Review: The Score by S. Nelson

the scoreTitle: The Score

Author: S. Nelson

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Socialite Cara Dessoye

The hero: Security specialist/bodyguard Ford Massey

The blurb: I lived life on my terms, keeping people at a distance for a reason. I rebelled every chance I got, shutting down any sensibilities that remained.

But then danger swallowed me whole, and all I wished for was a different life.

A life where I listened to the concerns of those who loved me. A life that had meaning. A life where I could follow my dream of becoming a designer.

Secrets would be revealed. Lies would be uncovered. But could I see beyond the deception? And could I step away from the past and emerge on the other side intact?

Standalone or series: This is book two of the Massey Security Duet.

The review: Part one ended with a huge cliffhanger, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I was desperate for book two. I had some theories about several subplots in book one, and it was a nice surprise to see I was right about all of them. I hadn’t guessed the identity of the person making the threats that had necessitated the bodyguards in the first place, and that was an interesting surprise – something I think I should have worked out!

The slow burn romance between Ford and Cara heated up big time in this book and it was really well done. I would have loved to have seen more of the relationship between Owen and Emily, instead of being on the sidelines with Cara and Ford, but that is a really minor quibble. This duet is one of my all-time favourites and I know I’ll be reading them again.

Review: The Assignment by S. Nelson

the assignmentTitle: The Assignment

Author: S. Nelson

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Socialite Cara Dessoye

The hero: Security specialist/bodyguard Ford Massey

The blurb: Wallowing in grief for too long can be hazardous. It’s why I allowed my brother to talk me into accepting a new client.

Our security firm needed the money, and the endorsement from a famous director could steer our company to new heights.

Then his daughter walked in, the woman I’d be assigned to, and I knew I’d made a huge mistake. She was a spoiled socialite who only cared about herself. She pushed every button I had, frayed every last nerve.

I said things I wasn’t proud of. I pushed the boundaries of propriety. But how else was I supposed to protect her from the threats against her family when she insisted on being reckless?

Standalone or series: This is book one of the Massey Security Duet.

The review: Wow. This is one of those books that grips you from the start and doesn’t let up. Ford and Owen Massey are hired to protect the twin daughters of a famous Hollywood producer who’s been receiving threats. Ford is assigned to Cara, while Owen will protect Emily. While Emily is a good girl who works with charities and doesn’t give her parents any grief, Cara is the exact opposite – throwing tantrums, drinking and doing drugs, and doing everything she can to ditch her bodyguard.

The last thing Ford wants is to babysit a spoiled brat. He’s still grieving the loss of a loved one, and he just wants to walk away. But he gets glimpses of the real Cara underneath the party girl facade, and she hints that something terrible happened to her as a teenager which changed her as a person (I have my theories about what that is, and hope all will be revealed in book two).

The attraction between Owen and Emily appears to be instantaneous and mutual, but Ford and Cara are completely different. It is very much a slow burn, the attraction there but neither willing to take a chance on it. It wouldn’t be professional, and Ford needs to have his head in the game if he’s to keep Cara safe. They do nothing but kiss in this first book, and then when Cara is kidnapped at the end, the identity of the kidnapper will leave you speechless.

This is a well written romantic suspense with complex characters and a storyline that will keep you guessing. I can’t wait to read book two!