Review: Seduced in the City by Jo Leigh

seduced in the cityTitle: Seduced in the City

Author: Jo Leigh

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2017

The heroine: Journalist Sara Moretti

The hero: Businessman Dominic Paladino

The blurb: In the loud, vibrant Little Italy community, family is just as important as history. Dominic might be the youngest–and most charming–of the Paladino brothers, but he wants a future that doesn’t involve the family business. He also wants temptingly sexy Sara Moretti…and he’s not letting a little thing like “bad blood” keep him away.

Sara’s never forgiven Dom for hurting her feelings all those years ago. So how come her heart beats like crazy every time he stops by her family’s pizza shop? Suddenly she’s having a seriously hot, X-rated fling with the guy she used to hate. It can’t possibly last. But in the Big Apple, half the fun comes from rewriting history…

Standalone or series: The third and final installment of the NYC Bachelors, but can be read as a standalone

The review: Sorry, Ms Leigh, but I think this is where you and I must part ways, because if I had to sum up this book in one word, I’m sorry to say it would be ‘boring’. It took me four days to read this, twice as long as is normal for me. There was just nothing that interested me. I don’t know what it is about Jo Leigh’s books, but they just don’t work for me.

So Sara and Dominic have known each other since they were kids. Dominic made a typical unkind teenage comment about Sara to his friends that Sara overheard, so a few years later she got revenge by writing a horrible piece about him in a school newspaper or something. Thirteen years later and she’s still pissed – honey, let it go.

She’s back in NYC after going through college and she’s got a fiancé who’s living in Rome. She’s supposed to join him once she finishes her thesis for her master’s degree, but he’s – wait for it – cheating on her, so it’s over. Dominic is genuinely unaware of what he’s done to piss Sara off and he’s determined to find out, because she’s grown up to be quite the hottie. Sara rebuffs him, but then does a 180 turn so fast you’ll get whiplash and hops into bed with him.

Anyway, there’s this whole subplot about the subject of Sara’s thesis; she’s writing about the history of Little Italy and stumbles upon some mafia type group that was around a hundred years ago. The older generations she interviews are inexplicably horrified by it, even though this group is long dead, and make her out to be a pariah *rolls eyes*. Dominic’s father is worried she’ll stumble upon the Paladino family secret: they have a trust fund, founded about a hundred years ago, and the trust has been subsidising low rents for Italian families. It’s also worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Why it’s such a big secret that it has to be kept from Sara is not clear, given that what is clear is that Dominic is in love with her. She works it out anyway, agrees not to mention who owns the trust in her thesis, and agrees to marry Dominic even though they’ve never told the other they love them.

Not even the sex scenes were hot. And WTF is with that cover? Sara has an Italian background and is described as having light brown hair. Methinks someone’s definition of light brown hair seems to differ from mine.