Review: Vow of Honor by Emma Renshaw

vow of honorTitle: Vow of Honor

Author: Emma Renshaw

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Physical therapist Tatum Rothschild

The hero: Gym owner James Ferris

The blurb: I can’t stand Tatum from the second she walks into the room. Everything about her puts me on edge—from her small delicate curves to the smile that she refuses to lose.

There’s nothing she loves more than to piss me off. She’s infused herself in every part of my life, taking away the silence I crave. I’d walk away if I could. If I hadn’t been shot. If I didn’t need physical therapy. If I could resist her.

I only kiss her to shut her up. I didn’t expect it to turn into the hottest moment of my life with our clothes scattered on the floor. The one-time thing turns into something neither of us expects.

When my guard drops and secrets are revealed, I’ll do anything to protect Tate. We have enemies lurking around every corner.

Will my vow of honor cost me the one thing I can’t live without?

Standalone or series: Book three in the Vow series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: James Ferris doesn’t let people into his life very easily. Growing up in the foster system, he found himself caught up in a bad situation doing low-level work for the mafia in Chicago, alongside the only family he’s ever known – Callan and Braelyn, siblings who were also in the foster system. He found a way to get out by faking his death when a job went wrong, but he’s always regretted leaving Callan and Braelyn behind.

He’s started over in Texas, where he has now created a life for himself under a different name. He owns his own gym, has a small circle of friends he’s loyal to, and more money earned through hard work than he could ever dream of spending. He built a home for himself, but is reluctant to form attachments, especially romantic ones.

When James is shot while protecting Savannah, a woman he considers his sister, he’s frustrated to have to do physical therapy. He’s even more frustrated when the therapist assigned to him is useless, so the moment he finds out he can have another therapist, he asks for the transfer. But when he lays eyes on his new therapist, he doesn’t know what’s hit him.

Tatum Rothschild is everything he’s not: warm, open, happy. She’s like the sunshine to his darkness. Their first couple of therapy sessions are awkward, because they don’t like each other, but the ice starts to thaw. The attraction is there from the beginning, but James is determined not to become involved with Tatum. He’s always looking over his shoulder, knowing that the mafia will find him one day, and he doesn’t want to risk being attached to anyone and putting them at risk.

But Tatum worms her way into his heart, and when he decides to forgo the rest of his therapy sessions so he won’t have to see her and deal with the maelstrom his feelings for her have become, she storms into his gym, demanding to know why he’s stood her up. He takes her into his office and then takes her up against the wall, and it’s scorching hot as they finally succumb.

What follows is a romance between two very different people that is at times sweet, steamy and intense. James can’t stop himself falling for Tatum, and she sees the man inside who just wants to be loved. Wants to feel grounded. Wants a home. James really likes Tatum’s quirky family and she adores his friends.

But when the mafia finally track him down, James has no choice but to do the only thing he can think of to keep Tatum and his friends safe: run. Will she ever see him again? Can they help him finally claim the life of peace he deserves? Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

This is the first book I’ve read by Emma Renshaw, but it won’t be my last. A wonderful story with characters you’ll love and a romance worth fighting for, and my little Harry Potter loving heart just adored the HP references.