Review: One Short Summer by Jasmin Miller

one short summerTitle: One Short Summer

Author: Jasmin Miller

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Dancer Monica ?

The hero: Writer Gabe Mitchell

The blurb: A sweet, flirty, and heartfelt romance with two roommates that spend one enthralling summer together.

After her car accident, Monica believes her dance career is over, despite the positive outlook everyone else has. Instead of trying to get back on her feet, she works on perfecting the art of couch surfing.

Famous author, Gabe Mitchell, doesn’t fare much better. On top of watching his roommate letting her life pass by, he also suffers from a major bout of writer’s block. Hoping a change of scenery will get them both out of their rut, Gabe takes matters into his own hands and whisks Monica away to his own personal haven.

What neither one of them expects is the attraction to each other to bloom even though Monica will leave Brooksville in a matter of weeks. Their time together is filled with skimpy bathing suits, sexy fantasy book inspirations, hot tub make-out sessions, and new job prospects.

It’s plenty to reignite their creative flames, but will it be enough to turn their one short summer into something more?

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Brooksville series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I enjoyed this book so much! Gabe and Monica have been roommates for a year after a serious injury puts Monica’s career as a dancer on hold. Gabe has been there all along, helping her through the dark times and lending support when she needs it.

When Gabe decides to get away to a vacation home he owns so he can try and work on his latest book, he persuades Monica to go with him. It’s while they’re holed up together that they finally take note of how in sync they are, how well they know each other, and how important the other has become in their lives. When they finally start to explore the slow burning desire that has been there for some time, they suddenly can’t get enough of each other.

But their summer romance threatens to be abruptly ended when Monica, who’s now recovered, finally gets the opportunity she’s been waiting for with her career… but it means leaving Gabe behind. Will she truly be able leave him? Will he be able to let her go? This is a well-written, sweet romance that draws you in and makes you want to read to the very end.




Review: Game Changer by Sylvie Stewart

game changerTitle: Game Changer

Author: Sylvie Stewart

Year of publication: New release! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Creative designer Poppy James

The hero: Blacksmith Angus McKinley

The blurb: There are three things I know about New York so far: everybody is late for something, nobody has a freakin’ clue what sweet tea is, and King Kong himself is still alive and well and has taken the form of a growly blacksmith named Mac.

This is no shifter story and I’m not his prey, although I wouldn’t say no if he asked for a little taste. I’ve been saddled with interviewing the beast to secure my new dream job in publishing, but his intense stares and monosyllabic responses are making my job impossible. I just need to get this over with and move on to navigating my new life and career. I’ve got this, right?

But my professional and personal challenges are proving bigger than I realized, and Mac might be the only one who truly understands this game. He’ll be my biggest ally if I let him—and the way he keeps saying my name makes me really want to let him. The thing is, this city is known for breaking hearts, and it doesn’t care if you’re the new girl in town or the beast who calls it home.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this funny and sweet romcom. Poppy James is a Southern belle who has moved to NYC to start her life over. She has a potential job with a big magazine as a creative designer, and pulling off an interview with a reclusive but popular blacksmith would be a boon for the about to be launched magazine.

Angus McKinley, known as Mac, is unlike any hero I’ve ever read. He takes the strong but silent type to a whole new level; the man barely speaks for the whole book, but he’s a force to be reckoned with. Poppy is the complete opposite; a bright, happy motormouth who’s constantly getting herself into situations with hilarious results. But Mac takes a shine to her, and Poppy finds that the man underneath the gruff facade is truly worth loving.

This is a well-written romance that will keep you enthralled to the very end. Don’t miss it.

Review: Dating Roulette by D. Kelly

dating rouletteTitle: Dating Roulette

Author: D. Kelly

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Bexley Scott

The hero: Tristan Jacobs

The blurb: Bexley

Seven Dates.
Seven chances to win my heart.
It’s not hard –
Don’t put ketchup on your eggs.
Don’t wear tasseled loafers.
For the love of all that’s Holy, don’t ogle the waitress.
See? Simple…
Yet no one can get it right.


Dating Roulette.
It’s Bexley’s game.
Correction – it’s her life.
A constant rotation of dates.
You might get one; you might get seven.
No one has ever gotten to eight.
There’s only one rule –
Don’t commit a dating sin.
I’ve watched for years and bided my time.
Now, it’s my turn to play.
And I play to win.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: I’ve read a lot of best friends to lovers romances because it’s my favourite trope, and this one? Is one of the best. Bexley and Tristan have been best friends for ten years and roommates for five. Bexley has what Tristan fondly refers to as the dating roulette; no man ever makes it past seven dates. But when Tristan realises he wants to be the first man to make it to the eighth, he pulls out all the stops. When a misunderstanding between them threatens to derail the romance before it ever really gets started, neither of them are willing to give up without a fight.

There were so many things I loved about this book. Their friendship. The way they knew all of each other’s quirks and habits. The affection between them before they realised how they felt about each other. Tristan taking the relationship seriously, wanting to show Bexley he meant it. Bexley’s journal writing habit. Bexley taking the lead sexually. This book is a great read, and you’re seriously missing out if you don’t pick it up.

Review: The Score by S. Nelson

the scoreTitle: The Score

Author: S. Nelson

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Socialite Cara Dessoye

The hero: Security specialist/bodyguard Ford Massey

The blurb: I lived life on my terms, keeping people at a distance for a reason. I rebelled every chance I got, shutting down any sensibilities that remained.

But then danger swallowed me whole, and all I wished for was a different life.

A life where I listened to the concerns of those who loved me. A life that had meaning. A life where I could follow my dream of becoming a designer.

Secrets would be revealed. Lies would be uncovered. But could I see beyond the deception? And could I step away from the past and emerge on the other side intact?

Standalone or series: This is book two of the Massey Security Duet.

The review: Part one ended with a huge cliffhanger, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I was desperate for book two. I had some theories about several subplots in book one, and it was a nice surprise to see I was right about all of them. I hadn’t guessed the identity of the person making the threats that had necessitated the bodyguards in the first place, and that was an interesting surprise – something I think I should have worked out!

The slow burn romance between Ford and Cara heated up big time in this book and it was really well done. I would have loved to have seen more of the relationship between Owen and Emily, instead of being on the sidelines with Cara and Ford, but that is a really minor quibble. This duet is one of my all-time favourites and I know I’ll be reading them again.

Review: HOT SEAL Hero by Lynn Raye Harris

hot seal heroTitle: HOT SEAL Hero

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Year of publication: New release! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Hairdresser Chloe Cooper

The hero: SEAL/HOT member Ryan Callaghan

The blurb: She fears for her life. He’ll risk his to protect her. Falling in love? Not part of the plan…

Chloe Cooper is on the run from an abusive ex. Living in a new state, with a new name, she’s ready to focus on rebuilding her life. She’s got a job she loves, a new home—and a sexy Navy SEAL neighbor who makes her pulse flutter in spite of her determination not to get involved. But when a threatening message arrives, her dread about what her ex will do if he finds her forces her to make a choice.

Ryan “Dirty Harry” Callahan is protective by nature. When he meets Chloe, it’s clear she’s skittish about something. When he learns why she ran from her old life, his first objective is to keep her safe. His second is to make sure she knows she can trust him—and that she’ll have a posse of Navy SEALs at her back if she ever needs them.

When the attraction between Ryan and Chloe explodes, they’re helpless to resist its seductive heat. Everything is finally going right for Chloe—until her worst fears come true. With Chloe missing and her life on the line, Ryan will stop at nothing to get her back. Before he loses the woman he loves forever.

Standalone or series: This is book seven of the HOT SEAL team series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I have been on a Lynn Raye Harris binge as of late, and HOT SEAL Hero doesn’t disappoint. When Chloe Cooper moves into a new house, she has to ask her neighbor to move his truck so her furniture can be delivered. When Ryan answers the door, he’s hungover and very naked. When he hears one of the removalists being sleazy with Chloe, he and his roommate Zach intervene, and then when the guy quits on the spot, they offer to help move all her stuff in.

Ryan can tell Chloe is hiding something from him, although he’s not sure what. She’s frightened of something, and he can’t help but want to protect her. When someone starts threatening her, he can’t walk away, not when he knows he can help and she needs it. As they start to spend more time together, Chloe slowly opens up and admits she’s on the run from an abusive ex. Chloe finally lets down her guard with Ryan, even though she’d sworn off relationships, and the chemistry between them burns hot.

Ryan comes to realise that what he feels for Chloe runs deep and he’s not going to let anyone hurt her. When the worst happens, Ryan will do everything he can to fight for the woman he loves. Lynn’s heroes are sexy, loyal and hot AF, and her heroines are fiesty and courageous, but not afraid to admit it when they need help. The love scenes are so smoking hot you’ll need to keep a fan nearby! Another great installment in a fantastic series.




Review: Beautifully Broken Life by Catherine Cowles

beautifully broken lifeTitle: Beautifully Broken Life

Author: Catherine Cowles

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Waitress/artist Tessa Fitzpatrick

The hero: Musician Liam Fairchild

The blurb: She’s on the run…

Tessa has finally found a safe haven in Sutter Lake, hiding in plain sight—just as long as no one asks too many questions.

He can’t escape…

Liam knows better than anyone how one wrong word, a single whisper can ruin a life. After seeing the darker side of fame, he’s desperate to retreat and find his voice again.

Two people from opposite worlds, brought together by a connection neither expected.

But the forces they’re both running from still lurk in the shadows…

And you never know when they might strike.

Standalone or series: This is book two of the Sutter Lake series, but can be read as a standalone. However, you really shouldn’t deprive yourself of book one!

The review: Catherine Cowles has yet again given us a lushly written romance that will simultaneously make your heart melt and ache, and introduces you to two characters who have to fight their demons to be together.

Tessa Fitzpatrick is on the run from her violent ex, who unfortunately is influencial and has a long reach. She flees to the other side of the country and changes everything – her name, her appearance, her life. As long as the past stays dead, she’ll remain alive.

Liam Fairchild is a famous singer, but he’s lost his voice. An overenthusiastic fan leaves him needing to flee LA, and he comes to Sutter Lake where one of his best friends, Taylor (the heroine of the previous book), lives. He needs the privacy and space to work out what he wants to do with career, but there is something about the woman who works at the local cafe that piques his interest. It’s clear Tessa is hiding something and she’s skittish around him at first, but his kind and gentle nature means that Tessa comes to slowly trust him.

Liam figures out she’s been hurt, although he has no idea to what extent. His fame is the very thing Tessa is trying to avoid – can they overcome their differences to make the budding romance between them work, or will Tessa be unable to overcome the past that haunts her and push Liam away for good?

Catherine is a wonderful author and I very much enjoy getting lost in the world she’s created, with characters I can care about. I can’t wait to read book three in this fantastic series!




Review: Seven Nights of Sin by Kendall Ryan

seven nights of sinTitle: Seven Nights of Sin

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Presley Harper

The hero: Dominic Aspen

The blurb: He’s the powerful CEO. I’m the know-it-all intern.

Things went further than they should have, but I don’t have any regrets. Well, maybe just one…

I went and did the one thing he told me not to – fall in love with him.

Now I have seven days to prove my trust and devotion. Turns out money is a powerful drug, but love is even more addictive.

Standalone or series: This is book two of The Penthouse Affair duet, so you need to have read book one.

The review: This book picks up directly where book one left off, with Dominic and Presley not in a good place in their relationship. Dominic is not a man who trusts easily and he believes Presley has betrayed him. His brain is telling him to cut her loose, but his body – and his heart – disagree.

He has a major deal on the line and he needs Presley, so he persuades her to continue the charade of being his girlfriend. Presley needs the money to support herself and her brother, so she can’t refuse. Eventually, Dominic comes to realise that maybe Presley was telling the truth, and his feelings for her aren’t fleeting. His twin girls adore her, and so does he.

You know when you read one of Kendall’s books that you’ll get a few laughs, great sex scenes, and a happily ever after, and she never disappoints. Looking forward to her next book!




Review: Holding Out For Paris by Gabrielle Ashton

holding out for parisTitle: Holding Out For Paris

Author: Gabrielle Ashton

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Teacher/writer Elizabeth Hastings

The hero: Gym owner Spencer Tate

The blurb: Picture this – you pack your bags. Move to Paris. Fall in love.

A dream, right? Wrong.

Especially when you find out your Mr. Right is actually married. With kids. Don’t even mention the white picket fence.

Heartbroken in the City of Love, the last person Elizabeth Hastings expects to lend her a shoulder to cry on is her brother’s best friend…

Spencer Tate is opening up his first gym in London when a frantic call from his best friend sends him to Paris to check on Sebastian’s baby sister. If he’s lucky, he can stop in for a minute and be back in London the next day. Easy peasy.

Except the dorky bookworm he remembers is now all grown up, with dangerous curves, lips just made for kissing and eyes he could get lost in…

Spencer. Is. Screwed. 

Standalone or series: This is book one in the Holding Out series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This is a fantastic debut from Gabrielle Ashton! Elizabeth Hastings has crushed on Spencer Tate, her brother’s best friend, since she was a teenager. So when he turns up in Paris, where she’s been living, she can’t believe it. She’s just found out her swarthy French lover happens to have a family and she’s nursing a broken heart – but Spencer heals it. She comes to love the time they spend together while he sources a new location for his rapidly growing international gym chain.

But when Lizzie finds out why Spencer is really in Paris, she’s devastated. Feeling betrayed again, she shuts him out… but while she wasn’t looking, Spencer managed to find his way into her heart. When he kisses her, she can’t resist him. However, she makes it clear she just wants to keep it casual, and when he agrees they hang out in Paris while she plays tourist guide, with sex as an added bonus.

When her brother finds out what’s going on, though, matters of the heart become difficult for Lizzie. Not helping is the sudden reappearance of her ex. Torn between two men, can Lizzie wake up and figure out who her heart really belongs to before it’s too late?

Spencer Tate is such a great book boyfriend. He’s gorgeous and thoughtful and caring. I loved Lizzie’s kind heart and her love for Paris. She adores teaching her kids and I love that her nose is always stuck in a book. I did want to smack her in a few places, though, but she did make up for it in the end.

It’s clear that the author knows the city of Paris very well, because her descriptions are so authentic it’s like I’m wandering around Paris again myself. It certainly made me want to hop on the first plane there! I adored reading Spencer and Lizzie’s romance and watching it unfold. It was incredibly romantic and heartwarming. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Review: The Two-Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan

the two week arrangementTitle: The Two-Week Arrangement

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Intern Presley Harper

The hero: CEO Dominic Aspen

The blurb: Dear Sexy AF Intern,

I know you don’t particularly care that I’m the CEO of this company, and you’re just an intern. I also know you’re not impressed by my power or my wealth, and that’s fine.

You think you’ve got me all figured out from working alongside me for two weeks, but you don’t know me. Not really.

You don’t know that I’m a single dad to twin toddlers, or that those two little girls matter more to me than this entire hotel chain.

I’m not interested in starting something deep and meaningful, but what I am interested in is the way your body reacts to mine when we’re in the same room. You probably assume the concentration on my face is work-related, when in reality, I’m figuring out which I want more–to nail you against the wall, or to bend you over my desk.

While you’re too disciplined to act on it, I’m not. And the night you stepped into my limo, all bets were off.

Standalone or series: This is book one in the Penthouse Affair series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Presley Harper has scored a coveted internship with one of the most famous hotel chains out there, and she’s determined to beat the other three candidates to win the position on offer. She’s supporting her brother and his dreams, and she needs money to be able to do that. Things are dire, financially, but she’s going to win this.

Dominic Aspen is a young billionaire CEO who’s worked hard to build his hotel chain. He’s sacrified a lot, but is a very private man – few people know he’s a single father to young twins, and he’s determined to keep it that way. He’s decided this will be the last year he’ll run the intern program.. and when he lays eyes on Presley, he switches his candidate for her.

He comes to understand her financial situation somewhat, and he needs an escort for a business dinner to get an important investor on board, so he hires Presley to be his date for the night. When she charms the investor in question, Dominic comes to see she’s not only beautiful, but smart and funny. They fall into a relationship, but when a misunderstanding comes between them, Dominic ends it abruptly. Desperate, Harper accepts a job with an escort agency, but when her first customer makes her flee, she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money and no way to get home, so she calls the only person she can think of. Dominic. But will he come to her rescue?

This book ends in a cliffhanger, but the good news is that we won’t have to wait long for the next book as it’s out in a few weeks. You’re always guaranteed a good read when it comes to Kendall’s books, and this one doesn’t disappoint.




Review: Hammered by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

hammeredTitle: Hammered

Authors: Pippa Grant and Lili Valente

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Olivia Moonbeam

The hero: Bartender Jace O’Dell

The blurb: I didn’t mean to kidnap the groom. It was an accident. Mostly…

At least I didn’t take much time to plan it. It was more of a spur of the moment kidnapping. Does that count?

One minute, the town’s bad boy is standing at the altar about to marry the world’s most evil kindergarten teacher. The next, he’s passed out in my Vespa sidecar with his bride hot on our tail.

But I didn’t have a choice! I couldn’t stand by and watch Jace O’Dell be blackmailed into a loveless marriage. And besides, what’s a little kidnapping between friends? Okay, so maybe we’re not just friends…

And maybe I can’t quit thinking about that night at his bar when he closed up early and had me on the rocks. And maybe this crazy stunt is going to blow up in both of our faces.  If it does, I’m blaming the moonshine.

Even though the only thing I’m hammered on when it comes to Jace is love—straight up, no chaser.

Standalone or series: Book two in the Happy Cat series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Pippa and Lili are an excellent writing team, as book two in this series demonstrates. Jace O’Dell is the town screw up, but he wants to prove all the naysayers wrong. Olivia Moonbeam is the one woman who looks past all the gossip to see the real him, and Jace finds himself falling for her after a steamy encounter behind his bar.

But when his on-off girlfriend, Ginger, tells him she’s pregnant, Jace is determined to do the right thing by his child, regardless of how he feels for their mother. So he reluctantly breaks it off with Olivia and agrees to marry Ginger. The only way he can get through the ceremony is drunk, so he doesn’t so much as murmur a protest when Olivia turns up on her Vespa and whisks him away. What will the townsfolk say? Will Jace go through with doing the right thing, or will he follow his heart? Will Ginger let her man go so easily?

This book is funny, sweet, and easy to read. This is the kind of book that will take your mind off everything and just allow you to enjoy a good story.




Review: Queen Sized by Madison Faye

queen sizedTitle: Queen Sized

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Queen Alessia Karl

The hero: Captain of the Royal Guard Oren Henley

The blurb: As the Captain of the Royal Guard, duty has always come first. Duty, honor, and a fierce loyalty to King and Kingdom. But, that’s before she comes falling into my world and into my arms.


Queen Alessia is all woman. Curves for days, built for sin, and soft, pouty lips that I’m dying to taste. She’s also the definition of off-limits: young, royal, innocent, and engaged for political reasons to a man who doesn’t deserve her.

She’s also never been touched. But then, neither have I.

A life spent training as an underground fighter and then a soldier means there’s never been a woman before her. Not ever. But Queen Alessia will be my first, she’ll be my only, and she’ll be my last.

She makes me lose control and break every single one of my rules. And today, I’m going to break my vows as a soldier. Guard her and watch her while she marries another man?

Fuck that.

Queen Alessia’s been mine since the moment she fell into my world. And today, I’m going to remind of that, if it’s the last thing I do.

Standalone or series: This is book seven in the Royally Screwed series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Oren Henley is Captain of the Royal Guard and attending a function when a beautiful woman literally falls into his arms. He doesn’t know who she is until after she’s gone, but it turns out the woman is none other than Queen Alessia of a neighboring kingdom. Oren knows he has absolutely no chance with her, but he can’t get her off his mind after the sizzling kiss they shared.

Alessia is betrothed to the King Regent of another country because she must marry another royal, but she wants a man she cannot have because he is not of royal blood. But she can’t get forget Oren or the way he kissed her. When she’s back in his kingdom to marry Brian, who cannot ascend to the throne until he is married, she’s determined to do anything she can to stall the marriage… until Brian begs her to go through with it, but not for the reason she believes. Once they are declared husband and wife, a secret is revealed – will this mean that Alessia is free to marry the man of her choosing?

As with all Madison Faye novellas, this one is full of hot steamy scenes and an interesting twist.

Review: Tombstones by K. C. Enders

tombstonesTitle: Tombstones

Author: K. C. Enders

Year of publication: 2019. The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Kindergarten teacher Kate Beard

The hero: Special Forces Captain Wyatt Jackson

The blurb: No strings. No mess. No complications. It was supposed to be just a month of fun. But two blue lines have them both considering a future that neither of them knew they wanted.

Kindergarten teacher.
Tequila connoisseur.
Expert in finding Mr. WRONG.
Ever since Kate discovered the man she thought she’d marry macking on his boyfriend, she has had nothing but bad luck in love.
What she needs is a fresh start.
When MURPHY and his damn LAW drop the perfect man right in front of her, it’s just her luck that he’s only there temporarily.

Captain, Special Forces.
Confirmed bachelor.
In the running for uncle of the year.
One month stateside to enjoy top-shelf tequila, lose himself in a gorgeous woman, and to try and forget the desert.
What he needed was a reset. What he got, was a sassy southern woman hellbent on bringing him to his knees.

Neither thought they’d find forever between tragedy and tombstones.

Standalone or series: This is book three in the Beekman Hills series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Military men Wyatt Jackson and Dallas Triplett have one month Stateside. Jack’s not looking for Mrs Right – he’s not the marrying kind – but when he meets Tripp’s son Jake’s kindergarten teacher, there isn’t anything he doesn’t like about her. Smart, beautiful, and sassy, Jack wants to lose himself in her curves.

Katelyn Beard’s kissed a lot of frogs, the biggest toad being her ex-fiance. She think Jack’s attractive, but she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But when she hears Jack’s only around for month, she decides it can’t hurt to have a little fun. Jack and Kate get it on in some seriously sexy scenes, and their first encounter ends hilariously when Jack and the protection Kate was carrying don’t end up being a good fit 😉 They enjoy each other’s company and find themselves suddenly wanting more, but Jack is being deployed again for six months.

After Jack’s gone, Kate discovers she’s pregnant. With no way of getting in contact with Jack, she’s resigned to having the baby on her own. When Jack returns, he’s shocked to find Kate very obviously pregnant. It’s only after a tragedy that Jack is made to face what he really wants in life, and that’s Kate – and their family. Will Kate forgive him for leaving her alone to go through the pregnancy alone? Are they ready to spend forever with each other?

This was a well-written love story with a hero and heroine that I just loved. Little Jake was a great character, adored by them both, and the tragic event really made me sad. It was obvious that Jack and Kate belonged together, and it was a pleasure to read their romance.

Review: Ghost by Janie Crouch

ghostTitle: Ghost

Author: Janie Crouch

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Grace Brandt

The hero: Linear Tactical employee Dorian Lindstrom

The blurb: Everyone eventually breaks under torture.

It’s a truth elite solider and government agent Dorian Lindstrom, codename Ghost, knows firsthand. His body may have recovered from what was done to him in that Afghani prison six years ago, but his mind…not quite so much.

He’s seeing dead people.

Grace Brandt, government codename Wraith, knows her past can’t be forgiven. She has stayed “dead” for as long as she could, but now the forces she’s been fighting, the secrets slowly suffocating her, won’t stay hidden any longer.

And the man she helped break—the man she’s always loved—is the only one who can stop the danger threatening them all.

When it comes to keeping the people he loves safe, including the one who thinks she’s not worthy of it, there is no danger—past, present or future—Dorian won’t battle.

The Ghost will rise. 

Standalone or series: This is book five in the Linear Tactical series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: The hero of this book is the elusive Dorian Lindstrom. We know from previous books that he doesn’t play well with others, although we’ve never really known why. He’s known to go wandering in the forest for weeks on end, away from civilisation.

In his book, we find out why. We also meet Grace Brandt, also known as Wraith. She’s been dead for six years, but has no choice but to seek out Dorian when she finds out something that threatens both their lives and the lives of others they once worked with.

Dorian is desperate for answers – why is Grace still alive? Why is someone trying to kill them both? What secrets does she know that she’s not telling him? He’ll do whatever he has to do to keep his LT family safe, even if it means sacrificing the only woman he’s ever loved… or himself.

Every time I read a Linear Tactical book, I think I can’t possibly love it any more than the previous one, but every time Janie Crouch proves me wrong. With strong characters you’re cheering for, twists and turns in every chapter, and a revelation that you won’t see coming, the storyline and the romance will draw you in and keep you hooked.

Review: The Assignment by S. Nelson

the assignmentTitle: The Assignment

Author: S. Nelson

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Socialite Cara Dessoye

The hero: Security specialist/bodyguard Ford Massey

The blurb: Wallowing in grief for too long can be hazardous. It’s why I allowed my brother to talk me into accepting a new client.

Our security firm needed the money, and the endorsement from a famous director could steer our company to new heights.

Then his daughter walked in, the woman I’d be assigned to, and I knew I’d made a huge mistake. She was a spoiled socialite who only cared about herself. She pushed every button I had, frayed every last nerve.

I said things I wasn’t proud of. I pushed the boundaries of propriety. But how else was I supposed to protect her from the threats against her family when she insisted on being reckless?

Standalone or series: This is book one of the Massey Security Duet.

The review: Wow. This is one of those books that grips you from the start and doesn’t let up. Ford and Owen Massey are hired to protect the twin daughters of a famous Hollywood producer who’s been receiving threats. Ford is assigned to Cara, while Owen will protect Emily. While Emily is a good girl who works with charities and doesn’t give her parents any grief, Cara is the exact opposite – throwing tantrums, drinking and doing drugs, and doing everything she can to ditch her bodyguard.

The last thing Ford wants is to babysit a spoiled brat. He’s still grieving the loss of a loved one, and he just wants to walk away. But he gets glimpses of the real Cara underneath the party girl facade, and she hints that something terrible happened to her as a teenager which changed her as a person (I have my theories about what that is, and hope all will be revealed in book two).

The attraction between Owen and Emily appears to be instantaneous and mutual, but Ford and Cara are completely different. It is very much a slow burn, the attraction there but neither willing to take a chance on it. It wouldn’t be professional, and Ford needs to have his head in the game if he’s to keep Cara safe. They do nothing but kiss in this first book, and then when Cara is kidnapped at the end, the identity of the kidnapper will leave you speechless.

This is a well written romantic suspense with complex characters and a storyline that will keep you guessing. I can’t wait to read book two!




Review: Moonlight Moments by Emily Bowie

moonlight momentsTitle: Moonlight Moments

Author: Emily Bowie

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Waitress Sloan Tate

The hero: Rancher Kellen Steele

The blurb: alling in love could be more dangerous than the past they hide

Criminal, liar, a fraud are all things that can be said about Kellen Steele. It takes all but three seconds for the notorious bad boy of Three Rivers to set his sights on Sloan Tate.
She is to be his distraction, to help him pull off his biggest lie, which is also his greatest achievement.

Sloan Tate knows how to handle herself. Not looking to settle anywhere never mind down with anyone. Her plan? Close up her late Granny’s estate and leave town as fast as she came. Sloan knows each day she stays in Three Rivers her past is bound to catch up with her.

Powerless against the chemistry wrapping them together, Kellen and Sloan must decide exactly what they’re willing to lose in order to win each other.

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Steele Family series. While it can be read as a standalone, it’s better to have read book one, Stolen Moments, first.

The review: This is the second in the Steele Family series, and the hero in this one is Kellen. I liked him a whole lot more in this book than I did in the first one, because the reasons for his behaviour in the first book were explained in this one.

After spending five years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Kellen has grown up and turned his life around. After being released, he’s on his way to a wedding when he discovers a woman on the side of the road next to her broken down car. He stops to help, and his attraction to Sloan is immediate – she’s fiesty, sassy, and completely closed off to him.

Sloan is back in Three Rivers after the death of her grandmother to sort out the house and catch up with her cousin, Kiptyn. It turns out Kellen has worked for Kiptyn in the past, and Kiptyn’s business is not on the right side of the law. Sloan finds herself a part time job as a waitress, and everyone warns her about Kellen when they see him hanging around her, but they don’t know about Sloan’s past – she’s no angel, either.

Sloan has sworn off men after her ex, but something about Kellen draws her in and she can’t resist him. She sees a side to him that very few others do – but when his secret comes out and she’s caught in the crossfire, will she be able to forgive him for all the lies? Can she ever trust him again?

I really enjoyed the relationship between Kellen and Sloan. I love books where the attraction is immediate and overwhelming, and they simply can’t keep their hands off each other. Kellen was very much redeemed in this book, and I’m glad I read it.




Review: Stolen Moments by Emily Bowie

stolen momentsTitle: Stolen Moments

Author: Emily Bowie

Year of publication: 2019. The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Student Shay Steele

The hero: Student Luke Rogers

The blurb: One stolen moment. That’s all it took to change everything.

The sweet girl next door, Shay Steele, knows better than to set eyes on Three Rivers’ bad boy, Luke Rogers. With three alpha brothers determined to keep her from ever dating, it’s not like she would even have a chance with their best friend and local football hero. But when Luke starts paying attention to her, she thinks she may finally have her dreams come true.

Luke knows Shay is off limits, but he just can’t seem to stay away from the feisty brunette. Besides, a little secret—and a lot of kissing—never hurt anyone. Right?

Lies and secrets, however, never seem to stay hidden for long. When their newfound romance is discovered, not everyone is happy to hear about it and worse yet, they’re not afraid to pull the trigger.

Standalone or series: This is the first in the Steele Family series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Shay Steele is the youngest child and only girl in the Steele family, who is well known in their small country town of Three Rivers. She’s closest to her brother Kellen, who’s only ten months older than her, and she’s been in love with his best friend, Luke Rogers, since she was a little girl. But Luke will never look at her that way…

… except he does. Shay can’t miss the lust in his eyes when he looks in her direction. She makes it clear she feels the same way, and the attraction between them explodes into a fire neither can contain. But they are both wary of Kellen finding out, because he has some anger issues, so they keep it a secret, fearing his response.

The Steeles are a very dysfunctional family, with secrets and anger issues prevalent. I adored the budding romance between Luke and Shay, and I understood why they felt the need to keep it from Kellen because of his behaviour, which was never really explained in this book (but does become clearer in book two, which I’m reading now). The Steele siblings are loyal to each other to a fault, although they fight and ignore each other, as siblings are wont to do.

Luke is a good guy deep down, although the town continues to paint him and Kellen as the town’s bad boys because of the stupid things they do. But things take a sinister turn in a heated moment between Shay and another character, and she finds out just how deep her brother’s protection and loyalty to her lies. She’s plagued with guilt, and so heeds his pleas to leave town and go to college… leaving Luke behind.

Will she and Luke ever find their way back to each other? Will the truth about what happened that night ever come out? This is the first in the Steele Family series, and you’ll need to keep reading to get all the answers.

Review: Inspired by Jessica Florence

inspiredTitle: Inspired

Author: Jessica Florence

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Hotel magnate Mia Moretti

The hero: Psychologist/Life coach Logan Woodland

The blurb: Call it pure desperation, or maybe we’d agree it was the lack of sleep that had me signing six weeks of my life away to be bossed around by a life coach. Either way, I was trying to get my life together, and Logan Woodland was going to help.

I thought he’d make me eat healthier, drink more water, and do yoga. What I wasn’t expecting, was to be forced to see myself as I was and how far I’d fallen.

But then his program worked. He’d shown me a life filled with passion and desire. A life where I was stronger and could be the woman I’d never known existed inside me. I did have a six-week life-changing experience, but now, I wanted more than I’d signed on for.


Standalone or series: Standalone.

The review: Inspired is the story of hotel chain founder and CEO Mia Moretti, who is dealing with some very relatable issues: depression, being burnt out, being betrayed by her ex. When Mia sees a commercial on TV late one night, she decides to sign up for Inspired, a six week program in which she gets her very own life coach.

Logan Woodland decides to take on Mia personally, given that she’s a VIP client. He’s determined to take the exhausted, uninspired woman she is when he arrives and make her see the gorgeous, courageous woman who can do anything that he knows is inside her. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with her. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with him.

Both protagonists have been married and betrayed by their ex-spouses, so neither of them is looking for love again. Mia just wants to live again, to find joy in life again. Logan just wants to help others find the peace he’s fought so hard for. They’re honest with each other, and Mia begins to see the butterfly inside come out of its cocoon. It makes her bold and confident, and she doesn’t hesitate to take her relationship with Logan further when neither of them can deny the attraction between them.

But when Logan’s world is turned upside down, he finds the calm and peaceful life he’s been leading for a long time suddenly disappears, and he pushes everyone who loves him – Mia included – away. When Mia thinks her deepest fear has come true, she has two choices: go back inside her shell, or face it and fight for Logan. Will she find the strength to do just that? Will Logan be able to pull himself back together before he loses Mia forever?

This book is very nicely written, and the author did a wonderful job of handling very sensitive topics. Reading this book might just find you inspired, too.

Review: Birth of a Baby Daddy by Piper Rayne

birth of a baby daddyTitle: Birth of a Baby Daddy

Author: Piper Rayne

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review.

The heroine: Massage therapist Harley Miller

The hero: One of the Bailey twins

The blurb: If you’re having fun living your bachelor life in your Alaskan hometown and out of nowhere a woman shows up holding a baby she insists is yours, you need a plan – a birth plan.

BP Step #1 – Lift your jaw off the floor.

BP Step #2 – Figure out the baby’s age – do the math.

BP Step #3 – Try to remember the woman and with any luck, her name.

BP Step #4 – Double check that she’s not confusing you with your twin brother.

BP Step #5 – Ignore your five sisters’ scowls as your entire family watches the drama unfold.

There’s only one thing you shouldn’t do.

BP Step #6 – Don’t assume she’s there because she wants your daughter to call you Daddy. You’ll only end up disappointed.

Time to figure out a new plan – one that changes her mind.

Standalone or series: This is book three of The Baileys series and can be read as a standalone – although I think it would be better to go from the beginning.

The review: When Harley’s young daughter is discovered to have a genetic condition that requires monitoring, she decides to track down the baby’s father. She knows his first name, but that’s it. As the universe would have it, it turns out he’s a pilot who was involved in a crash with a famous Hollywood producer on board, so she’s able to establish exactly who and where he is.

She travels to a little town called Lake Starlight in Alaska to find Denver Bailey, but when she gets there she discovers Denver has an identical twin brother called Rome… and neither of them appear to recognise her. Now she’s left with an interesting question – which twin is the father?

I’m not allowed to spoil it for you, but once she establishes the identity of the daddy, she gets him to agree to undergo DNA testing so she can build medical records for their child. He asks her to stay for a week so he – and his very large family, including eight siblings – can get to know his daughter.

Harley reluctantly agrees, but it doesn’t take long for her to see this was the right decision. She grew up in the foster system and has never known what it’s like to have a family, so she finds the Baileys overwhelming at first… but then she realises she wants Calista to have that. She wants her daughter to be surrounded by a family who love her from the moment they clap eyes on her.

When she agrees to stay long term, she and the Bailey twin in question start over. The attraction that led them to spend the night together two years ago is still there, and they want to make it work. Can they overcome the obstacles in their way and become a family of their own? Will his job get in the way? His well-meaning but interfering family? All questions will be answered by the end of the book.

Review: The Best Kind of Mistake by Jasmin Miller

the best kind of mistakeTitle: The Best Kind of Mistake

Author: Jasmin Miller

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Photographer’s assistant Ember Keaton

The hero: Photographer Logan Ardennes

The blurb: Life regret number one: Moving into an apartment where all I hear are the moans coming from my downstairs neighbor’s apartment. It’s pretty obvious what’s happening behind those doors, which is even more frustrating when you aren’t getting any action yourself.

To make matters worse, I got fired from my job, and my savings account is pathetic. That means I can’t eat my body weight in donuts, even if I wanted to…and I really want to. Thanks to my sister, though, I have a new work opportunity lined up, and I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything to lose this one. Until I realize my new boss, Logan, is none other than my sex god of a neighbor.

Keeping my ever-growing attraction to him in check proves to be a lot harder than I thought, especially with my knowledge of his extracurricular activities. When my new job as his photography assistant keeps throwing us together–sometimes completely eliminating our personal space–I find it more and more difficult to remember why I’m supposed to stay away from him.

Hi, I’m Ember Keaton, and I suck at adulting.

Standalone or series: This is book one in the Best Kind series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: If you love charming, sweet stories and favour novellas because you’re time poor and just want something good to read in one sitting, then The Best Kind of Mistake is perfect for you.

Ember takes a job as an assistant to a photographer after getting fired from her previous role. Imagine her surprise when she turns up at the studio to find that the photographer she’ll be assisting is none other than the hot guy who lives in the apartment downstairs… the one she constantly hears noises from.

Logan is a well-known fashion and travel photographer who’s helping out his mother’s photography business while she has surgery, and unbeknownst to him, she’s hired an assistant to help him. He’s smitten with Ember the first time he sees her, but wants to stay professional as he’ll be heading home to NYC once his mother is better.

Ember gets to know Logan as they work together, and it turns out he’s not the playboy she assumed him to be. When she realises why, she admits she made a mistake… but Logan turns out to be the very best kind. By the time their assignment together is over, they’re head over heels. But with Logan’s job taking him all over the world, can they make a relationship work?

I adored this sweet and sexy story and it left me wanting more! Looking forward to the next one in the series.

Review: Desperately Seeking Roommate by Micalea Smeltzer

desperately seeking roommateTitle: Desperately Seeking Roommate

Author: Micalea Smeltzer

Year of publication: New release! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Journalism student Lou Powell

The hero: Footballer/physical therapy student Abel Russo



1. Don’t be a smoker. That’s gross.
2. Don’t be a jerk. I have no time to deal with your mood swings.
3. Clean up after yourself. Is it really so hard to put dirty clothes where they belong?

If you meet these qualifications, call me.

Desperately Seeking Roommate

When I put the ad in my university’s newspaper, the last thing I ever expect is for the star football player to respond. From what I know of him, Abel Russo is a womanizer and an absolute jerk. Sadly, he’s the only thing stopping me from being evicted by my annoyingly gleeful landlord.

It should be easy enough—there’s no chance we’ll fall for each other. But then he gives me lingering looks, and I might just be looking back. All I wanted was a roommate, but I’m about to get so much more than I bargained for.

Standalone or series: Standalone.

The review: Lou Powell is the most delightful heroine in a romance book I’ve read yet. She’s funny, intelligent, amusing, confident, and completely crazy. She’s great with kids, loves anything pink (girl after my own heart!), post-its, pink Starbursts, the Jonas Brothers and believes in fate. She’s what society would call plus sized, but she takes no crap from anyone. She has been hurt before, discarded by thoughtless douchebags she’s opened herself up to, but she refuses to give up on her dream of a family to call her own.

When her smarmy landlord puts up her rent she needs a roommate, pronto, so she puts up an ad on campus. To her surprise, it’s answered by one of the star footballers. While Lou initially believes the rumours about Abel Russo, she soon learns that he’s actually a really nice guy. They get along like a house on fire, and it’s not long before the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Abel wants the same thing Lou does – a family. But he’s graduating with a degree in physical therapy in a few months, so he’s sworn off women to concentrate on his studies. However, he’s drawn to Lou like a moth to a flame, and her craziness makes him laugh like no other woman has. When they can no longer deny the way they are attracted to each other, they become more than roommates… but will Lou be able to trust Abel when so many others have let her down? Will the bimbo desperately trying to get Abel in bed be able to finally win in her conquest? Will Lou and Abel’s relationship survive the people trying to tear it apart?

I just adored this book so very much. It drew me in, giving me two fantastic protagonists who were clearly fated to be together, and as you get to the end you realise there were so many little signs very cleverly weaved throughout the book which showed that fate played a big part in bringing them together. Lou and her best friend were incredibly funny together, and Desperately Seeking Roommate truly portrays what it’s meant to: a romantic comedy with enough of both to keep you smiling for days. If you love good romances, if you love to laugh, and you adore books that give you both, then you just have to read this one.

Review: Boyfriend Maintenance by Lauren Helms

boyfriend maintenanceTitle: Boyfriend Maintenance

Author: Lauren Helms

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Cosmetics company employee Emmy King

The hero: Maintenance man Jake Harper

The blurb: Emmy – My bad reputation is coming back to haunt me. Now, I need a date for my brother’s wedding just to keep the vultures at bay. I’ve noticed Jake around the building and he’s the perfect man for the job. The thing is, I don’t actually have what I promised in return for his help, but I don’t want this to end.

Jake – I’ve seen Emmy and she’s out of my league, but that doesn’t stop me from taking her up on her offer and upping the ante. I have rules, however, the more time we spend together the more the lines get blurred. Her lie made her more like me than I ever thought possible. Too bad liars don’t do it for me.

A little boyfriend maintenance goes a long way…

Standalone or series: This is book five in the 425 Madison series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I really enjoyed this story for quite a few reasons. For one, it was the heroine with money; Emmy was born into a wealthy family but refused to toe the line, so she chose to walk away from her trust fund in exchange for living her life exactly how she wants to.

She shares an apartment with her best friend, Becca, also from a wealthy family, in a prestigious Manhattan building. Jake is one of the maintenance men for the building. It’s not a job he anticipated having, but it pays well and he enjoys it. He wants to buy a house on Staten Island, so he’s saving as much money as he can. He also has a rule to never sleep with any of the tenants, because his job is too important to him.

When Becca tells Jake that Emmy is willing to pay him a substantial amount of money to pretend to be her boyfriend at family events leading to her brother’s wedding, Jake thinks both Emmy and Becca are nuts. But the more he thinks about it, the more he’s tempted. He could use the money… and he likes Emmy.

Once he agrees, they go to the first event and Jake soon realises that it’s no hardship to pretend to be dating her. He slowly realises she’s not the spoiled brat he assumed she was, but then their relationship turns physical and Jake’s behaviour afterwards is less than impressive. I found myself wanting to smack him several times upside the head and tell him to get it together! Emmy is heartbroken, but Jake soon realises he’s made a mistake. Will Emmy forgive him? Will Jake still want to buy a house on Staten Island alone, or will an apartment on Manhattan big enough for two be more appealing? An enjoyable read that will make you smile.

Review: Only the Beginning by Elle Thorpe

only the beginningTitle: Only the Beginning

Author: Elle Thorpe

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Actress Bianca James

The hero: Carpenter Riley Clarke

The blurb: I’m the darling of Australian TV. A good-girl actress with a spotless record. Or at least, that’s what I let the public believe. But what I do behind closed doors would shock them all. I’m a far cry from the girl next door I play on their screens each night.

Riley Clarke knows that better than anyone.

I loved him once, but for the past ten years, all we’ve done is fuck and fight. Some might say we’re friends with benefits, but the truth is, we aren’t even friends. All we are is explosive chemistry and screw-you-senseless sex. He makes me hot. He makes me feel. He makes me reckless.

When scandal rocks my carefully constructed world and my secrets are exposed, it’s Riley’s arms that close around me, protecting me from the storm. But storms create floods, and a flood can drown you. You and the people you love.

Standalone or series: This is book four of the Only You series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I really enjoyed this story about two people in love, but for different reasons are unable to make it work. Bianca is a household name thanks to her decade long lead role on a famous Australian TV show. Riley is a carpenter who became a father at sixteen. Because they have the same small circle of close friends, they are part of each other’s lives, and all they do when they’re around each other is fight or rip each other’s clothes off, sometimes both.

Riley has loved Bianca for ten years, but he’s tired of their dance. Bianca has loved Riley for ten years, but she’s afraid to be in a serious relationship with him because of her life. Dragging him and his daughter in front of the spotlight is the last thing she wants, especially because of what – or more precisely, who – she’s already lost to fame.

When they finally agree to give a relationship a go, it backfires spectactularly, thanks to the paparazzi and a secret Bianca didn’t even realise she was keeping. Once Riley knows the truth about everything, will he stand his ground and keep her close, or will he walk away forever? How will Bianca bond with his daughter who hates her?

I adored Riley. He was a really lovely guy just trying to do his best, even when he was out of his depth. I felt for Bianca, for the little girl whose childhood was marred by tragedy and the woman who’s sacrificed the man she loves to protect him. It was a pleasure to read their story.

Review: Black List by Lynn Raye Harris

black listTitle: Black List

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Art appraiser Dr Madeline Cole

The hero: Mercenary Jace Kaiser

The blurb: The assignment should have been easy. Capture a deadly assassin and take her to HQ. But flawed intel leads to disaster, and Jace abducts a beautiful art appraiser instead. Intrigued by her courage, he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. Dr. Madeline Cole stood up to him, fought for her identity, and never backed down. She’s the kind of woman he could fall for if it wasn’t so dangerous–for her.

Then Maddy is targeted for elimination because she’s the sole person who can identify the mysterious female assassin–and the only thing standing between her and certain death is the sexy mercenary who swears he’ll die before he lets anything happen to her. As the passion between them ignites, it seems clear that keeping Maddy safe has become the most important assignment of Jace’s life.

Even then, protecting her might not be enough–because Jace has secrets that could destroy them both. And someone is determined to unmask them all…

Standalone or series: This is book one in the Black’s Bandits series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I always love diving into a book by Lynn Raye Harris because I know I’m going to love it, and Black List is no different. This is the first in a new series surrounding the elusive Ian Black, and it was nice to see more of him in this book.

Our hero is Jace Kaiser, who has a dark, chequered history. Ian rescued him in more ways than one, and Jace is loyal to the man who saved his life and gvve him a new one. Jace is Ian’s best operative and can speak Russian, which is why Ian sends him to Russia to capture a mysterious assassin known as Calypso. She’s evaded capture for years and they have good intel she’s going to try and take down a Russian oligarch, so Jace is there to stop it happening and get her.

Unfortunately for Dr Madeline Cole, known as Maddy, she also happens to be at the oligarch’s home. Her job is to appraise his extensive art collection for the insurance company she works for. When the intel proves good and Maddy is caught in the crossfire of the attempted assassination, she has no idea what to do or where to hide. She finds herself whisked away from Russia by a mysterious man who gives her a false name and appears to believe she is this mysterious Calypso the man has been looking for.

Once Maddy’s identity has been verified back in the US, she should be incredibly angry with the man who kidnapped her… but she’s not. She’s attracted to him. And he’s not going anywhere, because it seems Calypso has now set her sights on Maddy as she’s the only person who can perhaps identify her.

Jace feels drawn to Maddy in a way he’s never experienced before, and he comes determined to protect her at all costs. She becomes precious to him in a very short amount of time, and he’ll risk everything – his job, his friendships, his life – to keep her safe. Which means he has to get to Calypso before she gets to Maddy. But there’s a reason Calypso has evaded capture until now…

This was a fast-paced, well-written story. I adored both Jace and Maddy, and wanted them to get their happily ever after. It was good to see more of the mysterious Ian Black and meet some of the other team members, who will no doubt get their own books. I did manage to guess the identity of Calypso before everyone else did, but it was very nicely done. Lynn is one of my go-to authors with good reason.




Review: Baby Mine by Kennedy Fox

baby mineTitle: Baby Mine

Author: Kennedy Fox

Year of publication: Out today! The authors kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Schoolteacher Lennon Corrigan

The hero: Construction company project manager Hunter Manning

The blurb: I saw her first. Blonde. Gorgeous. Feisty. I was smitten.

But it didn’t matter because she chose him and he was my best friend and roommate. I’d never be able to compete with that, so I pushed her away instead. It was easy when she lived hours away, and I didn’t have to see her every day, but then she moved in with us. Now, I’m screwed.

To her singing in the shower every morning, dancing in the kitchen while she makes coffee, and doing yoga in our living room, I can’t stop thinking about her in all the wrong ways. She’s not mine and never will be, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to push her against a wall and claim her mouth.

She’s constantly on me for making messes, bringing chicks home every weekend, and being a smartass when their PDA gets on my nerves. Considering neither of them know how I feel, it’s not fair for the way I act toward them. I should move out so I can get over her for good; however, the selfish part of me can’t let go.

And then the unthinkable happens… when my best friend dies in a motorcycle accident, the two of us are left to grieve our loss together. Instead of pushing her away, I pull her closer. Just as we come to terms with our new reality, she finds out she’s pregnant with his baby. And I’m left to make the hardest decision of my life.

Standalone or series: This is book one in the Roommate Duet series, and you’ll want to read book two!

The review: I was up until 2am finishing this book, because I was so lost in and captivated by Hunter and Lennon’s story that I couldn’t put it down.

Hunter Manning is behind the bar one night when Lennon Corrigan walks in, and the moment he lays eyes on her he’s smitten. He thinks she also feels the chemistry between them, but she disappears before he works up the nerve to ask for her number. Little does Hunter know that he’ll see her again really soon – like the next morning, when she wanders out of his best friend and roommate Brandon’s bedroom.

Seems Hunter is too late, and Lennon falls madly in love with Brandon. After over a year of long distance dating, Lennon moves in with Brandon and Hunter. Since Hunter hasn’t stopped being in love with Lennon and he obviously can’t tell her, he decides that the best thing for all of them is to make her hate him so he doesn’t slip up and give away his true feelings. He becomes the world’s most obnoxious roommate, and Lennon hates it.

But when Brandon goes out for a motorcycle ride one night and doesn’t come home, Lennon’s world is shattered. Brandon was the man she was going to marry and grow old with. The only person who can even come close to understanding how she feels is Hunter, and after Brandon’s death it’s only him she can stand to be around, because she doesn’t have to hide her grief.

When Lennon finds out she is pregnant, she can barely breathe. Hunter proves to her time and again that he’s not going to let her go through the pregnancy alone, and she’s not moving anywhere – he will take care of her and the baby. Because Brandon would have wanted him to… and he can’t bear to let her walk away now.

But Lennon has bigger problems: her ultra-conservative parents will disown her if they find out she’s pregnant out of wedlock. She hadn’t told them she was living with Brandon, but she can’t hide her pregnancy from them and being disowned would break her heart. When Hunter comes up with an idea, she’s desperate and it seems like the only logical solution. Will Hunter be able to keep his feelings hidden for much longer? How will Lennon react when she realises what’s been right in front of her all along? How will one of Hunter’s exes throw a spanner in the works?

I found Hunter and Lennon’s grief painfully realistic to read at times, since I am also grieving, but it just gave the story so much more depth for me. I’m so looking forward to the second part of this duet so I can read the conclusion of this intricately woven and marvellously told love story.




Review: Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

junk mailTitle: Junk Mail

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Subscription box owner Peyton Richards

The hero: Wine company owner Josh Hanson

The blurb: It all started with a sexy selfie. Texted to the wrong number. Oops.

Not my finest moment—but I have nothing to be ashamed of. She thought I was no better, and I quote, than the knuckle-dragging douche-bags she was never dating again.

It was a stupid dare from a girl I’d met online, but since she’d given me a fake number, I didn’t feel bad that my interests were suddenly focused elsewhere—on the fiery and sharp-tongued, Peyton that I found myself sparring with over text for the rest of the evening.

The following day, my case of mistaken identity came back to bite me in the banana. When I strolled into the office, I was introduced to Peyton as the new client I needed to win over. The Peyton , in case you’re not tracking. And let’s just say she had my full attention.

Brains? Check. Beauty? Oh yeah. And the best part? She hated me on sight. Dear God, do I love a challenge. Let the games begin.

Standalone or series: Standalone.

The review: If I could give this book six stars, I would. I’ve read a lot of Kendall’s book and I think this one might just be my favourite.

Josh Hanson has been communicating with a woman on a dating app when she asks him for a photo of a certain appendage. He’s never sent one before, but he thinks what the hell. The response he gets, however, it not what he expects – the recipient has no idea who he is and why he’s sent her the photo.

Josh soon realises it’s a terrible mistake and is grateful he won’t run into the mysterious Peyton again… except he does, when she turns out to be a potential new client for his firm. He and his best friend have a wine company that is expanding rapidly, and Peyton has a gift box subscription company that would pair nicely with it.

When Josh and Peyton start working on the deal, it’s clear that they’re attracted to each other. Try as they might to keep their relationship professional, they can’t resist temptation. When Josh’s partner threatens to pull the deal after he realises Josh and Peyton have crossed the professional line, Josh takes drastic measures… and Peyton’s left feeling like she didn’t matter to Josh at all. Will Josh be able to explain and redeem himself? Will Peyton be able to forgive Josh for abandoning her? With supporting characters who will leave you in stitches, great one liners and a sweet but passionate romance you’ll get lost in, Kendall once again shows why she’s one of my favourite romance writers.




Review: Wed to the Warrior by Madison Faye

wed to the warriorTitle: Wed to the Warrior

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Catriona MacDougall

The hero: Lord Callum Bruce

The blurb: Other would-be suitors called me “challenging”. But the most undeniable, sinfully gorgeous Highlander lord around calls me a challenge. Oh and he calls me something else, too: his.

Marriage has never been in the plans for me. Not with my reputation for being “headstrong” and “disobedient”. That is, until Lord Callum Bruce barges into my world and scatters those plans all over the place.

But Lord Bruce is a brute of a man. A battle-hardened soldier and fierce, dominant Highland lord. Well, that and completely beautiful, which is so very, very unfair. When he tells me I’m to be his wife, I flee. But there’s no running from the most dominant, gorgeous, sinfully tempting man I’ve ever met.

Not after I’ve had a teasing taste of those perfect lips. Not when I’ve felt those rough hands on me. Not when deep down, I wanthim to chase me.

…Not when deep down, I want him to take all of me.

The first kiss was a mistake. The second was stolen. But the ones after that, I’ve run out of excuses for. I’ve scared nine would-be-suitors away. But something tells me, number ten isn’t going anywhere.

Standalone or series: This is book three in the Kilts and Kisses series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Catriona MacDougall is not your average bride. She won’t be meek and demure, instead choosing to retain her fiesty and headstrong ways. This means that she’s already sent nine would-be suitors running for the hills. But number ten… well, he’s not wary of her. Quite the opposite.

When Lord Callum Bruce first lays eyes on Catriona, he’s taken with her spirit and her refusal to be someone she’s not. The moment he kisses her at their friends’ wedding, he knows she’s the one for him, despite her many protests. He asks her father for her hand, but if Cat thinks he’s just another potential husband she’ll be able to dismiss, she’ll soon find out how wrong she is… and how much she wants him to stay.

This steamy novella has some of the hottest scenes yet, and that’s saying something as this author always knows how to turn up the heat! Be prepared for your Kindle to melt…

Review: My Kind of Perfect by K. L. Jessop

my kind of perfectTitle: My Kind of Perfect

Author: K. L. Jessop

Year of publication: 2019. The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Romance author Adele Roberts

The hero: Bar owner Drew Adams

The blurb: I, Adele Roberts, am a romance author, and it’s the most remarkable career in the world, until I lose myself in the depths of my characters’ love lives and realise theirs are way better than my own.

Determined to find out if ‘Mr Perfect‘ exists, I do the one thing I never thought I would: I sign up for online dating.

Yes, that’s right. I can only imagine it’s a disaster waiting behind the click of a button—or is it?

Enter Drew Adams. He’s hot, dreamy and exactly like the kind of heroes I write about in my books, which means he is too good to be true. Right?

Well, there’s only one way to find out…

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: I adored this charming, amusing story. Adele Roberts is a successful romance author who’s getting over being dumped by her cheating ex. Keen to get her back in the saddle, her two best friends sign her up to an online dating service, with predictable disastrous results.

Adele spends most of her days writing in a coffee/cocktail bar owned by Drew Adams. Adele thinks Drew is ridiculously attractive, but he doesn’t look twice at her… or so she thinks. Little does she know that Drew thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s seen. When Adele uses her lost phone – which is clearly in her pocket – as an excuse to go back to the bar as it’s closing one night, Drew decides to take advantage of the situation and kisses her. They end up in Drew’s apartment above the bar having the hottest sex of their lives.

Adele doesn’t tell anyone about her dates with Drew, not even her best friends, because their relationship quickly becomes precious to her. Eventually, they spill the beans at another dating event her friends have set up, and their reactions were hilarious.

There was a lot of funny lines in this book, moments where you laughed and moments where you sighed happily. I adored Drew and Adele, and found myself cheering them on. A great novella to read when you want a good love story but are short on time.

Review: Forever Mine by Kennedy Fox

forever mineTitle: Forever Mine

Author: Kennedy Fox

Year of publication: 2019. The authors kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Theatre actress Savannah Burns

The hero: College football recruiter Hayden Manning

The blurb: Seeing the woman who broke my heart a decade ago is something I’m not prepared for. Though I’ve forgiven Savannah, I’ve never forgotten what she did.

Now it’s time to confront the secret she’s kept from me. Though it won’t be easy, I’m determined to make things right between us.

One night together is all it takes for our feelings to come rushing back. As memories of us flood in, truths are finally revealed. When the present collides with our past, I’ll do anything to win her back, even when Savannah tries to run again.

This time, I’ll stop at nothing for a second chance.

Standalone or series: This novella is an introduction to the forthcoming Roommate Duet series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: When Savannah returns to her hometown for the wedding of a high school friend, she knows there’s a possibility she’ll run into him – Hayden, the sweetheart she left behind ten years ago. Hayden is indeed at the wedding, and he knows as soon as she enters the room that Savannah is there.

As soon as he sees her, Hayden knows his heart still belongs to the woman who left him behind to pursue her dream career. What he still doesn’t know is why, and when she eventually admits it, Hayden is determined not to waste anymore time without Savannah. For her part, Savannah realises she did the wrong thing by Hayden and is determined to make it up to him – and more importantly, not to do it again.

This was a sweet novella that didn’t drag out the rekindling of the romance, as some second chance stories tend to do. I found myself laughing and cheering along, and glad Hayden was willing to open his heart again to the woman who had always loved it. A wonderfully written story worth a read. That cover is hot!

Review: Do-Or-Die Bridesmaid by Julie Miller

do or die bridesmaidTitle: Do-Or-Die Bridesmaid

Author: Julie Miller

Mills & Boon imprint: Intrigue

Year of publication: 2019

The heroine: Laura Karr

The hero: Detective Conor Wildman

The blurb: Always the bridesmaid, never a killer’s target…until now.Back in his hometown for a wedding, Detective Conor Wildman reunites with his ex-girlfriend’s sister, Laura Karr, once the tomboy next door. Now Laura is a beautiful woman…and someone wants her dead. Conor is the man to protect her and catch the killer, but will one heated kiss jeopardize their precious friendship? Or will it prove that he can trust her with his wounded heart?

Standalone or series: Standalone, but set in the same universe as several other books about the Kansas City Police Department.

The review: This book has been in my TBR pile since it came out and I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read it, because it was fabulous.

Detective Conor Wildman proposed to his girlfriend, Lisa, but she turned him down and ended up with his best friend. When they invite him back to Arlington for their wedding and beg him to come, he decides to go to appease them and prove he’s gotten over being dumped by Lisa. At the wedding he sees Lisa’s youngest sister, Laura, whom he affectionately calls Squirt… but Laura is no longer a child. She’s grown up, with beauty and curves and a smile that makes his heart beat faster.

When Laura gets a call from her friend and neighbour, she fears the worst – and when she goes to Chloe’s apartment with Conor and they find her dead, Laura is determined to find out who killed Chloe and why. Conor won’t let Laura do it alone, and they soon find themselves drawn into a mystery that could get them both killed. Along the way, Conor realises that maybe he was with the wrong sister after all… maybe he was just waiting for Laura to grow up. Laura’s quicker on the draw – she’s loved Conor for years, but Conor doesn’t believe himself worthy of a forever love. Can Laura convince him to change his mind, or will time run out for both of them before they can explore the bond between them?

With a hero you can’t help but adore, a wonderful heroine who is smart and determined to get her man and get justice for her friend, and a race against time to bring the perpetrators to justice before they pay for it with their lives, this book is everything you want in a romantic suspense story.

Review: Stolen by the Scottish Rogue by Madison Faye

stolen by the scottish rogueTitle: Stolen by the Scottish Rogue

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review.

The heroine: Ailith Pembrose

The hero: Lord Malcolm McAuley

The blurb: Honestly, it’s just common sense: don’t ever, for any reason, fall in love with a pirate. No matter how tempting or toe-curlingly gorgeous he is.
And especially not when he steals you from your own wedding…

One minute, I’m being married off to a horrible, cruel man to sweeten a family business arrangement. And the next? My wedding yacht is being stolen, with me on it, by the powerful, roguish Highlander, Lord Malcolm McAuley.

Former pirate. Ex-soldier. Full-time scoundrel. He also happens to be toe-curlingly gorgeous, sinfully tempting, and utterly irresistible.

I should want nothing to do with the crude, filthy-talking alpha who’s stolen me from my own damn wedding. But the more I tell myself no, the more I want to tell him yes—to anything he wants…


Losing myself in those piercing blue eyes and wickedly perfect lips is dangerous. Giving in to his filthy words and pulse-quickening touch is a sin. He tells me I’m his, and the most sinful thing of all?

…I’m pretty sure he’s right.

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Kilts & Kisses series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: We met Ailith in the previous book in this series and learned she was betrothed to a man much older than her to be his fourth wife, the previous three all having died mysteriously at a young age. Not exactly a comforting thought, but Ailith has no choice – her father has made a business deal and she cannot refuse.

While on her groom-to-be’s boat getting ready for the ceremony while everyone else waits for her on the dock, Ailith is horrified to find the boat suddenly moving… with her on it. Once she runs up to the deck, she discovers the boat has been commandeered by Malcolm, a close friend of her friend Una’s new husband. It seems that Malcolm has decided to claim Ailith as his bride and isn’t going to let a simple thing like her engagement to another man get in the way. And Ailith isn’t about to protest too hard, because she is drawn to the rugged, attractive Scotsman who has spirited her away.

Will her former groom just let her go? Will she marry him or Malcolm? And how does the mysterious Viking Tor play into everything? You’ll get (most of) the answers in this steamy novella.

Review: Sin and Cider by Kimberly Reese

sin and ciderTitle: Sin and Cider

Author: Kimberly Reese

Year of publication: 2017

The heroine: Graphic designer MacIntosh Layne

The hero: Construction company owner Lawson Westbrook

The blurb: A lot can change in six years. Take me, for instance. I uprooted my small town life to move to Chicago, went to college, and grew up. Too bad I belatedly realized something was missing.

Determined to find myself again, I quit my job and head back to my family’s apple orchard to do some soul-searching.

A lot can also stay the same. Case in point: my brother’s best friend, Lawson Westbrook. Still charming. Still ridiculously handsome. Still an expert at making my heart race in an achingly familiar way. His desire-filled eyes and seductive promises tempt me to take him up on his offer for a sinful summer.

Lawson may see me differently, but my heart’s still vulnerable. Something’s brewing between us, but I don’t know if it’s happiness or heartbreak.

Standalone or series: Book one of the Sweet Sinners series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: If I could sum up this debut novel by Kimberly Reese in one word, it would be delicious. MacIntosh Layne quits her fancy job in Chicago one day and decides to find herself by heading home to her family’s orchard in Tennessee. She’s happy to see her family and old friends after being away for six years, but wants to avoid seeing the man who made her flee in the first place: her brother’s best friend, Lawson Westbrook.

Avoiding him is impossible, and not noticing how utterly gorgeous he is even more so; he’s perfection. But Lawson’s never looked at Mac like that, so she works to restore the orchard’s barn so she can start selling her family’s well-known cider again. Lawson owns his own construction business, so he agrees to help Mac with the barn when time permits.

Lawson is no fool – he can see how beautiful Mac is and the woman she’s become. He wants her, but he’s not interested in a long term commitment. Which is perfect for Mac, because she’ll be heading back to Chicago in a couple of months. So they soon start sneaking around and sleeping together, and Lawson is deliciously dirty with a mouth made for sin. The more they see each other, the clearer it becomes that this is not just a summer fling… but can they make it work? Do they want to? Will Mac forgive Lawson when he does the unthinkable? Will they find their happily ever after… together? You really need to read this book and find out.

Review: Professor by Jenika Snow

professorTitle: Professor

Author: Jenika Snow

Year of publication: New release! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Student Grace Hart

The hero: Professor Lucian Goode

The blurb: The things I knew about her, the way I watched. It was all to protect her, all to know her.

She liked her tea with milk and sugar, extra sweet just like I knew her lips would be if I were to kiss her.

I was desperate for her.

She chewed on her pencil when she was concentrating, her little tongue coming out and moving along her bottom lip.

I was hungry for her.

She played with the ends of her hair when she was nervous, her fingers delicate, long, like she played piano, her nails painted pink. The things I thought about her doing with those tiny hands. And she bit her bottom lip when she was worried, those straight white teeth sinking into the red flesh, like an apple being broken into, the crack of it consuming.

I didn’t deny I wanted her. I didn’t even try and hide it. Innocent. That’s what she was. I stalked her, knew her every like and dislike … obsessed over her. I wanted her like I’d never wanted anything in my life. And I told myself that watching her, following her, was to keep her safe. To keep her mine.

I was her professor. She was my student. It was wrong to need her the way I did. But she consumed me, like I was gasping to breathe and she was oxygen. I was a selfish bastard, and when it came to Grace, I wanted her all to myself.

Standalone or series: Standalone.

The review: This is a steamy novella perfect for those who want something sexy to read but don’t have time to get into a full length novel. Professor Lucian Goode is obsessed with one of his students, Grace Hart. He’s wanted to make her his from the moment he first laid eyes on her. He knows he’s much older than her and he’s risking his teaching career, but he can no longer stay away from her.

Grace is in love with her professor, but she knows it’s not mutual. She knows they can’t cross any lines, because he would lose his job and people would talk. So she agrees to go to a club with her best friend, only to find herself a little drunk and alone with a guy who can’t take no for an answer.

When Professor Goode rescues her and takes her to his home, Grace starts to wonder if maybe she was wrong. And when Lucian makes it clear that Grace belongs to him, it’s game on. They don’t sleep together that first night, but Grace agrees to go on a date with him and all bets are off.

When their affair is eventually discovered, Lucian finds he doesn’t care that he’ll lose his job. His job is not his life – Grace is. As long as he has her, nothing else matters. If you like taboo pairings with a side of instalove and steamy love scenes, then this novella is for you.




Review: Just Neigbors by Charity Ferrell

just neighborsTitle: Just Neighbors

Author: Charity Ferrell

Year of publication: New release! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review.

The heroine: Journalist/newspaper editor Chloe Fieldgain

The hero: Cop Kyle Lane

The blurb: Every day, my neighbor tells me to have a good morning. Every day, I tell him to f*ck off.

Kyle Lane is the town’s hottest cop. He’s also the man I’ve despised since high school. Each morning, he stands on his porch with an annoying smirk on his perfect face. He’s made it his life’s mission to get under my skin.

Until one day, he’s no longer on his porch but on mine. He claims he wants to redeem himself for ruining my reputation. My instincts tell me to stay away, but with each morning he shows up, it becomes harder and harder to resist his charm.

I was never supposed to fall in love with my neighbor and once he finds out my secret, we’ll forever be enemies.

Standalone or series: This is book four in the Blue Beech series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This book wrenched so many emotions from me that it’s hard to know how to write a review for it: it made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Chloe and Kyle have known each other from high school, and after humiliating her in public Chloe vows to never fall for Kyle’s charms again. Which is inconvenient, seeing as he lives next door.

But Chloe has other things to be worrying about than Kyle’s relentless plan to get her into bed: her dropkick sister continues to use Chloe’s niece and nephew as leverage for money and free babysitting. She’s worried about the children, with good reason. She also doesn’t want to get involved with Kyle for a very good reason: she’s hiding something that would have him walking out the door if he found out.

Despite her reluctance to get involved with Kyle, Chloe finds herself unable to continue resisting him and she falls into a relationship with him. She’s terrified he’ll find out the secret, but she can’t tell him because it’s not hers to tell. When Chloe finally gets a shot at happiness with Kyle, it all implodes when not only the secret comes out, but then something terrible happens that rips Chloe’s life apart. Will Kyle forgive her and be by her side to pick up the pieces, or is Chloe doomed to never find happiness again? This is a book that will stay with you for a long time.




Review: Love, Again by L. P. Dover

love againTitle: Love, Again

Author: L. P. Dover

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Movie director Aubrey Reynolds

The hero: Fireman Cole Haywood

The blurb: Aubrey Reynolds is a small-town girl who’s made it big. A successful Hollywood director, Aubrey doesn’t have time to linger on what could have been. But when a routine blood test comes back with a false positive, she decides to take some time off to do the things she’s always wanted to do: taste the famous chocolate chip cookies at the Minnesota State Fair, hike the Grand Teton National Park, scuba dive in the Caribbean. But after Aubrey admits to herself what she’s really missing, she heads back home to Dusty Valley, Oklahoma . . . and the man she left behind.

Cole Haywood is a small-town fireman and that’s just fine with him. Sure, when the love of his life left their hometown to chase her dreams he was heartbroken and—he’ll admit—damn mad. But Cole would have never forgiven himself if he had held Aubrey back from success. So the last thing he expects after all these years is to walk into his favorite bar one night and find the girl he’s always loved—there—looking for him. Maybe now’s the time to make his dreams come true.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: I adored this book. Aubrey grew up in a small town with loving parents and big dreams. By her side was her high school sweetheart, and the plan was to marry and raise a family in Dusty Valley. But then something happens, and Aubrey realises she’ll never be able to follow her dreams of becoming a movie director if she stays, so one month before their wedding she leaves town… and Cole.

Ten years later, Aubrey’s dreams have come true. She’s a famous and successful director with more money than she knows what to do with. Her best friend, Emilia, is a leading lady in Hollywood. But one day, Aubrey receives some devastating news, and her whole work collapses. It makes her look at everything her life has become, and suddenly she has other plans. After travelling around for several weeks, she decides it’s time she went back to Dusty Valley and make peace with Cole.

Aubrey finds herself loving seeing all the people she once knew well, and they mostly welcome her back with open arms. Cole, however, is not quite as quick to embrace her as the rest of the townsfolk, but neither does he push her away. It doesn’t take long for either of them to realise the love they felt for each other never truly faded, and they’re able to work past their anger and hurt to find each other again.

I loved that the reunion wasn’t dragged out for most of the book, and that we actually got to experience Aubrey and Cole as a couple, because it was clear they were soulmates meant to find their way to each other again. A lovely second chance romance that will make you smile.

Review: Tamed by the Highlander by Madison Faye

tamed by the highlanderTitle: Tamed by the Highlander

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Una MacKay

The hero: Lord Hamish Ballentyne

The blurb: If I had it my way, I’d never get married. But then, it’s not up to me at all.
Because the gruff, muscled, gorgeous and powerful Highlander Lord Hamish Ballentyne has decided to claim me as his bride.

I’m determined to resist him. He may be beautiful, and dangerously brooding, and carrying around the shadows of the wars he’s fought in. But I will not be some lord’s property, and I refuse to be “his”.

Except one look into those dark, piercing eyes? One forbidden, pulse-quickening, toe-curling touch from his rough, strong hands? I can refuse to belong to him all I want, but the thing is…I might already be his.

He speaks to me like no man ever has. He touches me in ways I’ve only dreamed feverishly of. And he promises to take what can only be taken once. And God help me, I’m ready to give it to him.

Standalone or series: Book one of the Kilts & Kisses series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This had everything you expect from a Madison Faye novella – possessive alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and lots of graphic, hot scenes. But this was a little different than your usual Madison novella, because it had a historical twist on it.

Una MacKay is being married off to Scottish Lord Hamish Ballentyne, and she’s not happy about it. She doesn’t know a single thing about this man, but her parents have made the match and she cannot refuse it. But that all changes when she lays eyes on her husband-to-be; he’s gorgeous in every way and she gets lost in his dark, fiery gaze. She doesn’t refuse him when he suggests they get to know each other intimately right before the wedding, and she’s perfectly happy to stay in his bed.

Until the castle is invaded, and Hamish finds himself needing to defend not on his castle and the people in it, but the woman he’s already lost his heart to. Can he keep her safe from the marauding Vikings, or will he lose her before he’s ever really had a chance to keep her? Another great novella to get lost in when you want something naughty to read but don’t have time to spare with a longer novel.

Review: Mine to Protect by Kennedy L. Mitchell

mine to protectTitle: Mine to Protect

Author: Kennedy L. Mitchell

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Park Ranger Alta Johnson

The hero: Marine/FBI consultant Cas Mathews

The blurb: A standalone, romantic thriller novel where obsession is the name of the game.

Recruited to the FBI Cas Mathews has one focus – catch the killer. That’s until officer Alta Johnson shoves her way on to the team, making him fantasize about the delicious curves she hides beneath her park ranger uniform. Alta’s natural beauty catches his immediate attention, but the strength behind her fierce gaze is what holds him captive – demanding he learns more about her.

As the team grows close, the serial killer shifts focus putting them all in danger. Cas should walk away before their sizzling attraction distracts him and gets them both killed. But as the threat pushes Cas and Alta closer, the temptation turns too hot for either to resist.

With their focus diverted the threat zeroes in, catching everyone off guard. Figuring out the players in the killer’s cat and mouse game is key to Alta’s survival. Cas swore he would protect her but with the clues carefully hidden, can he figure it out before Alta disappears for good?

Mine to Protect is a standalone, romantic thriller novel based in the beautiful mountains of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: This romantic suspense story is an intelligent, intoxicating, slow burn romance with two protagonists whose broken hearts are perfect for each other and a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Alta ‘Birdie’ Johnson is a park ranger. Ten years previously, she was held captive for three days by a mentally unstable man who sexually assaulted her. Since then, she can’t bear being touched by anyone. She hasn’t been intimate with a man. She suffers from PTSD and OCD, and the only soul sh trusts is her German Shepherd, Benny.

When women start going missing from the park she protects, the FBI arrives in the form of agent Chandler Peters and military man Cas Mathews. They once served together, so they’ve been friends for years and have that kind of camaraderie you’d expect of long-standing friends. Cas also has a dark past, and he knows that no woman would ever be able to put up with his PTSD and the nightmares he suffers daily.

What neither Cas nor Alta expect is to find their soulmate and know it from the start. It doesn’t take long before they recognise what they have found in each other, but the physical side of their romance needs to go slowly, for Alta. Cas doesn’t rush her, being able to understand PTSD himself.

When the killer targets Alta, Cas is determined to find out who he is and put a stop to it once and for all. But can he protect her from the killer who seems to be one step ahead of them? Will Alta find her worst nightmare come true and she’s taken again?

Cas and Alta’s relationship is unlike any other romance I’ve ever read, and it was just delicious to see bloom. I loved that they both knew their limitations, but were able to see the good in each other, that their souls recognised a kindred spirit. I so enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from this author.

Review: America’s Geekheart by Pippa Grant

america's geekheartTitle: America’s Geekheart

Author: Pippa Grant

Year of publication: Officially released today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Environmental engineer/blogger Sarah Dempsey

The hero: Billionaire underwear model/fashion designer/ex-boy band member Beck Ryder

The blurb: Remember that time you accidentally sexted your in-laws?

Yeah. I just did that. Except worse. Now my million social media followers are reading and sharing the rude, smartass message I meant to send privately to my little sister…and I’m officially public enemy number one.

I’m Beck Ryder. Former boy bander. Underwear model. Fashion mogul. And I just buried my entire leg in my mouth—not just my foot—modern internet style, and publicly insulted my sister’s neighbor.

Sarah Dempsey.

Also known as the woman of my dreams, who loves geeky TV shows, baseball, and giraffes, who’s just as turned on by food as I am, and who has a huge secret that I didn’t see coming.

Now it’s time to grovel and apologize publicly on social media and hope that those same followers who helped start the raging shitstorm will help calm the waters.

Because Sarah doesn’t want the spotlight. For very good reasons that I can’t tell you right now and trying to convince her to be my fake girlfriend to fix this mess and make me look like less of a jackass is worse than taking a kick to the nuts by Jackie Chan.

And I thought modeling underwear made me feel naked.

Trying to start a relationship in the era of the twitterazzi isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Bro Code series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I didn’t think I would enjoy a book more than Flirting with the Frenemy, but then I read America’s Geekheart and Pippa Grant proved me wrong.

This book was fabulous in every way that mattered. Beck Ryder, whose sister Ellie and best friend Wyatt are the protagonists of Frenemy, is an ex-boy band member who now runs a multi-billion dollar fashion empire. He does a lot of good and doesn’t flaunt his wealth, and his extended family and friends make sure his ego doesn’t get too big. But Beck makes a big mistake when what he thought was a private tweet to his sister is instead sent to her next door neighbour, Sarah Dempsey, who runs a blog about preserving the earth and all its creatures. Sarah is an environmental engineer who’s been laying low for ten years, hiding a secret she’d rather the world didn’t know.

When she’s thrust into the spotlight, Beck makes her an offer she can’t refuse – she helps him smooth over the mistake that’s made him public enemy number one, and he’ll help her get her causes into the public eye. Sarah tells herself she’s doing it for the good of the animals who depend on her to speak up on their behalf. She’s not falling in love with one of the most famous men in the world, who also happens to be gorgeous, charming and down-to-earth. She’s not.

Beck’s happy to accept whatever help Sarah can give him, because he has a major problem: he’s about a launch a foundation that will benefit thousands of children with a famous sports star, but he needs the public on his side. The more time he spends with Sarah, though, the more he likes her. When he finds out her secret, he takes it in his stride. He’s not falling in love with the quirky, geeky engineer who’s been hiding herself away. He’s not.

This book will make you laugh out loud, cheer, and completely fall for Beck Ryder. One of the best romance books I’ve ever read. You’ll regret it if you don’t read this book. Promise.

Review: Skirt Steak by Vanessa Vale

skirt steakTitle: Skirt Steak

Author: Vanessa Vale

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Website designer Julia Duke

The heroes: Mechanic Cash Carter and custom motorcycle maker Bennett ?

The blurb: The Duke boys were nicknamed for cuts of meat. Sir Loin Of Beef. T-Bone. Tri-Tip. Porterhouse. We were a ranching family after all. And me? I was known as Skirt Steak. I didn’t think much of it until Cash and Bennett, because they told me—and showed me—how much they liked my pink center, said it was juicy and lick-their-lips good.

I was going take their word for it. Every single time they made me come.

Standalone or series: Book five in the Grade-A Beefcakes series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I’ve been waiting for Julia’s book, and wasn’t disappointed. Julia’s brothers and cousin feature in the previous book in this series, and all the women have at least two men. Julia’s book is no different, but their initial encounter is hilarious – Julia thinks Cash and Bennett are the strippers booked for the bachelorette party she’s attending for one of her brother’s fiancees.

Cash and Bennett wise up pretty much straight away, but don’t let on that Julia’s got it wrong, which makes for a funny meeting. As with all the books, the boys know straight away they’ve found the woman they want to spend their lives with, but Julia is insecure when it comes to men, thanks to her douchebag ex. So Bennett and Cash are going to have to step up to the plate and convince her he was wrong.

And convince they do…. over and over and over. Another enjoyable read from this author.

Review: Unconditional by Q. B. Tyler

unconditionalTitle: Unconditional

Author: Q. B. Tyler

Year of publication: 2019

The heroine: Student Maddie Shaw

The hero: Chief of Police Cal Grayson

The blurb: It only takes one moment to change the course of someone’s life. One moment to link two souls forever.

That moment came when I pulled her out of her darkest hour. The tragedy that threatened to swallow her whole and shatter her innocence.

Save her.
Protect her.
Love her.
I vowed.

Ten years later, my vows are the same.

But I’m different
She’s different
We’re different.

And the feelings threatening to break free have the power to destroy everything. I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe, but what if the very thing she needs protection from
…is me? 

Standalone or series: Standalone.

The review: As with any romance book featuring a taboo relationship, this book may not work for everyone. I don’t read a taboo book solely for the shock value; I want the relationship to be believable, despite the connection of the hero and heroine, whatever it is. I want to be able to get lost in the story.

Unconditional is a fantastic book. Cal Grayson is a young police officer responding to a murder-suicide when he finds seven year old Madeline Shaw hiding in a closet. She has no relatives left now, so he ends up becoming her legal guardian.

Ten years later, Maddie is almost eighteen and in love with Cal. She doesn’t love him as she would a father and she’s never called him Dad. She wants to be with him, in the way a woman is with a man. But she knows Cal doesn’t feel that way about her, so she keeps her desires hidden. Except Maddie is wrong. Cal *does* feel that way about her, although he’s desperate not to. He doesn’t want to be in love with Maddie. He’s now the Chief of Police and he knows what everyone will say if he and Maddie ever crossed that line. So they don’t.

Until they do. And then they can’t deny how they feel, so they don’t stop. Inevitably, it all comes out… how will his family deal with the revelation? His co-workers, one of whom is his sister-in-law? The townsfolk? Will Cal and Maddie’s love be strong enough to withstand the backlash?

This book was so well done. There was plenty of angst and lots of really hot sex scenes, some of the hottest I’ve ever read. Don’t miss it.

Review: Fahrenheit by Leigh Lennon

fahrenheitTitle: Fahrenheit

Author: Leigh Lennon

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Scarlet Reeves

The heroes: Firefighter Levi Arnold and Dr Jordan Peters

The blurb: The Red Head
I never had a home until I was an adult, living in foster care as a kid. Now, I have a family, one I chose for me. But I’d always longed for a man I could call my forever. Instead, I found two, and they both want me. So how do I choose between them?

The Doctor
I found the woman I want for life and she’s in love with me. But she also loves another man. When he comes to me and proposes sharing her, I am shocked. I don’t share. But what if she doesn’t choose me over him? And why is it every time he looks at me, I long for him almost as much as I do her?

The Fireman
I can’t choose between him and her so why not have them both? He’s not interested in me, but I’d rather have them together than not have them at all. They are both mine, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Standalone or series: This is book two in The Power of Three Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: I read a lot of menage books, and this one differed in a few ways, which was refreshing. Most menage is all about the female with no sexual relationship between the males, but in Fahrenheit all three were equal partners in every way.

Scarlet Reeves lost her parents as a child and was shipped from one foster home to another. So all she craves in life is to belong to a man… or two. She’s been dating both dashing fireman Levi Arnold and straitlaced doctor Jordan Peters, and finds herself falling in love with both of them. She doesn’t want to have to choose between them, and since they both love her they decide she doesn’t have to.

Levi Arnold is a charming man, comfortable with his sexuality and not afraid to let Jordan know he’s interested in him, too. But Jordan has preconceived notions about a lot of things and he only sees life in black and white, so he refuses to admit he feels anything for Levi. The other man pushes, though, and with Scarlet caught in the middle, will this combination spark for good or go up in flames?

Add in a mysterious arsonist who is targeting not only Levi and his men, but the ones Levi loves, and you’ll have to read to the end to see if the trio get through it all alive – and stay together.

Of the three leads, I enjoyed Levi the most. His natural charm and good nature shone throughout the book, and it was nice to see the three leads with such differing personalities trying to put aside prejudices to form an unbreakable bond.

Review: Pink Bits by J. B. Heller

pink bitsTitle: Pink Bits

Author: J. B. Heller

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Reagan Moore

The hero: Rhett Jones

The blurb: Did you know the medical term for a butt crack is intergluteal cleft?

My name is Reagan, and spouting random facts like this one at inopportune moments is my affliction. I’m chronically awkward, socially inept and completely lack a filter. Believe it or not, men do not find these attractive traits.

When my sexy-as-sin neighbour barges into my apartment at the crack of dawn, everything changes. For some strange reason, my brand of crazy doesn’t send him running for the hills. Instead, he settles in for a nap on my couch…

Oh, and did I mention he was completely naked?

Standalone or series: Book one in the Awkward series, but can be read as a standalone

The review: This is a fun and easy novella about two neighbours, Reagan and Rhett. Reagan works for her father’s feminine hygiene company, collecting and verifying random facts that are printed on the product wrapping. She’d love to find someone to share her life with, but she’s socially awkward and her brain doesn’t seem to have a filter, which means she blurts out weird and wonderful things at random times.

When her sexy next door neighbour comes barging into her unit early one morning sans clothing because she woke up him making noise and his air conditioner is broken, he sets off a chain reaction which ends with Reagan at the hospital for stitches. To her surprise, her mouth doesn’t scare Rhett off; he finds he likes her quirkiness. And so begins a relationship in which Rhett is drawn to Reagan and she is unable to fight her attraction to him, and they eventually end up in bed. But will a player like Rhett be tamed by Reagan?

If you want a fun and easy read that won’t take long, this is the book for you.

Review: Don’t Go Back by Amabel Daniels

don't go backTitle: Don’t Go Back

Author: Amabel Daniels

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Arborist Morgan Lane

The hero: Freelance photojournalist Wade Newland

The blurb: Despite the fact she’s a woman in a man’s world, Morgan Lane works hard at Goldsen Park. Wielding a chainsaw and felling trees, she tries to keep up with her bosses’ constantly contradicting orders. Staying busy in the woods keeps her from thinking about Wade Newland, the one man she’d loved who left her without an explanation.

Yet the photojournalist can’t stay away. Wade crashes back into her life—literally—when he carries her tumbling over a ravine to save her from a stranger bearing a weapon in her park. Connected again, albeit out of danger, they attempt to figure out why someone would be toting a gun in the dark.

As they sleuth their way through the tangles of bureaucracy and the many layers of deception within the Goldsen crew, they discover there is more to this incident than what meets the eye. The deeper they dig, they realize no one can be trusted, not even the law. Not only do they have to tiptoe around their still-burning feelings for each other, they need to come to a simple truce. Can they watch each other’s backs and find the answers in the darkest part of the forest?

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: This is a well-written, well-researched book. Morgan Lane is an arborist working in a state park. She puts her head down and does her job well, licking her wounds after having her heart broken by Wade Newland, a freelance photojournalist with whom she’d spent the previous summer. Wade, while a free spirit, had told her she wasn’t a fling and Morgan believed him… until she woke up one morning and found him gone without explanation.

Morgan’s not interested in the politics of the park; she just wants to do her job. When she stumbles upon an injured woman early one evening, Wade comes crashing back into her life – literally. He saves her from being shot by two mystery men, and from there on in it becomes clear to Morgan and Wade that something underhanded is going on at the park… and they don’t know who to trust, except each other.

This was a story full of twists and turns. I had figured some of it out, but didn’t have the big picture. There was lots of things I liked – Morgan’s job, for one. You very rarely see heroines in such a job, and I loved that it was different. However, this was touted as romantic suspense and I don’t think I would categorise it as such, because the romance was a small part of the plot; halfway into the book, all they’d done was kiss (but they had had a few aborted attempts at sex). It felt more like a thriller with a romantic element. This also wasn’t a book you could read while half asleep, because you had to pay attention to the plot or you’d miss something.

Having said that, it’s clear the author knows a lot about the subject because the detail was very good. I liked both Morgan and Wade, and I’m glad their reunion didn’t drag out for half the book. If you like mysteries, this one’s for you.




Review: A Sticky Situation by Missy Johnson

a sticky situationTitle: A Sticky Situation

Author: Missy Johnson

Year of publication: Released last week! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Nurse Hannah Billings

The hero: Mechanic Nate Wilson

The blurb: A sexy rockstar walking into your hotel room sounds like a dream come true.

When you’re in the middle of some serious self-pleasure like I was, it’s a freaking nightmare. It gets worse…. what I thought was my room was actually his.

I’d just given last year’s hottest new talent a performance worthy of my own Grammy. Now everyone is talking about the girl who got her rocks off in Brix Wilson’s hotel room. Nobody knows I’m that girl and it’s going to stay that way.

It’s not like I’m going to run into him again, right? Wrong.

Standalone or series: Book seven in Awkward Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: Poor Hannah Billings is frustrated. She can’t pleasure herself in peace at home because of her freeloading sister and niece, so her best friend takes pity on her and books her a hotel room for the night. When Hannah arrives, she checks in and gets comfortable in her room, only to be interrupted at a most inconvenient moment by a man in the room.

He’s not just any man; Brix Wilson is rich and famous, the lead singer of a band. It turns out Hannah was given a key to the wrong room. Soon after, he enters court-appointed rehab, and it just so happens that Hannah works there as a nurse. She is assigned babysitting duties by her boss, and finds herself spending more time than she’d like with Brix, who also happens to have a twin, Nate.

Hannah gets involved in the lives of both men, whether she likes it or not, and she finds herself drawn to Nate. Brix and Nate have a complicated relationship, not only because their careers and lives are totally different, but because Brix is hiding a very big secret from his brother and the world in general.

I enjoyed the romance but feel the blurb is misleading, since the romance is not between Hannah and Brix but Hannah and Nate. The original blurb for this book was also decidedly different; the book I signed up for was not the book I got – in the original blurb, which drew me in, she was busted in a cinema by the actor who was in the movie she was watching, and his name was Kieran West. It appears that the book has been rewritten. Having said that, I did enjoy it and I did like Hannah and Nate. I was also glad that the twins managed to get their relationship sorted out.

Review: The Hookup Handbook by Kendall Ryan

the hookup handbookTitle: The Hookup Handbook

Author: Kendall Ryan

Year of publication: Out today! The author kindly gave me a copy to read and review

The heroine: Office assistant/writer/editor Sienna Johnson

The hero: Escort agency owner/escort Case Smith

The blurb: My love wand is on a strike.

As bad as that blows, pun unintended, it’s ten times worse for me. I’m a male escort, but not just any escort, I’m the escort. The one with a mile-long waiting list and a pristine reputation that’s very well-deserved.

Only now, I’m on hiatus. Because after years of pleasing women all over the city, my man missile decides to get finicky. And the only woman he wants? Someone I can never have—my best friend’s younger sister, the nerdy and awkwardly adorable Sienna.

She’s working at the agency this summer, keeping me organized, handling paperwork, and most importantly, keeping me on track to finish writing my book about sex and intimacy, which is due to my publisher in thirty days.

She thinks I hate her, that I don’t want her here. The truth is much more twisted. I get hard every time she walks into my office. Her wide blue eyes and pouty mouth drive me wild with desire, and if she stays, I’m not sure how much longer I can stay away from her.

Little Miss Overachiever says she’s here to help? Fine. I’m going to put her nerdy, curvy tush to work.

Standalone or series: Book two in the Escorts, Inc series but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This book is a perfect example of why Kendall Ryan is one of my all-time favourite romance writers. Case Smith is the CEO of an elite escort service, with him and his employees sought out by women with plenty of cash. But Case is going through a situation that threatens his job – he can’t perform in bed.

When employee and best friend Ryder Johnson asks Case if he can give an admin job to his younger sister, Sienna, Case agrees as a favour. But the moment he lays eyes on Sienna, performance no longer appears to be an issue. Sienna is beautiful and intelligent, so Case ropes her into helping him with the book he’s been paid a handsome sum to write – a book about sex.

Sienna is not immune to Case’s charms and she thinks he’s gorgeous, but he’s her brother’s best friend and her boss, so crossing any sort of line is not a good idea. Is it? When Case and Sienna give in to their mutual attraction and fall into bed, they agree to make it one night only. However, one night is not enough for either of them, and soon enough they’re sneaking around, afraid of what will happen if Ryder finds out.

Will a secret relationship be enough for both of them? Can they continue to work together professionally, as well as be involved personally? Does Ryder find out? You’ll just have to read this charming romance to find out.

Review: Rebel Saint by Adriane Leigh

rebel saintTitle: Rebel Saint

Author: Adriane Leigh

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Co-ordinator Tressa Torrado

The hero: Catholic priest Bastien Castenada

The blurb: She found herself on the steps of St. Michael’s seeking shelter, what she didn’t expect was temptation so sharp and sweet concealed beneath one snow-white collar.

He rescued her from rock bottom, desperate people squeezed together by the desperate cracks of life, but their relationship was never innocent. The thinly-veiled attraction combustible, magnetism so explosive it rattles the very foundations of their belief.

But can their unholy love story withstand the fall?

Standalone or series: Standalone, but there is another book in the series coming.

The review: What an extraordinary book. What a wonderful arrangement of words to form a story that can be summed up in just one of them: sensual. Father Bastien Castaneda has offered sanctuary to a desperate Tressa Torrado, who has been abused in many forms by pretty much everyone her entire life. At St. Michael’s Catholic Church, under Father Bastien’s watchful eye, she has created a sense of community for the churchgoers, a family of sorts – the one she has always wanted, but never had.

After a few months, however, things are changing. Tressa can no longer deny the chemistry that sizzles between them when they’re together, and she can tell the priest is finding it just as hard to deny. But he is devoted to his religion, and she knows there is no future for them together… or is there? What I really liked about this book that made it different to other books about the same trope was that it seemed to be Tressa who struggled more with their relationship, rather than Bastien, who was risking more.

This is a lushly written story of a love forbidden between two people. Will Bastien forsake the calling he’s followed his entire life for the love of a woman he can’t live without? Will Tressa be able to accept a saintly man like Bastien can love a tainted woman like herself? You really must read this book and find out…

Review: Reclaiming His Wife by Madison Faye

reclaiming his wifeTitle: Reclaiming His Wife

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Family company heiress Juliana Cardellini Kane

The hero: Marine Russell Kane

The blurb: Five years ago, she was stolen from me. But now I’m back from the dead to reclaim what’s mine. Here comes the bride.
Again, and again, and again…

What a woman like Juliana ever saw in a dirty roughneck Marine like me I’ll never understand. But I’m a man who knows what he wants, and I wanted her. I stole her heart, made her my wife, and saw the rest of my life with her.

…And then, I died.

At least, that’s what the man who left me for dead told her while I sat in chains, forgotten in a Taliban prison for five damn years.

Five years in a pit in the desert does something to a man. It’s made me hardened, feral, and wild. It’s made me hungry for the one woman I ever wanted, and driven to the brink of madness to have her soft curves in my rough hands again. Five years in hell have made me ready to move heaven and earth to get my bride back in my arms.

My enemy tried to bury me and take what’s mine. Except, he didn’t dig deep enough. Because I just broke out of my prison, and now? Now I’m coming back to reclaim what’s mine. Five years ago, Juliana thought she lost me. A week ago, I came back from the dead. Tonight, I’m stealing her back.

‘Til death do us part? Oh, it’s going to take a lot more than that…

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Russell is a Marine who was betrayed by a man he should have been able to trust and left to rot in a hole in the ground for five years. Declared dead, he eventually overcomes his captors and manages to get home just in time to stop his beloved wife, Juliana, from marrying the very man who betrayed him.

He storms into the church and whisks away the bride, his wife, who’s believed him dead for the last five years. After a whole lot of very hot sex, he gets his revenge and his wife back.

This book was a departure from most of Madison’s others because there’s usually a twist in the story and it’s usually something to do with the heroine. In this novella, the hero was hiding a secret of sorts, but it’s revealed early on. There’s was also quite a bit of going back and forth in time, which you had to concentrate on so as not to get confused. But if you want smut? You got it. This might just be Madison’s smuttiest book yet! As always, an enjoyable read.

Review: Wrecked by A. K. MacBride

wreckedTitle: Wrecked

Author: A. K. MacBride

Year of publication: Just released! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Family company executive Kenzie Michaels

The hero: Mechanic/glassblower Brett Carter

The blurb: What would you do for the one you love?

Me? I traded my freedom for hers.

But then she betrayed me and left me to rot without so much as a goodbye. You know how they say you need to forgive and forget?
Well, I can’t. I won’t. In fact, I’m good with never laying eyes on Kenzie Michaels again.

Unfortunately for me, life has other plans. So when the woman who ripped my heart out of my chest – and stomped on it for good measure – shows up in my town, I’m left dealing with feelings both old and new.

And a single question that rules my every thought: Do I give in and fight for the future we were supposed to have?

Standalone or series: This is book two in the Willow Creek series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This was a very nicely done second chance romance. Brett Carter and Kenzie Michaels had planned forever, until getting stopped by the police one night tore them apart. Brett took the fall for Kenzie, and his life was never the same.

Kenzie has moved on. She works for her parents, has a boyfriend they approve of, and thinks she has a great life… until her car breaks down on the way to visit a client and the nearest town is the one avoided for the last twelve years. She’s stuck in Willow Creek, and it doesn’t take long before she runs into the one man she knew she wouldn’t be able to avoid.

There’s a lot of hurt on both sides, due to miscommunication and interference. When they finally sat down and really talk, they realise not all was as it seemed.

This is a slow burn romance, so the impatient part of me wanted them to just kiss, but the author does a nice job of building up the tension. When they finally realise the love they had never truly went away, they know nothing will keep them apart this time. I adored Brett; he was a wonderful man who was heartbroken for a long time. He’s also a glassblower and makes butterflies, and it seemed like such a beautiful craft that suited him. I adored this book and was cheering Brett and Kenzie on to have their happy ending.

Review: Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam

surprise babyTitle: Surprise, Baby!

Authors: Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Public Relations CEO Kendall Greer

The hero: T-shirt company owner Drew Merritt

The blurb: I don’t care that Drew Merritt spent the last year transforming himself from grungy slob to sexy playboy. With messy, dirty blond hair and gorgeous eyes, his looks aren’t the problem.

His mouth is. And the stupid things that come out of it.

But after an emergency strands us together, and he does his damnedest to take care of me… let’s just say there’s one thing we don’t clash on. And it doesn’t involve talking.

I’ve despised Drew since I met him years ago. One weekend can’t change us that much, can it? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t. Except he left me a little keepsake. And in nine months, I’ll have a surprise for Portland’s most notorious player.

Standalone or series: Set in the same universe as All About The D, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This. Book. Is. Amazing! An enemies-to-lovers rom-com that will leave you laughing and swooning at the same time. Kendall Greer and Drew Merritt are part of each other’s lives, whether they like it or not, because their best friends are married. When said best friends Josh and Evie invite them both to their newly built cabin for Thanksgiving, Drew offers to pick Kendall up on the way. When they arrive at the cabin, they find it odd that nobody else is there and there’s no electricity, but then they get snowed in and are forced to get to know each other…

Which leads them to finding out they really like each other. And then they suddenly end up naked together, and before they know it they’ve been holed up for four days having the hottest sex known to man. But their little sojourn is put to an abrupt end and they’re separated, each of them thinking the other has abandoned them and walked away.

Kendall thinks she’ll just leave it there and move on… only to find that idea out the window when she discovers she’s pregnant, and Drew is the father. Kendall isn’t sure she can trust him, even though she saw a wonderful side to him when they were stranded together, because he’s known for his drunken antics and playboy ways. But Drew has changed after a serious health scare, and when he finds out about the baby he’s determined to prove he can be a great father, despite the relationship he has with his own parents.

Will Kendall and Drew realise they’re in love and want to be together, despite the baby? Will Drew step up to the plate and be the partner Kendall needs to get through the pregnancy? Will Kendall let him in? With great supporting characters (Drew’s grandmother, Bee, is a hoot) and a pair of protagonists you’ll love and cheer for, this book has everything you need. Don’t miss it!

Review: Get Lucky by Madison Faye

get luckyTitle: Get Lucky

Author: Madison Faye

Year of publication: Out today! I was kindly given a copy to read and review

The heroine: Phoebe Wright

The heroes: Irish mobsters Clay Moreland and Eamon Lear

The blurb: Wanting her could destroy us.
Touching her could start a war.
But the consequences stopped mattering the moment we knew she’d be ours.
Now sharing her is our obsession, and we won’t be stopped…

They call us Kings. Born on the war-torn streets of Belfast and trained in the hard-knocks life of crime, now we’re two ruthless Kingpins at the very top of the Irish mob. And we’re visiting Boston for one reason: to kill the man who hurt one of our own.

But the plan goes out the window the second she walks into the room. Gorgeous, alluring, and feisty as hell. Sharp green eyes, blazing red hair, and legs a man can only dream of feeling wrapped around his waist.

But Phoebe’s also entirely off-limits. She’s forbidden fruit, and dangerous as fuck. Hell, she belongs to the man we’re here to kill. But then, she stopped being another man’s woman the second he put her up as a bet in a card game. And when the chips fall, you better believe we’re going to collect our prize.

Losing ourselves with her could make us lose everything. But one taste of her makes us lose all control, and we know we won’t be stopped from taking what’s ours. Because now, we’ve got a new plan: claim her as our own, keep her safe, and destroy anyone who tries to take her from us.

We’re not sure if Phoebe’s got any Irish in her… but she’s about to.

Standalone or series: Standalone

The review: Phoebe Wright is engaged to the nephew of the boss for Boston’s Irish mob chapter, so when he loses her in an underground poker game to two of the visiting head kingpins of the Irish mob on St Patrick’s Day, she should be livid. But she’s not, because they are two of the hottest men she’s ever laid eyes on.

It doesn’t take long for Clay Moreland and Eamon Lear to claim their prize, and before Phoebe knows it she’s got two hot men bringing her pleasure like she’s never known it. But Phoebe is hiding a secret, and she has no choice but to unveil it when the nephew returns with his uncle and the entire Boston chapter, them having discovered the real reason for Clay and Eamon’s visit.

Phoebe is torn away from them and they’re not happy. Clay and Eamon want her back, and Phoebe has to make some tough choices. Will she choose the two men she barely knows but can’t get out of her head? As always, the menage scenes will set your Kindle on fire and there’s a good twist that brings nice depth to the story. Another great read for Madison Faye fans!

Review: Love Undercover by L. K. Shaw

love undercoverTitle: Love Undercover

Author: L. K. Shaw

Year of publication: 2019

The heroine: Ines Rodriguez

The hero: Brody Thomas

The blurb: I can’t help my attraction to Tomás, a ruthless, gorgeous member of the Juarez Cartel. The only problem? I’m the undercover cop here to bring them all down.

I’ve immersed myself in a world of money and drugs, and there’s no one I can trust. Especially not Tomás. Yet time and time again we cross paths, fighting the inevitable. Until one explosive night when we can no longer fight the dangerous attraction between us. I run through every possible scenario, trying to find a way to make a relationship between us work.

What I don’t realize is that Tomás is hiding behind a mask of his own, and the connection we share could be deadly.

Standalone or series: Book one in the Covert Liaisons series, but can be read as a standalone.

The review: This was a well-written, entertaining romantic suspense story. Ines and Brody are both law enforcement officers who are undercover in a cartel. Brody has been there for five years for the DEA, so immersed in the character created that the lines between reality and fiction are blurring. He’s close to bringing the whole cartel down, and then she appears.

Ines is trying to find her brother, a fellow police officer, who was also working in the cartel but appears to have had his cover blown. She needs to find out what has happened to him, so she goes undercover and cosies up to the cartel head’s gormless nephew. But when she meets one of the top members of the cartel, she’s instantly drawn to him.

Neither of them know at first they’re both on the same side, but they can’t hide their attraction to each other, and soon enough they can no longer fight it. The sex scenes were hot and their relationship was intriguing.

I’m very much looking forward to reading the next books in the series 🙂