t seen in fifteen years about the identity of his father. Grace Hendrix has just moved to Blackfoot Falls to start over, having lost her partner on the job and been embroiled in a secret he was hiding.

I liked both Grace and Ben, and I felt for Grace. The other deputies she had to work with were douchebags, especially one in particular who deserved a punch in the nuts for his behaviour. The romance was nicely done, although I do find myself questioning how the characters can fall in love in the space of a week (this is quite common, though). Grace had me cheering for her ability to rise above it all, and Ben’s willingness to give up everything and go wherever she was made me happy.