Review: Snowbound with the Boss by Maureen Child

snowbound with the bossTitle: Snowbound with the Boss

Author: Maureen Child

Mills & Boon imprint: Desire

Year of publication: 2016

The heroine: Contractor Kate Wells

The hero: Gaming company CEO Sean Ryan

The blurb: Being stuck in a snowstorm with his disagreeable contractor is hardly gaming tycoon Sean Ryan’s idea of a good time. So why does he find himself keeping Kate Wells warm—and really, really liking it? Luckily, when the snow melts, Sean can return to his California headquarters, leaving their fling behind.

But Kate’s left facing a dilemma—she’s pregnant. How can she break her baby news to her unbearable boss? Soon there’s an emotional storm brewing that makes the blizzard that stranded them look like child’s play!

Standalone or series: Book three of the Pregnant by the Boss series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: I enjoyed this book for the most part, although a few things bugged me about it. Sean and Kate are stuck in a blizzard in Wyoming, where she lives and he’s developing some sort of hotel for gamers to stay at. Kate is a contractor who renovates properties and has her own company, and Sean’s company hired her to do this hotel. They’ve been at the property for a week and have been fighting an attraction to each other; Sean doesn’t want to get involved with her because she’s argumentative and pushes all his buttons, and he’s heading back to California ASAP, and Kate doesn’t want to get involved with him because she was widowed two years previously and he’s the first man she’s been attracted to since her husband died.

However, when they get stuck at the property alone together as the blizzard hits, they finally act on that attraction. Kate feels some guilt because of her husband, Sam; they’d planned a family together before he died in an accident, and after she has sex with Sean Kate realises things were never like that with Sam. After the blizzard passes, Sean goes back to California and while they miss each other, neither makes a move to forward their relationship.

After five months, Sean gets the feeling Kate is hiding something, so he makes a surprise visit to Wyoming… to find Kate is five months pregnant. Uh oh! Sean is not happy about being left in the dark, but Kate justifies not telling him because they’d talked about families in the abstract when they were together and he said he didn’t want marriage or children. Given that Kate thought her dream of being a mother had died with Sam, she wants this baby and is prepared to raise her alone. There’s a bit of will they won’t they, which became a bit annoying towards the end, until Sean finally realises he’s been an idiot to let Kate go back to Wyoming after she told him she loves him, and he goes to get his girl.

A few things that made me go, hmmm: the author had the characters saying each other’s names way too often. This is quite a common thing in books, but it seemed that every time Sean said something to Kate he mentioned her name, and it was noticeable. Another thing I noticed was that both Kate and Sean were described as having thick, black hair and lake-blue eyes, which I found strange. I can buy the hero and heroine having the same colouring, but to me black hair and blue eyes is somewhat unusual, so what would be the chances of them both having thick, black hair and lake-blue eyes? That’s what I thought.