Review: Ultimate Sacrifice by K. C. Lynn

ultimate sacrificeTitle: Ultimate Sacrifice

Author: K. C. Lynn

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Bar owner Zoey Anderson

The hero: Firefighter Austin Hawke

The blurb: Hard work and dedication brought Austin Hawke up the ranks at his department, eventually earning him Lieutenant position. He was more than ready to lead his fellow brothers but one fatal call leads to tragedy and a danger they never saw coming.

Meanwhile, his personal life is just as destructive. All thanks to the gorgeous sports bar owner he shared an unforgettable night with only to have her slip out on him before the morning sun. Zoey thought she could escape him without a fight but what she fails to realize is Austin doesn’t give up when he wants something, and he wants Zoey.

Zoey Anderson had dreams of exploring the world, capturing its beauty behind a lens, but all that changed the moment her disabled sister was born. Due to their loveless home, Zoey dropped her dreams and took on the role of caring for her younger sister. A decision she could never regret.

Taking her life by storm, Austin Hawke crashes through all the barriers she placed around her carefully guarded heart. When passion burns and devastation strikes, Zoey quickly learns that love doesn’t come without sacrifice.

Standalone or series: Book one in the Men of Courage series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I read this book in less than 24 hours. There are only a handful of authors with whom I know I’m going to love their books before I even turn a page, and KC is one of them.

Zoey’s life is hard. She owns a bar and works hard to pay the medical bills of her much younger sister, Chrissy, who was born with severe cerebral palsy. Thanks to their dropkick parents, Chrissy’s care has been left to Zoey, who has put her own life on hold to take care of her sister.

Zoey has had feelings for firefighter Austin Hawke for a long time, but won’t even contemplate a relationship with him because of her devotion to Chrissy. Her sister comes first, and everything Zoey wants – a career in photography, a relationship with Austin – comes second. When she bids on a date with Austin through a charity night held at her bar and wins, she allows herself one night with him – and then she walks away, as much as it hurts her to do so.

But Austin won’t give up on Zoey. He’s determined to make something of the spark between them, but is patient and gentle. He makes Chrissy a part of his life, too, winning Zoey’s heart. On the work front, there’s an arsonist who’s setting fires that are taking lives, and he seems to be targeting Austin and his teammates. They’re racing against time to catch this madman before he kills someone else.

Just when Zoey thinks everything is finally starting to fall into place, something happens that tips her world upside down. Austin gives her the space she needs, but then he reminds her he’s right there for her and always will be. He won’t let her run away again, and eventually Zoey comes to realise how lucky she is to have Austin.

This book was both sweet and sad, but hope is always there, even in the darkest of moments. I look forward to reading the next couple in the series.