Wicked Pleasures by Tori Carrington

wicked pleasuresTitle: Wicked Pleasures

Author: Tori Carrington (aka husband and wife team Tony and Lori Karayianni)

Mills & Boon imprint: Blaze

Year of publication: 2011

The heroine: Waitress Regina Dodson (real name Willa Nelson)

The hero: Former Marine & FBI agent/current security specialist Lincoln Williams

The blurb: Former marine and FBI agent Linc Williams is on a simple surveillance job monitoring his target’s ex-girlfriend, Regina Dodson. But nothing is simple when he’s watching a woman who makes him forget everything!

The best way to observe someone is to get as close as possible and Linc can’t get any closer – the sex is absolutely mind-blowing! But what will Regina do when she discovers these wicked pleasures started as deceptive measures?

Standalone or series: This is part of the Pleasure Seekers trilogy, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Okay, let’s get the cover out of the way first. It’s a good cover, but Lincoln is described as being mixed race on the first page of the book – his mother is white, his father is black. It would have been nice to see M&B portray that on the cover.

Lincoln has followed Regina and her friend to a nightclub, where things get very heated very quickly. Her friend, Vivienne, invites him back to Regina’s place for a threesome, but the girls are drunk and the only thing that happens is that Linc gets a blow job from Regina (which, of course, he never meant to let happen because he’s following Regina). When she wakes up the next morning, however, she doesn’t remember straight away what happened.

The reason Linc is following Regina is because her ex-boyfriend is a bank robber who has escaped from prison, where he was put after a security guard died during the robbery. Billy Johnson believes Regina took his share of the money from the robbery and he wants it back. Regina doesn’t appear to have the money, so that’s going to be a problem.

Linc can’t stay away from Regina, or get her out of his mind. Regina can’t stay away from Linc, or get him out of hers. After several days and a few failed attempts, they fall into bed for hours of hot sex. Linc finds himself becoming very attached to Regina and he knows he has to tell her about Billy, but he’s reluctant to ruin the connection they share.

She eventually finds out, Billy turns up to get his money and isn’t very nice about it, and he’s eventually killed. Linc tells Regina why Billy’s case was so personal to him and why he was so determined to put Billy back behind bars (he was the FBI agent who put him away in the first place). She leaves to go back to Maine, where she’s from, to be with her ailing mother, and Linc follows her there. You know they get their happy ending.

One thing I found confusing, which I’m guessing was just an error, is that once Regina is back in Maine she finds a carving she did with her and Billy’s initials in it when they were together years previously, but the initials carved for her are RD. Regina had only changed her name eighteen months previously when she moved to make a new life for herself, so her initials would have been her real name: WN, for Willa Nelson. A minor thing, though. A good book overall.